Thursday, October 31, 2013

Long Day

Long days....we all have them, and what each of us thinks makes up a long day is different with each person.  Usually, long days have something to do with the fact that things don't go as planned.  When that happens, you can panic, get angry, stress......or go with the flow.

Most of my long days, I can manage to go with the flow.....but every once in awhile.......I push the panic button.  That's ok if it is an occasional long day, but.......if every time you have a long day.....your buttons get pushed......time to rethink your reactions.

Today has been a long day.....but there is still much to be grateful for.
Goodnight Sweet dreams

Wednesday, October 30, 2013


I walked into a Pendleton store recently......I bought a really cool hat, but something in that store brought a wave of memories that flooded my heart with happiness and my eyes with tears.  I walked by the woolen shirts, the basic plaid ones they have been making for years.......and there it was, the same red and grey plaid one that my dad bought in the sixties and still had when he died in 1991.  His birthday was this month, so seeing that shirt was almost like getting a hug from him.

Isn't it amazing what triggers our memories?  A smell, a sound, a song, a color, a word.......and we are off and running, wandering down a pathway that can bring great joy or great sadness and everything in between.  For me, seeing that shirt at a time when I so needed that hug was a gift.
I once had a friend who said he believed that those who talk about reincarnation were only recalling memories that were stored in their DNA from centuries ago.  I love that thought, that memories are with us forever.

My wish for all of you tonight, that sometime this week, your memory bank allows a withdrawal
that gives you great wishes, just as mine did this week.
Goodnight, Sweet dreams

Tuesday, October 29, 2013


It is fairly easy for me to let go of control and attachment when it comes to me do the same with family and friends......a whole different story.  Example, a good friend's dad is ill, I know she is having a difficult time.....and right now, I can't be there for her.  Example, other good friends will be in concert on Halloween, I can't be there to support them, and they are always there for me.  Example, I found out today my younger brother has to have some tests at the hospital in a few days, I can be there then, but I think I let him down today.  Right now, it is impossible for me to control any of these situations.  All I can think about, are the lessons that I am being taught about control.

Honestly, I am doing some serious struggling whole belief based on kindness and being there for others in need.....and tonight, I think I have let some of the people I care about most down.  Letting go of control is a hard lesson for anyone, and really, let's face it.....there is no control.  Life happens, life goes on, life is messy........and it is going to take place, whether we like it or not.  I am not at my best health wise tonight, I feel even more vulnerable because of that.

I know that there are many of you who read this blog who struggle with the issues that I struggle with.......we have to realize daily, we can't control what is taking place around us and to those we love, we can only control how we react......hard lesson, but we can learn it together.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Pay Off

exciting news today, John Godfrey, a dj who has a radio show in the UK, called The Troubadour Show sent me a message........He will be playing a cut off our CD on this week's show!  We did the happy dance.  It is always exciting to know that someone in some other country reads your blog, it is exciting to think that someone in another country will be playing our songs.

If you read my blog last night, this news today is living proof.......practice pays off, never giving up, pays off........believing in yourself, when no one else does.....pays off.
Now, it's time to work even harder.
Goodnight, Sweet dreams

Sunday, October 27, 2013


I heard an incredible guitarist tonight, I would have sworn he was classical trained.....but he wasn't, he had just put the time in......the practice to be really good.  I think we often see someone who is so talented, they make what  they do look so easy.......and we forget, how many hours they  practiced, or wrote, or painted.  Talent is a gift, but many who seem blessed with unworldly talents started with average or mediocre talents and took them to the next level doing the reps.

Passion comes into play, the love of doing something, the need of doing feeds the desire, it fuels the wants.....and out of all of that, an ordinary person doing something extraordinary.
I read a quote by Michael Jordan once, he talked about how people just saw his accomplishments, they didn't see all the times he failed, all the times he tried and was not successful.  So, don't beat yourself up because you might not be the what ever you do with passion and love, and practice, practice, practice.

Saturday, October 26, 2013

New Post

New Post......I see those words every night as I write this blog, sometimes they are like old friends welcoming me into their home and other times........they are quite scary.  New Post......I am going into my fourth year of blogging......some days, I think what the heck, what do I have to share.......and then other word cup runs over.  Students ask me why I blog, friends and family do also.......I think I try to share good news and hope......because honestly, my days are not always filled with hope or good news.
But, I truly believe we are our thoughts, we are the energy that controls our world ........I want someone to know they are loved.......I want someone to know that there is goodness.....I want to vibrate at the highest frequency I New Post, helps me do that.

