Thursday, February 28, 2019

Pink Lady

She bloomed today. I call her my pink lady.  She was a gift from my friends Kaye and Jamie a few years ago.  Last year a freeze caused her to drop her blossoms and buds , hoping for better luck this year.

Tomorrow I teach my second day of training.  I am excited. 

Wednesday, February 27, 2019


Occasionally I get to meet family members of some of my students.  I am honored when a student brings someone they love to  meet me.  Today one of my students brought his spouse to meet me.
She was thrilled he was doing yoga.  Hopefully when he leaves it will be something that they can do together and will build their relationship.

In my community class on Monday nights there are couples who come.  I love that.  I truly think coming to yoga or participating in a class or activity of any kind helps strengthen a relationship.
It is easy to get caught up in our jobs and personal hobbies and let relationships slide.  Doing something together creates a bond of caring and trust.

I posted a quote from John Steinbeck today.  I loved it, because our theme for classes this week has been "journey'. 

"A journey is like marriage.   The certain way to be wrong is to think you control it."  - John Steinbeck

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

No Name

It's not profound, but especially when I was a teenager, I always looked for my name.  It was never there.  Haven't seen it yet.

" Here's to all the kids who have never found their name on anything in a souvenir store."

Monday, February 25, 2019


It's been hectic today.  My classes were packed.  New students at work and at my community class tonight.  I always fret about my new students, wanting to make sure they have a good experience, to keep them safe.  Time will tell.

We have had two whole days of sunshine.  But, clouds came by this evening, rain follows tomorrow.
We know the sun will shine again and there have times of drought here, so I talk about the rain, but try not to complain.

This is the last Monday in February, already the first couple of months of 2019 are almost gone.
Enjoy your Tuesday, I hope you laugh out loud.

Sunday, February 24, 2019

Great Memories

This picture popped up on my FB timeline yesterday.  Five years ago, we were in Kosciusko, Mississippi. That afternoon Rick did a book signing and that night we played at an incredible restaurant, Frenchies.

We also played at the Natchez Trace Festival that was held there a couple of times and the county fair.

We have great memories of that sweet little town.  We need to get back there soon.

This is the last week of February.  I hope you enjoy it, be kind, spread some joy.

Saturday, February 23, 2019

A Natural Collage

We have had tornadoes bouncing around tonight.  It looked as though everything was over, all the tv stations had gone to regular programing and then our phones began to ring.  It was a tornado warning for our zip code.  We spent the next 15 minutes in our shower ( our safe place).  Hopefully now, the system is out of here and things have calmed down.

Our dogs have been so restless today. They know the weather so much better than we do.  Now they seem to be settling down and Calliou is actually sleeping.  That is a good sign.

With all the wind and rain we have had, each day we walk there is  treasure with every step. I loved the collage I found today.  All the objects were right there on the ground in an artistic arrangement.  Mother Nature is so creative.  If you look close, the hickory nut at the top of the photo has begun to sprout.
Sweet dreams tonight, and may we all be safe.

Friday, February 22, 2019

Spring's Coming

And even though the rains and floods continue, spring is showing her face.  Blueberries in full boom, every one of those little flowers is a blueberry that will be devoured in a few months.
My seminar was cancelled today, due to a scheduling conflict, so I had a day off.  Just some shopping and a little cleaning and walking the dogs in between the rain drops.

I hope your Saturday is a good one.  You know tomorrow is the last Saturday of February, so enjoy and make the best of what ever kind of day it is.  Be kind.

Thursday, February 21, 2019


Walking the dogs this morning, fragile  soft pink blossoms caught my eye.  Our apricot tree is in full bloom!  Last year was its first year to bear fruit, only a couple of apricots but Jordan said they were good.  This year the tree is covered in blooms, let's hope for a good crop.  If you look closely you will see a tiny raindrop on the biggest flower.  Yep, it is still raining.

Wednesday, February 20, 2019


I am a broken record, but it is still raining...over 4 inches today...more to come for the next several days.  Wow.

I had my men's group today and there were a couple of new students.  One told me that he had attended only serious yoga classes, I just smiled.  When class was over, I told him I hoped he realized that I was serious about my classes.  He told me over and over how much the class meant to him.

I teach, where I teach because I know that the way I teach, helps people to understand that yoga can be a legitimate tool in their recovery.  Mine is not the yoga class you expect, but it is the class that serves a purpose and that purpose is helping you to heal.

My hot tea is ready and so is my bed.
Enjoy your Thursday, please be kind.

