Sunday, June 30, 2013


Half-gone.......2013 is half gone.....six months it did go by so fast?  Where have the past six months gone?
Why does time drag by so slow when you are a kid, and after the age of forty, flies by?
I saw my first advertisement for fall clothes this week, people on FaceBook are already talking football.
As adults do we compress time?  Do we somehow alter our perception, with our plans and schedules and time actually moves faster?
My mom use to tell me when I would wish for Christmas vacation or summer vacation that I was wishing my life away........did I do that?
Did all those wishes I made wanting to hurry up and grow up come true?  If so, oh how I wish I could take them back!
How can four hours  in those big green chairs pass so slow, yet the twenty something days between each drip pass so fast?
Wow, I think I am in a state of shock, the realization that today is the last day of June, 2013.
I have reverted to no longer wearing a watch when I am not at work......I didn't even take one with me on the cruise we took.  Maybe if I don't know what time it is, time will slow down..........:)
I remember my grandparents and their attitude toward time.......they went to bed at sunset, they got up at sunrise......they had one Big Ben wind-up clock in their house.  It seems every appliance and gadget we own
has a clock to remind us of the passing of time now days. We all, in so many ways seem obsessed with time.
Someone once asked me how my life would change if I didn't know how old I was, if there were no clocks or calendars in my life......interesting food for thought.
With all these musings on the passing of time tonight, I have probably had too much time on my hands today. :)
Goodnight, Sweet dreams

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Mississippi Friday Night

A brilliant sunset in the midst of a raging thunderstorm, the photo just doesn't do it justice......never seen anything like it. It was the perfect ending to a wonderful gig at Sage Books and Coffee in Dekalb, Ms. last night.
Rick and I playing at Sage Books and Coffee last night. Lara, our host and the owner of the shop was awesome.  The coolest bookstore I have ever been in.  We had a great time, can't wait to go back.

Friday, June 28, 2013

Mother Nature

Storms moving in again tonight, lightening burns the sky, black rolling clouds and a sunset as red
as you have ever seen in the background.  Mother Nature strutted her stuff tonight.
Our gig was awesome, first time ever in Mississippi and thanks to Sam and Jordan for house sitting.

Once again, tired and wired and hungry........Pictures tomorrow night.
Good night Sweet dreams

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Good Surprises

Thunderstorms rolled through around 5:00 this morning, I love summer thunder storms ( rarely a tornado in them.)
I saw the streaks of lightening light up the sky, heard the boom of thunder and the sound of pouring rain.
It was a pleasant surprise.

Don't you love the good surprises? You know those little ones, like a summer storm or the first ripe tomato, or maybe biting into the first juicy peach of summer.  Jordan came over and we picked blackberries and blueberries, he can spot those berries that hide in the leaves better than I ever could. He also spied our first ripe tomato today.

Good surprises.......we all love them, we need them to carry us through the bad the winter, I often put small bills in jacket pockets and never take them out, the next fall when I put the jacket on, I reach my hand in the pocket......I am five bucks richer!  What can I say, sometimes you have to plan your surprises.  :)

Another good surprise, we have a gig in Mississippi tomorrow, about a three hour drive......we had planned on driving back sister called, she has a hotel room for us. So now, Jordan and Sam can house sit for us.

This weekend, I hope all of you receive a good surprise, something that will make you smile or even laugh out loud.  I also all get a big hug.
Goodnight, Sweet dreams

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Treatment #17

Treatment #17.........I am a professional......or at least I am starting to feel that way about the treatments.
My chair buddy Louis, came in today and as always he raised the vibrations in the room.  Louis is a three time cancer survivor and I can't tell you how much he is loved in the infusion room.  My other friend is having a bit of a rough go right now, he has lost a lot of weight but he promised today that he would try to eat this evening.

Louis has taught me so be grateful for those treatments, to take them with dignity and honor,
to share joy and love to those around me.  I never thought I would have a mentor in the infusion room, but that is what Louis has become.  There are angels among us, this I truly believe.