New Post.......can also mean New Day.......a second chance, a new beginning, choosing a new path.
I like to share options, and interesting quotes and I try my hand at photographs......and sometimes, I share how mundane my life can be.......but, no matter......I try to always share some hope, a little bit of brightness,
some tenderness and if you have had a bad know that down here in Alabama there is a woman who talks with a thick southern accent who cares......who is not afraid to face, New Post, who most days embraces it.

New has been a chilly fall day, full of football, a great nephew's birthday party and household chores.  An ordinary day, but one to be grateful for........
Goodnight, Sweet dreams

Friday, October 25, 2013

Jammed Calendars

I think that I am experiencing calendar-too-full-citis......I realized today, every weekend in October was jammed, and so is November' I know why I am so fatigued.  It seems in life there is always feast or famine........where is the middle and how do we achieve it?  I pride myself in my calendar organizational skills (time management) yet I still end up overbooked like most everyone else.  Rick complains because I multi-task way too often.......yet I think that most of us have to multi-task to survive some days.  I can't imagine my life without yoga, breath work and meditation.......thanks to my lifestyle, most days I feel centered and grounded and able to deal with it all one breath at a time.
 But once in a blue moon, (like today) I too feel overwhelmed.  A good friend asked me this morning how I handled life when I got down........I laughed and told her just like every one else.......sometimes I cry, I whine, I complain.......and then I have to remind myself, it could be worse.  It could be worse and this too shall mantras now.  Worse than a jammed calendar?  an empty one......and there are those times, when it is empty......that's when the, this too shall pass, goes through my head.

I hear the dogs barking, it is a very cold night......I figure the deer and other creatures are roaming around, looking for food and a warm place to bed down.  It is a good night for all creatures, big and small to seek
the basics, food, shelter, warmth.  I need a good night's sleep, some time to think about the  jammed calendar and carve out some me time.  Rick fished today, that is his me time.......I can't remember my last me time.....that goes on the calendar tomorrow.  Maybe we should all pencil in some me time on tomorrow's calendar.
Goodnight, Sweet dreams

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Life to Everything

"Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything."   - Plato

I think Plato understood the power of soothes, it excites, brings joy, touches a long forgotten memory, and sometimes brings tears.  I cannot imagine a life without music, for it is all around us.......from the music we create, to the music that nature creates.  May we always have music in our lives.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Do What You Love

Life changes every day, no matter your age.......what you love, what is important to you changes with every passing year.......but the one, I believe most important lesson that aging has taught what your love.
I know, that is the title of our CD.......but that phrase, that belief has become my mantra with the passing years.  A friend of mine, who is a cancer survivor says it bluntly.......spend time only doing what you love, with people that you love.

It's not an easy do what you love.......everyday life tends to get in the, obligations,
stuff.......and then you wake up one day in one of those big green chairs, or hearing some ridiculous words coming out of a doctor's mouth, or getting a call that someone you love is dying.......and then, we wish, we pray, we hope, we want, we do what we love.

Do what you least a tiny little bit of it......every day. While there is time, while there is health, while there is quality of what you is someday, today is what you love.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Strange and Wonderful

Some days are just strange and wonderful and everything in was one of those.
Awesome classes, with students leaving, tears, smiles and hugs and prayers for their peace and health.
Strange  meeting with possible new student as I was leaving work today......I think if he has memory of it tomorrow, he will be very embarrassed and  remorseful....... good chance there will be no memory, I hope there isn't.

One of the other yoga teachers questioned me today about the fatigue......he asked if he were abnormal or old......I smiled, and explained that when you teach as we teach, with as much heart and physical energy that we put into each class, there is not much left in our bodies or spirits by the time we go home. It is not that our classes are that physical, it truly is the heart and soul we put into them.  Our students are so needy, so wanting of love and non-judgement, they mainline our energy right out of us.  In the almost eight years that I have taught there, I come home every night, drained, achy and exhausted.

Home is my respite.....tonight, Rick and our nephew, Haven had moved all the trees and plants was wonderful, I came home to an indoor forest! complete with crickets and possibly other creatures we don't know about yet.  Hot soup and corn bread, warm pjs and a cup of tea.......I will be restored and ready to face another day tomorrow.   Good news today.......Rick and I will be playing the Johnson City Folk Festival in November, so if you or any of your friends or relatives live in the Johnson City, Tn area, come by and hear us play!  More details soon.

