Sunday, September 30, 2018

Bits of Gold

All the rain has helped the dried brown leaves to fall, and now there are more bits of color appearing.
Of course the temps are back up around 90 degrees and tomorrow is the first day of October.  Wow.
I hope this new week, and new month bring joy to your life.  Tomorrow laugh, hug and be kind.
And if you can send down some cooler air, it would be appreciated.
Goodnight, sweet dreams.

Saturday, September 29, 2018


I have a silent prayer that I pray daily for my friends and family...let them be healthy and happy.
If you read Rick's column this evening you know we saw the transformation of one of our dearest friends today.   She had buried her husband awhile back and I had spent a great deal of time concerned about her.  She is not the first of my friends to bury a spouse and sadly will not be the last, but I knew she was such an introvert and I was fearful she might go inward and never know happiness again.  Her husband had fought a battle with pancreatic cancer and she fought it with him.

Thankfully the universe works in wonderful ways and someone came into her life and the light within her came back on. They married today on the banks of the Warrior River in front of her house.  Her smile was brighter than the noon day sun.  Her friends and family joined in her smile.  If your world seemed a little brighter today I am sure it was our joy that came your way.

I hope your Saturday has been as good as ours, I pray tonight that all of you be healthy and happy...and may we all be kind.

Friday, September 28, 2018


My implant is in place, the flipper is no longer needed.  I am so happy.  There is some tenderness and pain, so worth it. 

We have had a very long day.  First on the agenda was a visit with Rick's orthopedic doc, he got a glowing report.  Then on to our primary care ( at a different hospital, across town) and flu shots, then pick up a few groceries, then to the dentist, then to our local department store to buy a birthday and wedding gift and then by Rick's office, home, a short practice session for our gig next week and now we are in our pj's wondering if it is too early for bed.

Yesterday morning as the rain continued I looked out through our back door and saw a strange sight in one of my pots of blooming moss...small yellow mushrooms peeking through the sides of the strawberry jar.  What a surprise!  I suppose if there is enough rain there will always be a surprise growing somewhere.

Rick has our hot tea ready.  I hope you have had a good day, tomorrow laugh out loud and give someone a hug.

Thursday, September 27, 2018

Cedar Rain

The rain is still falling, at times almost monsoonal but the sound of it tonight is very soothing.
As I walked down to get the morning paper I noticed a big cedar tree that looked like it was covered in diamonds.  Rain drops sparkled on every branch.  I have seen cedars sparkle with ice but not often with rain, it was beautiful.

I hope this day has been a good one.  We have a busy one tomorrow, Rick has a doctor's appointment and I have a dental appointment.  Finally my implant is ready.  Last weekend of September, fill it with kindness, we all need some.

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Weather Musings

Monsoonal rains today.  My brother Rick's rain gauge showed over 3 inches.  Our world looks refreshed and alive and suddenly fall color is becoming more vivid.

The dogs have not been happy.  Taz refuses to walk in the rain.  Calliou and Hook walked during some showers but they were not excited.

I have missed seeing the full moon this week, but that's ok.  Getting this rain has been so wonderful.
Our persimmons are ripe, so this weekend Jordan will come over and we will do our winter weather predictions.  He nailed it last year with three snows predicted.  We will see how well he does this year.  If you don't know about the use of persimmon seeds in weather predictions here's the scoop.
You gather up several ripe persimmons from you area.  Cut the seeds open.  In the center of each seed you will see a distinct shape of either spoon, fork or knife.    Spoons represent snow ( shoveling snow)  knife represents cold cutting winds, and fork represents mild.  Will keep you posted.

The official "persimmon lady " who lives in North Carolina got 90 something spoons out of 100 seeds, the rest being knives.  She says that type of forecast has only happened twice since the 60's.
We will wait and see.

Hope your Thursday is a good one.  Be kind, everyone needs it.

Tuesday, September 25, 2018


I had an unexpected off day.  Our building was hosting a training seminar for our nursing staff and there was a space shortage so my room was needed.  It has been nice to have an unplanned day.
I have done a ton of house work, cleaned out a closet and we had a nice rehearsal for our gig next weekend.  I am a tired, but it's a good tired.

This evening we had more rain and more to come tomorrow.  Finally the earth no longer looks dry and baked.  Waiting for cooler temps and I will be so happy if they arrive.

Taz visited the vet today for her yearly.  Our vet and her staff are awesome, but Taz is not a fan.
It might be the shots, maybe the nail clipping,  the prodding, all that goes along with the visit.
She came home and sulked for a couple of hours, I am sure she was wishing she could get into my shoe closet.   She would have had her way with my nice leather boots.