It has been an interesting week of good and bad.  My younger brother who lives next door (Jordan's grandpa) had a freak accident at work yesterday and is in the hospital. He is doing well, but yesterday was scary. This evening, we got a call for a gig in October.  It is at a very prestigious festival, and we did the happy dance after the call.  If singer/songwriters have a bucket list here in Alabama, this gig would be on it.
So there it is, life.....yin and yang, good and bad, always a full circle.

My bed is calling to me
wishing you all
goodnight, sweet dreams

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Live the Lesson

It's Tuesday, tomorrow is treatment day, number 17............some days (without the cloud of treatment hanging around) are difficult.  This was a difficult day, just one of those stressful times that we all deal with.
This too shall pass, it will be ok..........I can't tell you how many times I have whispered those words today......and how many times I reminded myself to breathe.  Sometimes the teacher has to live the lesson.
Goodnight, sweet dreams

Monday, June 24, 2013

Claim Your Space, Shine

Moon Salutations took place in yoga classes today........after all, we had to greet the super moon.  I love teaching the particular set of moon salutations that I taught today, they are "big stretches."  At the beginning of class I talked about how often some of us feel small or invisible........those are the times you need to claim your space.  My favorite posture or stretch for claiming your space.......five point star.

Anytime you feel yourself growing "small" or you feel a five point star and take ten breaths.
So how do you do a five point star?   Start your stance with your feet firmly planted on the mat or floor, with your feet at least 24 inches apart, lift your arms and spread them wide, spread your toes and fingers.......allow yourself to feel grounded and strong, think of energy flowing from your toes to your fingertips,let yourself take as much space as you can.  Take ten nice deep even breaths........Claim your space!  See yourself as the bright shinning star that you are.

I look at everyone in the class as they do these five point stars, you see postures change, faces change......there is an empowerment that comes with this yoga asana.  Sometimes life beats us up so badly,
that we truly shrink, we try to disappear, but those are the days we need to shine......those are the days we need to claim our space.    If you light is starting to dim, if you feel yourself getting smaller and smaller,
stand your stance.......lift your arms........feel the energy from fingers to toes.......take some deep slow breaths........claim your space.......and SHINE!

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Summer Perfection

Summer perfection......gardenias from my garden, a super moon.
Treatment week, so my juice is running down, but life is good.
My whole house smells of gardenia, the alabaster blossoms and deep verdant leaves fill every vase I have.
The super moon is peeking through tree branches and the lace curtain that hangs over the window in the office.  Calliou lies sleeping in the floor by my chair, in the same spot Blackie Bear once commanded.
These moments, I pray, remain etched in my brain for eternity.
It has been a weekend of all good, friends, food,
flowers and a full moon.  I hope your weekend has been this good.
June is winding down, summer is about to explode in all its brightness.
Blessings of warm sunny days, nights filled with stars, and all the fresh fruits and vegetables you can eat.  May fireflies guide you through the darkness and dragonflies protect you in the light of day.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Tired, Wired and Hungry

We played our favorite Alabama venue tonight, Berkeley Bob's.  It is listed as one of the top 100 music venues in Alabama, we always feel so lucky when Bob invites us to play.  We were worried about the crowd, it seems there was a this big music festival, Rock The South taking place in Cullman tonight.
We were up against Gregg Allman and Hank Jr......we had a good crowd.....we had fun......and folks loved our songs.  This gig was a wonderful success.......we drove home happy musicians.

I am tired, wired and hungry........
Good night, Sweet dreams

Friday, June 21, 2013

Small Surprises

Rick and I had lunch at one of our favorite restaurants today, The Blackrock Grill.  It's a tiny place on the Courthouse Square in Jasper.  I had an oyster po'boy with sweet potato fries.......I'm still smiling.
The oysters were fried to perfection, crispy yet tender and juicy.

While we were waiting for our food, our friends Margaret and Larry walked in......even though they live in Jasper they had never eaten at Blackrock before......they joined us and an hour lunch stretched into a couple of hours.  It was an absolute delightful break in the day.