My warm welcoming bed beckons,  I am ready for some rest.
Goodnight, Sweet dreams

Monday, October 21, 2013

People Who Came Before Us

"We're all ghosts.  We all carry, inside us, people who came before us."  -  Liam Callanan

As I taught class today,  I talked about who we are, that we are a composite of all of those who came before us.  Our DNA is that of our ancestors from a thousand years ago, our bone, blood, maybe even our thoughts and memories of all of those who came before us.

We talked about how tough life can be, but if we remember that we carry that DNA within us, of all of those who came before.......we can be strong, we can face whatever we need to face.  It is quite staggering is it not?  To think of all of those who came before us, to think of who and where we came from.....and what we can become.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Nesting and Organizing

I know this may might sound strange, but I love organizing my closet.......and that is what I did today.
All those years spent in the fashion world left their mark, when my closet is organized, I can shop it like a store.  Everything is organized by color and garment.....pants are together, tops, jackets, skirts, dresses.
Shoes are the same way......when my closet is in chaos, I feel as though my life is in chaos too.

When clutter starts to build in our house, I feel as though my life is creative energy sinks,
and I feel as though the world is closing I wacky or are there others who feel the same as me?
I love to get up in the mornings after I have spent the day before cleaning........when I wake up to a clean and orderly house, I feel as though all is right with the world.  My mom must have brainwashed me!

I have a little ritual that I do a few days before each treatment.......yep, you know it......I clean.  I put fresh linens on the bed, wash my pjs,.......I feel this agonizing need to nest before treatments.  I think it is because
I know how bad I will feel and the cleaning gives me some sense of control.  I promise, I am not a neat freak, my house is not spotless.......I am like everyone else, we all have our quirks.  There are days, you could walk in our house and swear that a bomb had just exploded.

What is it about fall that makes me want to nest?  I have this urge to repaint every room (oh, for the energy)
to buy new furniture, to rearrange must be some primal urge from my ancestors or from mother nature herself......reminding me, that with chilly days and cold nights, we will spend more time indoors, all must be warm and cozy.  Tomorrow we bring the trees in........yes, we bring trees in......and for most of the winter, our great room will look like a forest.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Grateful Moon

We played our gig today, packed house, connected great with the audience, and sold was a good day.  We also did our gratitude ceremony tonight......I am a true believer in gratitude.  I think you have to put it out there, this being grateful stuff......if you take it all for granted, sooner or later it will disappear.
Gratitude not only brings joy, but it continues to bring more into your life to be grateful for.

My chair buddy Louis called today, I had given him a CD, he had it playing when he left his message.
Honestly, it is worth sitting in those big green chairs to have met Louis.  His light shines so brightly, he vibrates at such a high is a joy to look upon his face.

There is a full moon tonight, it is beautiful and bright........and not only does it shine on me, it is shinning down on you.  Be grateful for its brilliance, and the stars that shimmer all around........that is a peace that you can see......and feel.  Enjoy your Saturday night, if you are watching a game, I hope your team wins.  Have a gratitude filled Sunday........think of five things you have to be grateful for.....that will bring a smile to your face.  I shot the picture of the moon with my phone, it's grainy, but I loved the texture, and the feathery clouds.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Spooky Cookies

Jordan's school got out early today, so he came to our house........we picked flowers, chased butterflies, and made Spooky Cookies.  I was not one hundred percent, but it didn't matter, he had a great time and so did I.  Jordan is good medicine.  Today was school spirit day at his school, all the kids got their faces painted.
The cookies taste better than they look, I am not too fond of sugar sprinkles, but inches of sugar sprinkles are his favorite way to decorate.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

FGIF Tomorrow

Almost a full moon, but a cloudy sky tonight......tomorrow and Saturday night should be a full beauty.
Typical day after treatment, but this evening is better.......still the fog hangs around my brain.
Time has a way of swimming in and out of focus on days like today.  We practiced for our gig, though my concentration was somewhere else.  Concentration is interesting, you can go through the motions......but when you hit the are in the present, and every cell of your being is right there, focused on what you are experiencing.  That was not my case today, but the chemical induced cloud is lifting and clarity will come by morning.