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Light A Lamp

I wrote this quote on my board today at work, it seems appropriate for tonight's blog as well.

"If you light a lamp for someone else, it will also brighten your path."   Buddha

Monday, February 18, 2019

February Snow Moon

February, 2018 did not have a full moon.  Tomorrow night, February 2019 will have a full Snow moon.  Since rain ( lots of it, we are under a flood watch) is moving in tonight, I figured this super Snow moon would be one that I missed.

Once again the universe sent me an unexpected gift. That happens often and I always express my gratitude.  This evening around 5:30 as I walked across the parking lot at work I saw dark clouds looming on the horizon.  My first thought, wow, the rain is moving in fast. As I walked toward my car, a beautiful glowing orb up in the trees caught my eye.  I could not believe my eyes, surrounded by clouds , there was the almost full Snow moon.

I know the phone camera never captures the moon's image that well, but I was so happy to see this moon.  I pulled out my phone and snapped away.  It was so beautiful.  If you have clear skies tonight and tomorrow night, step outside and treat yourself to one more beautiful sight. 

There will be many incredible photos of this Snow moon, Rick shot one tonight with his trusty camera.  But I love my humble photo and I am grateful that I got a chance to see the Snow moon in  her beauty before the clouds covered her face.

Sunday, February 17, 2019

Monsoonal Week

The monsoons the weather guys predicted arrived this morning.  Thankfully there was a break mid morning and we walked the dogs.  After lunch the rain came down in sheets and it's still coming down.  Not sure where all this water is going, but it has to go somewhere.

A very restful Sunday.  We did book our reservations for our 45th Anniversary trip.  I think we picked the right spot.  We had looked at destinations all over, including both coasts, the desert, the UK, and  this morning we decided on Savanna. 

There is a slight chance of snow flurries tonight.  Wacky weather is our daily forecast here in Alabama.

I hope your Monday starts good and your week just continues to get better and better.  A full moon this week, the Snow moon.  We probably won't get a chance to see it, we'll just call it the Rain moon.
Be kind, spread joy.
Goodnight, Sweet dreams

Saturday, February 16, 2019


I was still dragging when I got up this morning.  Breakfast and a hot shower helped, but what was truly miraculous was the hour long nap that Taz and I took under our cozy feather blanket.  Yesterday was like being on stage for almost 8 hours.  My throat hurt,  and every part of me was drained.
It takes a lot of adrenalin to teach or perform and after the rush comes the crash.

Today was cloudy and a very cold forty degrees.  It is warming up tomorrow to rain.  The last prediction I saw was for seven inches of rain this week.  We will need boats.  The ground squished today as we walked the dogs.

But spring is coming.  You can see the transformation all around us.  The trees have tiny tips of color on their branches, early flowers and shrubs are blooming.  Rick planted our new pear tree today and started our seeds in their small cups of soil.  Our lemon tree is full of buds and should be blooming by week's end.  I love that smell.  Last year, every time you opened our front door you could smell the lemon blossoms.

May your Sunday be filled with peace and kindness.  This picture is from last year, but she is full of buds and they will open any day.  She is always quite the beauty.

Friday, February 15, 2019

Taz in a Blanket

I spent the day training two of our counselors.  It was a jammed packed day with two more Fridays to go.  I had worried that I had pushed them too hard, but when they left today both told me how much they had enjoyed it.  I breathed a sigh of relief.   Tonight I am exhausted but I think I did a good job today.

When I got home this evening, Taz was not on the sofa to greet me. I called her name, but I didn't hear her tiny paws on the wood floors.  I started to get nervous, but then I called her name one more time and her tiny little head peeked out from beneath our feather lap blanket on the sofa.  She and I use it when when we nap.  Rick says he saw her shiver and remembered how much she loves our blanket so her covered her up.  In the meantime he went to pick up Chinese and I arrived home from work looking for Taz.

Just a shout out to Rick, not having to cook dinner tonight was major.  Thanks for picking up carry out, you are the best.

Enjoy your weekend.  May you find kindness everywhere you go.

Thursday, February 14, 2019

Love Filled Cupcakes

I got up today and made Valentine cupcakes for Jordan .  I am pretty sure his mom, Nana and Papa are eating them too.  They were made with love.

Valentines Day always reminds me of my mom.  Every year from the time I was very young she told me that the birds chose their mates on Valentine's Day.  I sat and watched the birds around our feeders and thought of momma this morning.

I hope your Day was one of love.  I came home tonight and made dinner and we ate a cupcake too.
( I saved a couple for us)
Normally I am off on Fridays, but am training teachers tomorrow.  Send me good thoughts, that I teach them what they need, that I inspire them.