I love those pleasant surprises that life sends you......things like an impromptu lunch with friends, an unexpected call or note, a check you didn't expect, a booking you had been hoping for, a deer under the apple tree munching delicately on green apples, a visit from Jordan to sit on the porch and eat Popsicles.

Those little ordinary things......they make life, they make the day.......small surprises that bring a smile to your face.  Tomorrow night we play at one of our most favorite venues, Berkeley Bob's Coffee House.  It is an authentic Californian coffee house right here in Alabama......a musician's dream place to play.  It is a true
listening venue......people come there to hear your songs.  I'm already getting butterflies!

For all of you tonight.....I wish you a weekend of little ordinary surprises, like those that filled my day.  Surprises that will bring a smile to your face, that will do your hearts and spirits good. Keep those surprises coming.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Be Grateful

Everyday I make a gratitude list, sometimes it's mental, sometimes I type it on the notebook on my phone....
Tonight, I thought I would share today's list with you.

I am grateful.......for the early morning sunlight that filtered through the blinds of our bedroom window casting
streaks of gold across the bed.
I am grateful......that for the first time in three years, the lung infection that lives in my body is controlled
I am grateful......that I have the energy to work in my garden
I am grateful......that I have the breath to sing
I am grateful.......for incredible blue skies and gentle breezes
I am grateful......dogs love me
I am grateful.....for the opportunity to teach yoga and a peaceful way to life to those who seek it
I am grateful......for a husband with a sense of humor
I am grateful.....for friends who don't forget me
I am grateful.....for hugs
I am grateful.....for this day

Making a gratitude list is important.......I know there are days when there seems to be nothing in your life that you can be grateful for......but if you take a deep breath, and find one thing to be grateful for.....your list will grow.......and with gratitude, comes joy.  Before you go to sleep tonight, think of one thing that you are are grateful for, when you wake up in the morning think of more thing.
Be grateful.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013


"Our life is frittered away by detail.  Simplify.  Simplify. " 
- Henry David Thoreau

When my life becomes cluttered, when the house or yard or car becomes cluttered......I feel out of sorts.  Then I become almost manic about simplifying, about getting rid of the clutter.
Detail truly steals your life......getting there, but it is hard to let go.
Spending time with Thoreau would have been very interesting.
It all comes down to control, doesn't it?

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

A Little Hope

Emotional roller coaster.......some days that is just how it goes.......hellos, goodbyes.......break through, break down.......a world filled with pain, yet one smile, one hug can ease.....

I love what I do, I believe in what I do........but it can be hard.  Addiction destroys bodies, minds and spirits....but I believe there is is called love.  A friend once said that love saved him from destruction......I believe love can conquer all.  I tell my students often how much I love them.  I want them to see their goodness even when they think there is none.

We make life so complicated, we look and search for happiness and peace in everything, every place, every person......but ourselves.  What we look for is already in our hearts.......maybe we have buried it under hate, guilt, anger, fear and pain........but spending time in silence, going inward with our's there, waiting for us to claim what is rightly, peace, and happiness.  We have to choose it........and let go of the drama, let go of the pity, let go of self-destruction.

I am exhausted, on days like today......I cry, I hurt too.......but I also hug, and smile and love......and hope I gave someone a little hope too.
Goodnight, Sweet dreams

Monday, June 17, 2013

Happy Monday

Happy Monday!  I know, usually that is said about any day but Monday.....I like Mondays.  It is the beginning of a brand new week, it's back to work after a weekend, a time to get the routine cranked up again.

I like Mondays......they are fresh new starts.  If you had a bad day on Friday, you have the opportunity to make it work better on Monday.  If your weekend was off the charts, Monday gives you the chance to rest,
digest the good times, and tell all your friends about your weekend.

I love Monday mornings, sitting down with my first cup of coffee, getting my day planner out, and starting my plans for the day and the week. If you blew your diet, or your exercise routine or whatever last week or the worry, it's Monday......a brand new day, a brand new can regain can start anew.