Tomorrow is Friday.......I know, I heard that sigh of TGIF all across the universe.  Wishing you a day of smooth sailing tomorrow, may the weekend gods smile in your traffic jams, no grumpy
bumpy people, may you all find your lucky penny.
May I find my energy and focus.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Treatment #22

LONG day.......saw the doc, did the lab, did the treatment.   I am a wee bit exhausted......but there is rain on the tin roof tonight, welcome rain......October is our dry month.
I will rest  tomorrow, that is for certain......and there will be practice.  We play the Kentuck Arts Festival this Saturday at noon.  It is a big deal for us, we had submitted for three years in a row and finally got picked this year.

I saw my chair buddy today, the infusion room is a strange breeding ground for friendship.......but that room and those big green chairs create a bond that is binding.  There are always new faces......and there is pleasure and hope when you see familiar faces.  Today was one of those days when the room had much laughter......those are good days.  The bad ones are when you see tears and the doctors hugging family members.

I sat in a different chair today, across the room from where I usually sit..........very different perspective, and I was by the window.  As I looked out the window and watched people walk by, most of them had difficulty
looking at us in those big green chairs.......they glanced quickly, looked away and walked faster.  I don't blame them,  most know what takes place in those chairs, no one wants to sit in them.   Today marked treatment number twenty-two for me........22 months and it continues open ended.  My chair buddy Louis, has been coming for sixteen years, when I get down I think of him........he always says "you do what it takes."
He is right.

My nurses showed me pictures of their kids, their dogs, and home renovations........we are family now.
Family......even my doctor feels like family, or an old friend.  She and I talked about her kids, about her cute boots, and about some of the fears we share.  We are in this for the long run.  I am grateful for my loving and very competent care givers.........sitting in those green chairs would be unbearable without them.
Those big green chairs.......I love them, I hate them.....can't live without them.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013


For years I thought that goldenrod was the know what I am talking about, the sneezing, itchy eyes, and sheer misery of fall's hay fever.  Then a few years ago, ragweed was identified as the villain.  I'm glad that goldenrod has been is such a pretty flower, and the fields of it  growing wild here can be breathtaking in the fall.  Our path that we walk daily has huge stalks of the golden feathers that wave in the breeze, and shimmer in the autumn sun.   Of course there are some who scoff at the new findings, goldenrod will always be the reason for their fall misery......maybe it's a combination of the two......maybe goldenrod and ragweed together make the potion that is so vile.  In the meantime, I will enjoy the golden beauty and blame the sneezes on the not so pretty ragweed.  Hoping for rain and fresh clean air soon.

Monday, October 14, 2013

No.....two letters, such a tiny word......yet it can be such a difficult word to say.  When we are unable to say no, to set boundaries......we do ourselves and those around us a great dis-service.  I am as guilty as anyone, but I do admit......I am much better than I use to be.   There was a time when I allowed myself to be stretched beyond limits, and would beat myself up because I couldn't stretch more.

Dealing with chronic illness, being a care-giver and aging all played a part in my ability to learn to say no.
I see friends and students stressed beyond imagination because they can't say no.......their lives are miserable, the people are around them see and feel their misery and yet they continue to say yes when they should say no. Always saying yes, spending time with people and activities that soak up your energy and spirit is a slow death......and it will continue to eat you alive until you learn to say no.

Once you learn to to say those two changes for the get your self-respect back, you feel in is ok to say no.......tell yourself that until you believe it.......the world won't fall apart because you said no, it will keep on and those you say no to will find someone who will say yes.
Life is short, energy is limited.......don't waste either by saying yes to things you don't want to do, spending time with those you just don't want to spend time with.  Just say no.

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Today Is The Right Day

This quote from the Dalai Lama just resonated with me tonight.........treatment this week, this keeps it in perspective.

"There are only two days in the year that nothing can be done.  One is called yesterday and the other is called tomorrow, so today is the right day to love, believe, do and mostly live."  - Dalai Lama

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Not What You Expect

We played for a community benefit today, it was held in a small humble church much like the one my family attended when I was a child.  Sitting there in those serene surroundings brought back many memories.  It was a small group, and it was obvious, it was not a wealthy congregation......but what I noticed from the moment we walked in,  how loving and friendly every person was.  There was quite an age span from toddlers to  what appeared to be great-grandparents and all ages in between.  It was not the biggest crowd, we have ever played, but they were attentive and appreciative.   Playing these gigs like this one today, is not very be honest, most of the people there could not afford a $10 CD, but performing for them was extremely satisfying.  We try to pick and choose our gigs, but it's interesting sometimes......the ones you are so up for, don't always meet your expectations......and then there are those like the one today......
in your heart, you know you did the right thing......and you get way more than what you expected.
Wishing you all, a Sunday of peace, filled with grace and hopefully some laughter.