Happy Valentine's Day

Wednesday, February 13, 2019


Blue skies today.  We drove into Birmingham to see the acupuncturist and pick up a couple of things at Costco.  Coming and going we both drooled over how beautiful the skies were.   It has been a wet winter so the days the skies are blue are appreciated.

We are getting so excited about our gardens.  We  get excited about our garden every year, we both love to get our hands dirty and watch things grow.  We have a new pear tree on its way and lots of seeds.  We visit out fruit trees and bushes daily to check on how they are doing.  I know, we are a little nutty.  Last year I redid a couple of the flower gardens, one more to go this year and we are also planting a flower meadow for the bees and butterflies.

I am getting a bit nervous.  I start training my first group of teachers on Friday.  I have spent days working on the manual and my class notes.  I am prepared but still a little nervous.  It will be good to have the first day under my belt.

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day.  I hope you all feel loved and may it be joyous as well.  Don't forget to be kind.

Tuesday, February 12, 2019


I completed my training manual today before I went to work.  WHEW!   So excited to be training my first group Friday.

Rains came in early this morning and by the time Rick left for work it was pouring.  About 11:00 there was a break so I got the dogs out for a run.  By the time we made it to the barn, the drops were falling again.  I can tell you, Taz and Calliou are not fans of walking in the rain.  Taz usually likes to ramble, but when those drops fell, she was moving as fast as those short little legs could go.

I did walk by the blueberry bushes to see how they were doing.  Buds are popping out all over.   Rain drops dripped from the branches like diamonds.

Tomorrow is hump day.  Back to the acupuncturist and then on to work.  Be kind, be loving, spread joy.

Monday, February 11, 2019


The forsythia branches that I brought in last week, filled with yellow bells over the weekend.
On these grey dismal days, yellow is such a happy color.

Spread the joy, continue to be kind.

Sunday, February 10, 2019

Another Hard Day

Cold and rainy today.  I have almost completed the manual for the training seminar at work.  The seminar will be taking place on the next three Fridays.  I think it will be a success.  I have put a lot of hard work and love into it.  I have spent another several hours working on it today.  I know the two counselors who were chosen to complete the certification will be wonderful teachers.

My nephew Haven and his wife are expecting a little boy in July.  Today I found out my great nephew Jonathan and his wife are expecting a little girl in July.  Two new babies coming into our family, it is so exciting.  Both are due around the same date.

Everywhere around us there are signs of spring, flowers are starting to bloom, trees are budding.
But Alabama weather is so precarious.  The only blizzard I have ever experienced here was in March.
Anything can happen.

Valentine's Day is this week.  I am baking cookies for my night class in the morning.  Thursday I will bake cupcakes for Jordan and his mom. 

Start the week off with love, kindness and joy. 
Goodnight, Sweet dreams

Saturday, February 9, 2019

A Good Day

It's been a work day for both of us.  Rick spent the day at the newspaper office.  I have spent the day working on a project for work.  My project is one that I have spent a great deal of time thinking about and now it is coming to fruition.   Long story short, I am developing a teacher training program for in house training at our facility.  Yoga teachers are plentiful, but to teach in a recovery environment takes a whole different skill set.  My students for this program will be colleagues who want to include yoga in their skill set as counselors.  I am excited and humbled to be able to do this.  I have spent the day working on the training manual and classes for the seminar that will last three days.   Tomorrow will be more of the same I am sure.

So we are both rather brain dead tonight.  Supper will be some crusty bread, cheese, olives and Conecuh sausage and a movie.  I figure bed time will be an early one.

80 degrees on Thursday and then 40 yesterday and today has been a shock to our bodies and to nature.  Hopefully the fruit trees will survive.

I hope your Sunday brings peace, I hope you find joy and beauty and may you be kind to all around you.

Friday, February 8, 2019


Jordan, his mom Samantha, and her dad Ricky ( my brother) have all had the flu this week.
Ricky had to go to the ER this morning with chest pains.  He is a heart patient and the whole family knows not to play around and wait to see if things get better.  Thankfully his heart is good, he is back home tonight.

Jordan spent the day with us, and it was bonding day for he and Rick.  I was the short order chef.
He had not eaten for days, hunger struck him this morning.  I have cooked and fed him all day.
I am glad he ate, but I am exhausted.  Partly from stress, and partly from spending the day in the kitchen.

Yesterday we had record temps, almost 80 degrees.  Today it was maybe in the low forties.
Talk of snow/sleet/ice tonight, my head is spinning from the weather change.