Today was a rainy Monday, torrents of rain and bolts of lightening flashed as I got ready for work........but the rain quenched the garden's thirst, washed my car, and cooled down the heat. Not many showed up for community yoga class tonight, but those who came got a temple massage ( Happy Monday). I know some Mondays can be quite blue, a job you hate, back to class(and you don't have your homework) or maybe you just had so much fun over the weekend, you can't bear to face Monday.  Change your attitude about Mondays, welcome those new beginnings, that brand new week, that chance to make last weeks mistakes all better.

Happy Monday......a brand new day......a brand new week.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Just One More Time

There is a picture of my dad and me at the beach taken 30 years ago.  It is my favorite  picture of the two of us.  He loved the beach, the ocean, the breezes and the warm sun.  His vacation destination was always a little quaint spot, with cinder block houses, a gas station and as few tourists as possible.  It was a spot on the Florida coast called Laguna Beach and it truly was a magical place.

Not a high rise in sight, just cottages built by families (not corporations) who loved the ocean as much as he did.  There were pool tables at the gas station and he taught me to shoot a mean game of pool. He also taught me to love oysters on the half shell.

Laguna Beach today no longer exists as it did back then.  It is a typical Florida resort. I suppose there are no quaint little cinder blocks beach communities in the Pan Handle of Florida sad.  Rick remarked a few days ago that I no longer seemed to love the beach and the ocean the way I once did.  In a way, that is true.  When my dad died, my love of the coast seemed to fade.  What I have realized through the years, it is not my love that has faded, I just miss those small intimate cozy beach communities from years past.

A few years ago, we were at the beach for 4th of July.......I looked around and freaked.....there were so many bodies on the beach you could not sit down......traffic was backed up for miles......high rise condos, expensive shops, and restaurants were everywhere.......I thought, my god, Atlanta has moved to the coast.

But tonight, I think of beach trips with my dad and mom.  Of family and friends filling up bungalows, the smell of coppertone and sea and ski permeating the air. Picking blueberries, fishing, walking the beach at sunrise and sunset and the sound of voices echoing through the night as everyone sat outside in the cool breeze.  I remember sun burns, and weathering Hurricane Camille under the kitchen table with a mattress on top, listening to the winds howl and the sea rage.

This Father's Day if I were granted one would be a walk on the beach with my dad, just one more time.
Happy Father's Day.  

Saturday, June 15, 2013

The Past

Every day that I teach I have students whose lives have become a tangled mess.  Most of them have pasts that they replay over and over in their in the now is a most difficult concept for them to grasp.
Last week, I had a student who told me several times, "I want what you have, teach me."  Helping someone
find peace, when their lives are in such turmoil is hard.  It is more than breath work, it is more than yoga,
more than a willingness to change a is also learning to let go of the past.

Holding on to what we know best, our past, it is what we do.  We think that our past defines who we are, we think that our past cannot be released, we think that our past is our present and our future.

Yes, the past is a part of us......but it is not taking place now.  The past has become a part of our memory bank, good or bad.  If we cling to it, it will never let us go.  I went to a class reunion several years ago.
I saw an old friend, a neighbor,who was also a classmate, a sports hero and one of the most popular boys in our class.  We were talking, about our lives, what we were doing, the usual things you speak of at those functions......and then he made one of the saddest remarks I have ever heard.  He told me that high school was the best time of his life.  That statement broke my heart.......I am thinking, high school was only four years of your life, you are married, have children, a successful career.......and those four short years were the best you have had?  Since then, I have met  others who have felt that way about those four short years.
What a waste, how sad.

Living for today is the way to make peace in your life. We have all made choices in our lives that have brought us where we are today......we will all make choices that will take us on our path tomorrow.  If we made
bad choices yesterday, then we have to make better choices today  We learn from our choices, beating ourselves up over the bad ones, over the past.......doesn't make today or tomorrow any better.
A big step toward personal peace......letting go of the past.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Mother Nature's Surprise

Thanks for all your kind words last night......grief is a strange animal, it attacks when you least expect it.
Much better today.....we have worked in the yard all day.  This week and next are my "good days" the energy builds after the treatments zap it.  Rick and I reworked the flower beds out back and at the front of the house.  What is it about digging in dirt that makes you so happy?  Thank goodness, I play guitar (my nails are really short) because I don't like to wear gloves, I enjoy the feel and smell of the dirt.