My cup of hot tea awaits and so does the bed.  Enjoy your mid-week tomorrow, do something that brings you joy.

Monday, September 24, 2018


Walking the dogs today, our path is showing more color, I can't wait until the reds appear.
We had rain today, and there is talk of cooler air coming our way toward the end of the week.
I can't wait.

Didn't get to see the Harvest Moon tonight because of the clouds.  That's ok, the rain was wonderful.
Isn't our walking path beautiful?

Sunday, September 23, 2018


We have a few nails that are getting loose on some of the boards on our deck.  Jordan LOVES to whack things, so today he came over and whacked the nails back in to place.  He had a grand time and now those pesky nails are back where they are suppose to be.

Our nephew James ( who is  also the publisher of the paper that Rick writes for) came by today and brought his two youngest daughters, Joy and Zuzu.  Zu is a year old, she is the first child I have been around in many years who does not care for me.  She looks at me as an oddity, something to be observed but not with affection.  Maybe she will grow to like me.  Joy likes me.  She loves that I buy her clothes ( she is 6). Her birthday is next week and I told her this afternoon I would buy her a couple of new outfits for school.  She requested that I buy her favorite colors, purple and blue.
My front door is purple, so are both the bedrooms in our house, now you know why Joy and I bond.

Joy walked in the house today wearing a sparkly unicorn horn on her head.  You gotta love a kid who wears a unicorn horn as part of her ensemble. I love that there have been kids hanging around us today.  Kids help us to see life from a different perspective.  It has been a fun day.

This is the last week of September and a full moon and we had the equinox.  Change in the season and hopefully a change for us, in the weather.  Send September out with kindness and joy, welcome October with the same.
Goodnight,Sweet dreams

Saturday, September 22, 2018

Not Meant

A quote for this Saturday night...

"In the end, only three things matter:  how much you loved, how gently you lived, and how gracefully you let go of things not meant for you."   - Buddha

Friday, September 21, 2018


As I walked the dogs this week, I saw promise, a promise of fall waiting patiently for summer to leave.

I am waiting as well, not so patiently, but waiting for my favorite season of the year and all that she brings.

Thursday, September 20, 2018


Sharing a quote with you tonight.

"If you are a gifted person, it doesn't mean that you gained something.  It means you have something to give back."

-Carl Jung

Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Dental Excitement

I have never been excited about going to the dentist.  ( sorry to all you dentists out there)  I had nasty experiences with dentists when I was a child and what can I say, my body or mind never forgot.
But about 10 months ago, one of my front teeth broke, it was a crown on a root canal.  Best/worst case scenario I went with an implant.  I have worn a flipper for the past ten months.  It has been a learning experience especially when I sing or teach for several hours.

This morning I was excited.  My implant was ready to be screwed into its permanent home, my mouth.  I got to the dentist office, sat in the chair, not nervous for the first time ever.  My dentist came in and got ready to do the deed.  I heard him take a deep breath, and then he said I am so sorry to disappoint seems the color match was not what it should be.  I am glad my dentist is such a stickler for detail, and in the scheme of things waiting another week is not so bad.

I laughed on the way home.  For the first time in my 66 years of living I was excited about a trip to the dentist office.  Wow.  And you know what, I can't wait until next week.

Tuesday, September 18, 2018


Sinus crud is better today.  I went to work.  As I was leaving this evening I noticed dark clouds gathering toward home.  It was so hot as I walked across the parking lot, I was hoping for rain.
About a mile down the road there was a gentle sprinkle.  As I continued to drive homeward, the drops were bigger and more plentiful.  Soon as my grandmother Mamie used to say, we were getting a good little shower.  About five miles from home the sun came out, the rain disappeared.  I was grateful anyway.  The air smelled great and for a few minutes the earth was clean and fresh...and cooler.
I considered that good little shower a gift. 

I am a firm believer in grateful.  Gratitude is life changing.  When we begin to be grateful for the small things, big things follow.  And with gratitude comes joy.  So if you want some joy in your life, start being grateful.  Throughout my day, I make gratitude lists in my head.  I tell my students to think of one thing every morning to be grateful for.  Pretty soon, you will think of many things to be grateful for.  Sometimes I tell them to keep a gratitude journal.  Start with three things and every day write down three things, in a couple of weeks, write five down and pretty soon, those five will multiply.  I promise the gratitude for the small will bring the big and any gratitude will bring joy.

Tomorrow is hump day, think of one thing to be grateful for when you wake up.  Before you go to bed tomorrow night, think of three things.  And in between, be kind.