Hot tea is waiting for me, so is the bed.  May we all have a good night's sleep and a joyful day tomorrow.

Thursday, February 7, 2019

A Spring Tease

An interesting day at work, sometimes the energy there is really good, sometimes it can be trying to employees and patients.  Everyone seemed stressed today.  My classes were good, but draining.  I was so ready to come home and kick back.

When we walked the dogs this morning, spring had sent us gifts.  The golden bells are blooming and our first daffodil showed her sunny face.  But spring is a teaser, cold weather and rain coming in tonight. 

Enjoy your Friday, be kind and spread joy.

Wednesday, February 6, 2019

Cotton Candy

I walked out of the building this evening around sunset.  I was getting into my car when I looked through the trees and saw one cotton candy pink cloud floating in the sky.  Just a couple of hours before, the sky had been grey and sad.  That beautiful pink cloud was a gift.  When I saw it, I laughed out loud.  I hope you get a cotton candy cloud in your life too.

Tuesday, February 5, 2019


"Don't ask what the world needs, ask what makes you come alive, and do it.  Because what the world needs are people who have come alive."   - Rev. Howard Thurman

If you are not familiar with Howard Thurman, I suggest you Google him.  His was an amazing story and he was a dynamic force.

Monday, February 4, 2019


The flu is rampant here.  Our local school had 80 kids out today, including Jordan.  Yep he has Type A.  If it is in you area, and you have not taken a shot, call your doc.  Whether or not you have had the flu shot , WASH your hands, OFTEN.  Do not touch your face.  Try to avoid crowds.
WASH your hands!  If someone is coughing or sneezing and  seems to be really sick around you, try to avoid them.  Avoid crowds.  Because of my compromised immune system I have had the flu many times, it is horrible.  If you think you are coming down with the flu, go see a doc immediately.

Flu is serious stuff, it kills people and pneumonia often follows it.  So if you have had the flu and the cough remains see the doc. And one more time, WASH your hands. 

I know my friends and family think I am a germ freak.  I am.  My immune system has made me this way.  But because of first hand experience with the flu and pneumonia I do get on my soap box .

I hope that this wave passes soon and for all of you, I hope none of you catch A or B.  But don't delay going to the doctor, it really can mean your life.  One more time, WASH your hands often, avoid crowds, stay hydrated.

Stay well, be kind
Goodnight, Sweet dreams

Sunday, February 3, 2019

Hot Bread

Jordan has the respiratory crud that I had a few weeks ago.  (during Rick's birthday) At times it felt flu like, it stayed with me for over two weeks.  It grabbed him Friday.  He loves banana walnut bread so I made him a loaf today.  Comfort food really does comfort doesn't it? 

It has been another beautiful mild day, but rain moves in tomorrow and stays around until Thursday.
Mild wet days will turn to cooler dry ones by Friday.

This morning on our walk I cut forsythia branches and put them in vases of warm water.  There were tiny buds on them.  I am hoping in a couple of days, tiny golden bells will blossom.  The house seems so sad with blossoms. 

The weekends go so fast.  How can Monday be tomorrow?  Start the week with love and kindness, end the week the same way.  Wish I could send you all a slice of banana walnut bread.

Saturday, February 2, 2019

First Day of Spring

Sunshine, blue skies and 68 degrees today.  Phil did not see his shadow, but our Birmingham ground hog saw his.  Who knows with those wacky animals?  Our weather is supposed to be warm most of the week and then cooler again.  I wish Mother Nature would look at the calendar.  Today was like the first day of spring.

No snow, other than flurries, so far Jordan's predictions are a no show.  The persimmon seeds predicted heavy snow and cold winds.  He must have gotten the seeds for the Chicago forecast.

Rick did heavy yard work today, I did house cleaning.  We are both are so ready for bed.
Enjoy your Saturday night, and have a restful Sunday.
Goodnight, Sweet dreams

Friday, February 1, 2019

February 1

February 1...2019 is off and running

February 1...Groundhog's Day, Phil is not reliable

February 1...Valentine's Day, wouldn't it be nice if love truly filled the air?

February 1...President's Day, truth and cherry trees

February 1....our weather gets crazy, one day 70 degrees, the next there is snow

February 1... plenty of winter left, please let it snow

February the earth awakens, she is getting ready to greet spring

February 1...a month filled with candy and flowers

February 1...a short month

February 1...the color purple

February 1...Mardi Gras, bring me a king cake

February 1...Chinese New Year, the Pig gets this one

February always, don't blink, this month will be gone so soon