We had a "cold" front come through last was only in the 80's, low humidity, blue skies and sun shine o'plenty.  It was the perfect day to spend outdoors.   Rick snapped this picture when I was up to my elbows in  potting soil and plants.  There is plenty more to do tomorrow.......after all those storms in March, our yard finally is looking good.   I did get a surprise this afternoon, we have a
resident chicken snake that hangs out.  Usually he stays off the beaten track,but this afternoon, on my hands and knees digging away, I reached for the watering can.  I thought it was a long stick that had appeared beside me........nope.......Mr. Chicken Snake.......yep, I squealed!  Then he got all huffy  at me, so we gently moved him to the other side of the yard.
Mother Nature.....good for what ails you......and you never know what kind of surprise she will give you.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

A Thread of Grief

Both my parents have been dead for several years, but I miss them terribly tonight.  I long for their voices, their assurance that all will be ok, I need to hear their laughter.
Most days now, life goes on.......I think of them, I miss them.....but every once in awhile......I yearn to see them.....that is how I feel tonight.
The hole, the empty spot in my heart that their passing left......seems new and fresh tonight.
Nights like this......I this is what being an adult feels like.
I know that this will pass.......the lump in my throat will go away, the feeling of helplessness will fade.......but tonight, it is all too real.
A tiny thread of grief has worked its way through my heart, a reminder of those I loved, and the realization
that life goes on.
Time for a cup of tea
Goodnight, Sweet dreams

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Use Them Wisely

Human kindness......I was taught if you couldn't say something nice, keep your mouth shut.  In the past few days, I have been amazed at the lack of human kindness that has drifted my way. People have said downright ugly, tacky cruel things to Rick and myself and to a couple of our friends.

Some of the words were said by strangers ( and though they stung, we dealt with them).  The worst were the ones who came from "friends."  People that we share our time, our talents, our resources's not the first time it has happened, it won't be the last......but that doesn't lessen the pain of the words.

Words are weapons of incredible destruction.......they can break spirits, destroy wills, crush hearts and devastate creative energy.  Words change lives, often forever.

I realize that even with the best intentions, some words come out all wrong.......maybe you just can't phrase something the way it needs to be said, maybe the words were spoken without thinking, maybe no matter what you should have said nothing.

Words, once they are can't take them can apologize, beg forgiveness, and say I am sorry many times.......but words, can be very hard to forget.  The sting of hurtful words lasts far longer than a bee sting.

Rick and I worked through sharpness of the sting and I think, I hope that our friends have also......sadly, I know that those who spoke the words, won't ever be in the same place in our hearts and thoughts again......those words did change things.  It's not resentment or's awareness, the building of walls, the cushioning of hearts and feelings, so that the sting from that sharp tongue won't be felt again.

Words........use them wisely.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

What A Deal

Our friends Tony and Liz from Ireland, call Alabama the "hot country."  That is a correct description tonight.
We have had a rainy cool spring.....summer's heat and humidity came down hard today.  Temps in the mid-90's, humidity 80% and lows in the 70's is summer time.

The gardenias are blooming.  The heat and humidity increase their scent ten-fold.......I could smell their sultriness when I got out of my car this evening. The sweet muskiness left me light-headed.  If you like the color green, this is your place right now.  The lush vibrant shades of green glow in the sunlight and shimmer in the shade.  Blue hydrangeas are the color of western skies, everything is technicolor.

I sat on the deck this morning and sipped my coffee......I could hear Zeus crowing, urging the neighborhood to get up and enjoy the day.  I just thought about how good it was to be alive, to feel the moist heat on my skin, to smell the wet dirt and grass, to hear birds singing.  I wished that everyone I knew could have a morning just like it.  Five minutes......of great coffee, of blue skies and a cool breeze, gardenias and rosemary, and a moment to whisper thanks for those blissful five minutes.