Friday, October 11, 2013

It Won't Last Long

I have spent a great deal of time outdoors this week.  Sometimes the spirit and the body crave nature, the soul needs to be fed.
Fall colors make me happy, I was born in the spring.......I use to think I should love spring colors and I do.......but there is something about the reds and golds of autumn that lifts my spirit.

I think Mother Nature creates so much beauty in the fall, urging humans to get outside, enjoy it, thrive........she is trying to warn us, winter will soon be here, barren and cold......enjoy the warm days, cool nights, the won't last long.....nothing does.

Get out this weekend, find a pumpkin, pick some apples, go to a fair, a festival, a local market........breathe some fresh air, feel the warmth of the sun on your skin, drink coffee in the chill of the morning, walk barefoot one more won't last long.....nothing does.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

The Old Wise Ones

I love old twisted gnarly trees, I have always felt they possessed some magic, a connection to another world.
This one stands guard in front of the barn, like an ancient sentry committed to the protection of the barn and its humans.

I look at the moss, the trailing vines, mushrooms, and other plant life that lives on this strong old hickory......I realize that the center, its heart is almost hollow and that someday in the future, mother nature will blow him that he might return to the soil that has nourished him all these years.

I took this picture this morning, then I sat on the ground beside the grand and wise creature........I felt the warm sun, and the early fall breeze....and I also felt connected, to every living thing around me.
I heard the birds, the rustle of the leaves, I smelled the earth, the growth as well as the decay........and I felt alive.  I suggest you find yourself a wise old tree this weekend, spend some time with will learn good things.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Who We Are

Holy Cow, Batman!   They are here!!!!!  WOW!!!!! Our CDs came to day........there has been some happy dancing at the Watson house.

All I can tell you, if you have a dream, a wish, a hope.......never ever give up.  It may not happen when you want it, it might not take place on your time table.......but if you pursue, if you work can make it might not even appear the way you thought it would......but it can happen.

Now for shameless self-promotion.....if you desire to hold in your very own hand, a Rick and Jilda Watson CD, to hear our voices and original can order from our website.

Life takes twists,  through the years, we have recorded with friends.  But, honestly there is something so satisfying about doing this yourself.......your responsibility, for, vocals, design.  I have never given birth, but I felt that sense of pride, the feeling that this was a piece of me......that hopefully, it will be here giving joy, after I am long gone......the songs are a piece of us and the friends who helped write some of them, the music is us, the voices are is Rick and Jilda is who we are......our philosophy, our life.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Creative Thoughts

I saw the following list on a Face Book site called A Peaceful Warrior, thought it was interesting and helpful so I am sharing it with all of you tonight.

Monday, October 7, 2013


Autumn leaves began to fall today........a cold front moved through last night........forty degree nights, seventy degree days, azure skies......I'm in heaven.  The air is crisp and clean and you can see the color starting to develop in the trees.  My energy level is the best it has been in some time.

 “Fall colors are funny. They’re so bright and intense and beautiful. It’s like nature is trying to fill you up with color, to saturate you so you can stockpile it before winter turns everything muted and dreary.” 
I think there is truth in that quote, maybe the reason so many of us love is that outburst of beauty and color that over powers the senses before the barren darkness of winter appears.  
I hope that where ever  you are tonight, if you are like me and fall is your favorite season......that you have a magnificent one this year.......I hope the colors are blindingly beautiful, that the blue of the sky takes your breath, and the briskness of the air energizes you more than ever.  Enjoy the earthiness of the autumn foods, the sweetness of the fruits and every chill that morning brings.
Get those boots and sweaters out, enjoy them while you can. May autumn last as long as winter allows.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

How You React

Disappointments are never easy........Rick and I had waited nervously for the past couple of weeks ........we had submitted to The Frank Brown International Songwriters Festival, along with several of our friends.
They had received their polite "no thanks" a few weeks ago, so we were hoping, praying that we had made the cut.
I checked the site tonight to see what was going on.........the postings were up.......Rick and Jilda Watson were not on the play lists.  I suppose somewhere we fell through the cracks, our "no thanks" must have been lost in cyberspace.

