Friday, August 26, 2011


"You teach best what you most need to learn."  - Illusions, Richard Bach
As a yoga teacher, this one slaps me in the face, I needed to learn that my strength and energy were coming back......I taught sun salutations.  There were fifteen of us in a small cramped room, my rear was always in someone's face, and we sweated like pigs.(do pigs really sweat?)  Most didn't think they could make it through one series of salutations, but we went slow, we modified and as everyone's confidence built, they rocked.  I could see it on their faces, hear it in their grunts and groans,  and the end of the class a couple of the guys said they felt like they looked like the folks they saw on tv......they were smiling.

Sun salutations taught the class that they could do what they thought they couldn't do.....and the class taught me that my strength and energy are coming back.  Yoga always amazes me, what it gives to each student, what it gives to me to teach.  Downward dogs, and planks challenged even the ones who had done yoga in the past, lunges and forward folds taught them new things about their bodies, and they learned through every move, the breath really gets you where you need to be.

We all walked out of that room, sweaty and smiling, with confidence boosted and our minds in a much better place.  Monday, we may have to spend some time finding should be fun.....maybe balance and some twists.....after all that is pretty much how life think you have it all together, balanced and then......twists!
Good night, Sweet dreams

PS....friends on the east coast, let us hear from you.....prayers and love for a safe ride with Irene.


  1. Another lesson given with a smile :-)

  2. Yay for yoga!! I think the sun energizes so giving it salutations every so often is a very positive thing! take care