Five minutes, I speak of those five minutes so often.......but they will change your day.  Five breathe, be aware, to express gratitude......five minutes daily, will change your life.  Five minutes out of twenty-four hours......what a deal.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Back to Work

Back to work.......I taught classes today for the first time in over a week.  My students missed me, I missed them.  But the break did me good.  A change of pace, and scenery was just what I needed......sunshine and the ocean were good meds.  I came back a better teacher.......and that is how it should be.

It is easy to blow off a vacation or, time......lots of excuses.  But, the thing is you don't have to take a week off, or even go anywhere.  A day or two, a change of routine, or maybe just rest.......a staycation......downtime with friends......a day spent on your favorite afternoon in the park or at the zoo or museum........

Take some time to do or not do, something that is not your ordinary day.  Your body will thank you, your mind will love you......those around you will notice a difference.  Get out your calendars, pick a date or two.....then take a break.....or vacation.....or just a couple of hours or weekend.  You will be amazed and'll look younger.......or at least feel it.

Goodnight, Sweet dreams

Sunday, June 9, 2013


I hear the rain drops falling on our tin roof and the trees outside my window.  I gaze at the lace curtain as twilight shades the evening sky........I love Sunday evenings.  They are a respite for me, time to wind down,
think about what took place last week, watch a movie or read.  I don't worry about class notes ( I do those on Monday mornings) I don't work my day planner (that starts again on Mondays).

Sunday evenings are chill time.....I hear the fountain in the great room, Calliou the Collie is soundly sleeping in the hall. Everything feels so is the perfect way to start or end the week.

I think my dad inspired the peacefulness that I feel on Sundays........Sunday mornings, he got the morning paper, he read the news, I read the comics.  After church,  there was usually a trip that involved ice cream, and always at our house a Sunday afternoon nap. Sometimes, we'd  take our grandparents for a Sunday drive.  Maybe my parents friends would drop by for cake and coffee........I loved those Sundays.

Sometimes our Sundays are slammed........when they are, I feel so cheated.  Monday through Saturday can be off the charts busy........but I need my Sundays to be slow.  I crave that day to sit on the deck and drink coffee, that morning to read the comics......that time for nothingness.  Some Sundays I watch the birds at the feeders, I think they know it is Sunday too.  Their feeding is not so frenzied, the squirrels are not so annoying.  Walking through these woods on a Sunday feels like a spiritual journey, the breeze seems fresher,
the smell of the dirt, feel the connection of spirit, you feel the connection to earth.

Sundays prepare me for the coming week.......they give me emotional and physical strength.  Sunday evenings, the whole world feels at peace. If I could give you all a would be a Sunday evening, just like I am having right now.
Goodnight, Sweet dreams.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Festival Fun

Rick and I played an Arts Festival today.  We love playing for Arts Councils......after all, they support the arts.
Thanks to our friend Fred for shooting this photo.

I saw some beautiful pieces of jewelry.....a light fixture made from old silver ware that would be perfect for our creative space........of course incredible paintings and photographs.  I love being around creative souls. The energy is different, artists seem to see the good, to feel hopeful, to see beauty where there seems to be none.

If you have not been to an arts/music festival this summer, find one and'll be glad you did.  Not only for the music and art, but there is nothing quite like a hot dog and funnel cake, cotton candy and corn on the cob. I also saw some beautiful dogs.  It was a warm sunny day, you could hear the creek flowing over the rocks and everyone you saw was smiling. Little kids ran through the grass barefoot, strangers said hello as though we were old friends.

Tomorrow Rick's family has their annual reunion.....this has been a long weekend.......and finally I finished the
vacation laundry this afternoon.  I hope you all are having a glorious weekend( maybe not as busy as ours).
Goodnight, Sweet dreams

Friday, June 7, 2013


So here is the gang on the cruise left to right......
my sister Pat, me, Rick, niece Jayna, my niece Becky and her husband Jeff and my great nephew, Jared.

