Saturday, February 9, 2019

A Good Day

It's been a work day for both of us.  Rick spent the day at the newspaper office.  I have spent the day working on a project for work.  My project is one that I have spent a great deal of time thinking about and now it is coming to fruition.   Long story short, I am developing a teacher training program for in house training at our facility.  Yoga teachers are plentiful, but to teach in a recovery environment takes a whole different skill set.  My students for this program will be colleagues who want to include yoga in their skill set as counselors.  I am excited and humbled to be able to do this.  I have spent the day working on the training manual and classes for the seminar that will last three days.   Tomorrow will be more of the same I am sure.

So we are both rather brain dead tonight.  Supper will be some crusty bread, cheese, olives and Conecuh sausage and a movie.  I figure bed time will be an early one.

80 degrees on Thursday and then 40 yesterday and today has been a shock to our bodies and to nature.  Hopefully the fruit trees will survive.

I hope your Sunday brings peace, I hope you find joy and beauty and may you be kind to all around you.


  1. You are one busy lady.

    We have been having rain and more rain. Temp. is about 50.

  2. Maybe you can rest today.
    Hugs, Julia