Monday, September 17, 2018

Nature's Composition

I didn't work today.  I made a feeble attempt to walk the dogs this morning, and though I only walked a few minutes I found a gift on the road in front of the house.  This beautiful leaf in an extraordinary composition greeted me as I made my way to the house.  Nature's Perfection.

The sinus gunk grabbed me and did not let go today.  I saw the urgent care doc and got some treatment.  I am much better tonight.

I hope your week started better than mine.  Share some kindness, give a little love, and be grateful.
The sun brings a new day tomorrow.

Sunday, September 16, 2018

Hanging by a Thread

Walking the dogs this morning there were spider webs everywhere.  Nothing will make me dance faster, jump higher, scream louder than spider webs in the face.  That is the down side to the coming of fall, spider webs, everywhere.

As I rounded a bend in the path, I saw this beautiful amber and gold leaf that seemed to be dangling in mid-air.  The sun light made it glisten and the breeze spun it like a pin wheel.  I laughed when I got closer, the leaf was hanging by a thread from a spider's web.  But it was a beautiful sight.

Saturday, September 15, 2018


An update on the giant fungi, it continues to evolve.  I have noticed a tree in the hollow between our house and my brother's that seems to be consumed with this giant as well.  Maybe it's some kind of weird alien.  :)

It's a 100 degrees here today, hot and humid.  We are all rather wilted.

I hope your Sunday brings peace, hope and joy.

Friday, September 14, 2018

The Team

Another picture of our walking path/road, this time with Hook and Calliou.  Calliou walks with purpose, Hook meanders and looks for trouble.  They make a good team.  I hope your Friday has been a good one.  Be kind, love each other and laugh out loud.

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Look Up

The past two days have been extremely stressful for various reasons.  Walking the dogs this morning while Rick was at therapy I realized half-way through my walk I had looked down at the ground the whole time.  I chided myself and reminded me to look up.  When I looked up the universe gave me a gift.  Fall color, I smiled when I looked up and told myself no matter how stressful things were right now, I had to look up. 

Tomorrow no matter how stressed you are, look up.

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

All That is Good Today

Great class this afternoon with the men in our group and afterwards a good meditation class as well.
It has been a long day, but I did get a good report from my pulmonary doc.  The clouds are starting to roll in from the east so it looks as though we will get rain from Florence at some point.

For our friends on the East Coast,  be safe.  Water and wind are nothing to play around with, we get  not only the hurricanes but two tornado seasons as well.  Mother Nature is not a force to take lightly.
Hoping she moves quickly and does not stall out over land.
For now, ya'll be safe and be prepared...higher ground is good.

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Waiting for Fall

Last night was a wash.  I have had some sinus stuff for the past week or so.  Our rag weed count is off the charts and  I think the rag weed, the stress of the last few weeks and the packed weekend caught up with me.  As I started to teach my Monday night community class, vertigo hit.  At first it seemed manageable, I took some meds and kept teaching.  By the end of class it was past manageable, Rick helped me to the car and we made it home.  We both were laughing as he helped me get out of the car, me with the nausea and vertigo, he with the gimpy leg.  More meds, darkened room and ginger ale helped me to fall asleep, but I missed my blog entry, so sorry.

I bought a new flag for our arbor ( yes, we live in a cottage, and I have to have flags for each season) so I did get that out over the weekend.  And I decorated the front door.  Even if it doesn't feel like fall, it looks like it at our front door.

I am better tonight.  I taught class today, a very slow easy one.  Tomorrow I see the lung doc for my checkup.  May we all be kind tomorrow, and let's laugh out loud at least once.

Sunday, September 9, 2018

Sunday Rain

This weekend has been slammed.  My poor hubby's knee is screaming at him.  Yesterday, there was the funeral, then the book signing at the festival.  Today he spoke at the American Legion luncheon.
I swear all that was on my calendar for this weekend was the Festival.  But he has rested this evening.

Rain moved in around lunch today.  It has rained for most of the afternoon, just a slow lazy rain.
Perfect for a Sunday afternoon nap and paper read. 

Ready for the week ahead, a new moon tonight.  I always believe the new moon brings new beginnings.  May your week be one of kindness and peace, show some love, share some joy.

Saturday, September 8, 2018

First Adventure

First time for an adventure since Rick's surgery.  We went to a music festival in a nearby town.
The paper Rick writes for had a booth, so he signed books and made his fans happy.
I got to spend some time with friends that I seldom get to see.

The music was awesome, Paul Thorn, The McCrary Sisters and Chris Simmons.  Other groups were coming on later tonight, but this being Rick's first outing, he ran out of steam.