As a songwriter, you should get use to rejection, but you never do........and once again the teacher must practice what she teaches.  It's not what life throws at's how you react to it.   So, I tell myself to keep gratitude in my heart......we made it to Kentuck this year (after submitting three years in a row.)
Singer songwriter venues are not that plentiful, especially in our neck of the woods and you never want to wear out your you politely seek those venues, hope you get asked back, work like crazy on your music......and remind yourself daily, you do it for the must, I must.......I have been doing it most of my life and I can't stop.

It doesn't help to cry or whine, but a small pity party will take away the sting.  Tomorrow morning, we'll get up and practice for the next gig......our cd will be here by the weekend.  I remind's not what life throws at's how you react.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Small Town Weekend

The Frog Festival was today.......kinda of bittersweet.....I actually was on the very first board, I suggested the name and Rick and I had been invited to play every year.....except this year.  We went down this morning to shoot pictures ( Rick does the website) and eat BBQ from our favorite food vendor.

I loved this booth, the woman who was running it, had every type of stuffed frog imaginable......from the really cute to the downright scary ugly.  Never had I seen so many froggies!

It has been a small town weekend.......we played in a nearby town last night, Jasper on their courthouse square.  It was the perfect early fall evening.......warm with a gentle cool breeze.  A nice crowd, lots of laughter, and warm conversations......the smell from the nearby restaurants was so tantalizing I wanted to jump off the stage and go eat LOTS of food.  Our music think tank provided the talent on the courthouse stage........incredible talent, I promise you would have to search long and hard to find better musicians and songwriters.

Tonight and show next weekend and the next.  I love these music filled weekends......and I am so grateful for every opportunity to play........goodnight, sweet dreams.

Friday, October 4, 2013


It's one of those weekends, we played an outdoor concert tonight.....wonderful venue, good crowd, lots of the morning, we shoot pictures at the Frog Festival......tomorrow afternoon, family stuff.
WHEW!  I am going into all this exhausted.......

A cup of hot tea beckons me, the bed is tantalizing me with its comfort........I have to surrender.
Goodnight, Sweet dreams.

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Not Alone

"No man is an island."  - John Donne

This  is how we started class today.......we have to remember, we are not alone.  No matter what we are facing, what we are feeling, good or bad, happy or sad......some where some place else in the world there is someone struggling like we are.  

We will all experience life, death, health, illness, joy, grief, youth and old age, love and hate,  if we live long enough. We have to remind ourselves.......daily......we are not alone.  There are others who have faced the  same battles, who have won and lost just as we will.

If you really think about it, it is quite know that we are not an island, that somewhere tonight some one else is going through the same thing as we are.  

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

A Good Non-Productive Day

Have you ever noticed how productive you can be on some days and then do nothing the next?  Monday and Tuesday, I was amazed at all that I, it was different, Jordan got out of school at noon, and productivity fell by the way side.  We took him to his favorite restaurant, no it is not the arches, it is actually a seafood/meat and three, ran by a Greek family in Birmingham and the food is wonderful.  Our waitress couldn't believe it when he told her it was his favorite place to eat.

It has been a good day, though we did have to spend an hour or so at the doc's for one of my routine checkups.  Jordan loves to make up games when we are in the car and I do admit, he lets me win more than Rick.  His mom did the very same thing at this age.

What is it about sitting in a doctor's office that is so exhausting?  Time for a cup of hot ginger tea and my warm cozy bed.
Goodnight, Sweet dreams

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Oct. 1

Oct. parents anniversary, they would have been married 70 years.

Oct. 1....treatment #21 this month

Oct. 1......I love fall

Oct. dad and Rick's dad birthday month

Oct. 1.....I love Halloween

Oct. 1.... busy month, 3 weekends of gigs

Oct. 1.....a strange day today, still trying to sort it all out

Oct.1.....cold front moving in this weekend, can't wait!

Oct. did this happen?  where did time go?

Oct. 1......leaves are turning, pumpkins are orange, I have new brown boots

Oct. 1....candy corn is my weakness

Oct. 1......I need to see the ocean, smell the salt, and feel the wind in my hair

Oct. 1.....and this too shall pass