The dinning room was our favorite place to hang out.
The ship was full, and it was difficult to find quiet spots, but Rick and I managed.

It was strange being surrounded by water, I had the most bizarre dreams every night.  Most included water in some way.

Rick and I played our favorite game daily.......what is their story?  As we sat and watched people walk by, we told each other stories about what we  imagined
their lives were like, what they did, where they were from.  I loved the Bahamas, and the locals that we met. Their language and their beauty, their kindness..........was wonderful.  And yes, the water is blue as blue can be.

We heard some really good musicians, ate good food, and rested, and enjoyed each other's company.......truthfully, I had some anxiety about our first vacation in three years.......but I think I would like another one soon.......I hear  the desert calling my name.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Don't Stop Playing

"We don't stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing."  - George Bernard Shaw

On Rick's Bucket List......take a cruise.  We did, we spent five days on a cruise ship to the Bahamas.  We got back this evening, we are a wee bit tired.  We played, slept late, walked, sat in the sun and ate.  We are much younger tonight.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013


Out of routine, change of venue, no longer in your comfort zone........these can be good or bad depending on circumstance.  I have experience all of the above at some time or another, sometimes all at once.  When it all takes place at once my mantra ‘s ok.

Truly, for whatever life deals’s ok.  I have dealt with death, illness, loss.....extreme joy, good times and incredible pleasure and the balance of’s ok.

I have felt alone in a crowded room, and totally loved’s ok.  I have been brought to my knees by failure and soared through the universe with’s ok.
I have been treated like a rock star, and made to feel’s ok.

Taking a breath, and repeating a mantra.......can get you through just about’s ok.  And yes, I know there are times when it’s not ok.......but I have to continue to say my mantra no matter what.  I strongly urge creating a mantra for yourself.......some use the word love, others use the word peace, some use the word God, others like me find a phrase.  Repeating that word or phrase can be like a warm blanket wrapping your soul, it can calm and soothe, it can keep you grounded.
For me, good or bad, happy or’s ok.

Tuesday, June 4, 2013


"It's all right to sit on your pity pot every now and again.  Just be sure to flush when you are finished."  -  Debbie Macomber, Mrs. Miracle

Ok enough said, pity party over, back to life!!!!!  I made sure I flushed several times.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Braver, Stronger, Smarter

"Promise me you'll always remember: You're braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smart than you think."  -A.A. Milne, Winnie-the-Pooh

I have used this quote before, but for whatever reason, it seemed to float across my brain over and over today.  We all short change ourselves, and sometimes someone has to remind us that we are braver, stronger and smarter.   Don't listen to those who tell you something different to make you feel small, to diminish you and make themselves appear bigger.

So all together, let's repeat........" we are braver, stronger and smarter than we think we are."
Goodnight, Sweet dreams

Sunday, June 2, 2013

You Too?

" Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: "What! You too? I thought I was the only one."   - C.S. Lewis

Being in the same situation is truly the tie that binds......we crave those who have had similar experiences, we need that identification process.......we love to commensurate with others.

Blogs give us that opportunity to reach around the world for that  one moment, that one connection.  We may never meet face to face, or maybe we have or will.....but through the magic of technology we have our moment of "What! You too?"

Saturday, June 1, 2013

June 1

June 1.......summer in Alabama, heat, humidity, bugs, flowers, and lots of blueberries

June 1...... outdoor dinning, grilling, parties

June 1......shade trees become your best friend, a breeze is welcomed, and lemonade is a necessity

June 1......out door festivals, watermelons, and always time to blow bubbles

June 1.......long sultry days, warm nights, and more stars than you can imagine

June lushness, the excitement that only early summer can bring

June 1.....cotton dresses, flowing skirts, the smell of gardenias

June 1......magnolia blossoms,  sweet juicy peaches and home made ice cream

June begin to move slower, and the living truly is easy