Hope your weekend has been a good one.  Spread some kindness and a little love.

Friday, September 7, 2018


Our apples are almost ripe.  Just a couple more weeks or so and they will be ready.  The deer have already visited the lower branches, but that is ok.  Jordan says the best ones are at the top of the tree.
Hope your Friday has been all that you needed/wanted.

My hot tea awaits.
Goodnight, Sweet dreams

Thursday, September 6, 2018


Whatever this fungus is, it has grown bigger since yesterday.  There is also a tinge of yellow beginning to show.  Still trying to figure out exactly what it is.

I have had a rough day.  Sometimes my work is rewarding beyond measure, sometimes it is draining and so very difficult.  Today was one of those days that made me want to give my notice.
This too shall pass.

My cup of hot tea awaits me.  Rick is getting stronger and better every day.  Tomorrow is Friday, let's spread some kindness.

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Rainy Surprise

Everyday there is a surprise walking the dogs.  Today we walked in the rain ( Taz didn't because she refuses to walk in the rain) and as we walked behind the barn something white on one of the trees caught my eye.  Now we walked the same path yesterday and there was nothing white on this tree.
Today it looked as though someone had glued white dinner plates to the side of the tree.

I have never seen a fungus grow that quickly.  Wow.   All I could think was that maybe the tropical storm Gordon which brought the rain brought some magic with it.  I can't wait to see what it looks like tomorrow.

Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Self Love

" Everything changes when you begin to love yourself.  You  no longer send out energy of desperation or need to be filled from the outside.  You become a powerful source within yourself that attracts better.  The more you love who you are, the less you seek validation and approval."   - Idil Ahmed

My women's class loved this quote today.  But honestly, so did the men's class yesterday.  It is a powerful message and a truth.  Self love is not egotistical or arrogant.  Self love is survival.

Monday, September 3, 2018

Ms. Mandy

I have posted pictures of her before, but just like the zinnias she is going out in a blaze of beauty.
Ms. Mandy as we call her has been a haven for humming birds and bees this summer.  Her blooms just get bigger and more prolific each week.  I know she will fade in a few weeks so I wanted you to see her in all her pinkness one more time.

Hope you have enjoyed your Labor Day.  I am grateful for the unions and workers who have bettered working conditions and pay in this country.  We still have a ways to go in wages, glass ceilings and benefits but I think of my dad who worked in the coal mines for 25 cents a day ( no error, twenty five cents a day) and am thankful that he and so many others fought the fight and stood up to corporations and their greed and demanded decent pay.

Spread some kindness, and a little joy where ever you are.
Goodnight, Sweet dreams

Sunday, September 2, 2018

The Girls

Every morning when I feed and water our chickens I talk to them.  We have five hens, four speckles and red.  I call them "the girls".  They run to the door of the pen when I call to them.  They know I often bring treats.  Today I took them some juicy fresh watermelon.  They love me.  I think they think I might be some sort of god/goddess .

The girls can be prissy and yet really messy, after all they are chickens.  Often I gather a handful of basil and toss to them, they love greens, especially spinach and collard greens.  Anytime I see a worm on my tomato plants I toss him to the girls too.  They get excited about that as well.

This morning as I was getting fresh water for them, the door didn't close and two of the speckles ran for freedom.  Well, actually they just hung out in front of the pen pecking and as soon as Rick and I began to walk towards them they walked into their pen.

The girls are laying now, so we are getting eggs a plenty.  I tried to take pictures of all five of them but red is moody and very bashful.  The speckles on the other hand are camera hogs.

I hope your weekend has been good, for many this is a long holiday weekend.  I am working tomorrow.  May we all have a week filled with kindness.

Saturday, September 1, 2018

September 1

September friend Judy's birthday

September 1...first Alabama football game of the season

September1...fall knocking on the door but summer is a stubborn season in Alabama, she doesn't want to leave

September 1....bits of color are starting to peek bashfully in the woods

September 1...The Farmer's Almanac says winter will be cold and wet, fingers crossed

September 1...yes, I decorate for fall

September 1...I love fall clothes, I love the colors of fall

September 1...soon the smell of burning leaves will fill the air

September 1...I will plant my winter greens tomorrow

September 1...Apples are starting to turn red

September 1...I can't wait to wear my boots

September 1...Lots of festivals in the next few weeks

September cider instead of pumpkin spice latte for me

September 1....I do love pumpkin pie, root veggies, all of autumn's bounty

September 1....sweet grapes, don't you love them?

September 1....the last quarter of 2018