Sunday, February 26, 2017

We Are One

A Sunday that was picture perfect beautiful.  Blue skies, white clouds and 60 degrees of perfection.
The Sunday to do nothing.  Drink hot tea and coffee, read the papers, walk the dogs.
I never knew how much I needed today until the sun set this evening.  R and R can change your life.

I read an article by Jack Kornfield yesterday.  He talked about loving the people that are being shunned.  The people that for whatever reasons hate crimes are being committed against.  As I read his article I realized that for me personally, it is easy to love them.  For me, I struggle with those who live near me; who are spewing the hate and fear.  Family, friends and neighbors who have a darkness that I never saw before.  Daily I am reminding myself to send them love, to show them kindness.

This week ends February and starts March.  The first quarter of 2017 is almost gone.
I send you all Blessings of peace this week.  Please don't forget to spread joy and share kindness.
We are one.

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Low-key Weekend

After a week of almost 80 degree temps, today was normal...55 degrees.  Well, I suppose one normal day in February is pretty good.  The dogs loved the cool temperatures this morning.  Taz and Calliou strutted as they walked and Hook ran with abandon.  It felt pretty good to the humans as well.

Just a handful of days left and March will roar.  Our severe weather season will peak the next few months  Spring here is beautiful but often deadly.  We planted potatoes today, cabbage last week.
I planted containers of lettuce too.  Hoping that our crops fare much better this year than last.

Soon we will have baby chicks.  They are so cute in that fuzzy stage.  Since we have three roosters and different varieties of hens who knows what the chicks will look like.

Dinner tonight is comfort food, chicken and dumplings.  We will probably catch the Brit-coms on PBS and call it an early night.  Our weekend has been low-key.  Just what we needed.  Wishing you all a Sunday of peace.  Don't forget to be kind.

Friday, February 24, 2017


We live in the country on a small farm.  Our neighbors are close, about 100 yards for the nearest.
We find ourselves in an interesting situation.  Neighbors to the south of us, we are not sure exactly which ones, shoot their guns almost every afternoon.  Today was a beautiful warm day, 80 degrees with blue skies and fluffy clouds to be exact.  We were walking our property with the dogs and the shots started.  It is un-nerving to say the least.  Calliou is noise sensitive so he starts to salivate and freak.  There is a gun club less than five miles away.

Hunting season is over.  It is obvious that who ever is shooting is doing it for the fun.  I understand all the rights about owning a gun.  But I think I have a right to walk on my property and feel safe.
If we call the county sheriff's office it will take them about an hour to get here.   Since we don't know who is shooting, it really won't help to call the police.

We have such a beautiful place.  I am beginning to feel like we live in a war zone.  We have neighbors who suffer from PTSD,  they are vets.  I can only imagine what these afternoons are like for them.  Can anyone offer suggestions?

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Sweet Dreams

I have been reading articles about sleep.  Everyone I know says they have sleep issues.  Never enough.  What I can share with you is this.  Don't watch the evening news.  Don't drink caffeine.
Try to turn off all social media at least an hour before bed.  Read and listen to soothing music.
Take a warm bath.  Give yourself permission to get a good night's sleep.  Get fresh air and exercise every day.  Make sure you drink enough water.  Take a few minutes and meditate and breathe before  bed.  Try to go to bed around the same time each night and get up around the same time each morning.  Moderate alcohol consumption.  A cooler room is more conducive to sleep.

Goodnight, Sweet dreams

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Purple Rain

Rains came yesterday afternoon and last night.  Maybe in the next month or so we will be out of the drought.   My purple pansies greeted me in all their splendor when I came home from class this morning.  Purple rain has haunted my brain all day.

Hump day is almost over, this week will be over soon as well as the month of February.  March is waiting and spring is forcing the winter we never had to leave.
Enjoy the rest of your week.  Spend your time wisely.  There are no refunds.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

All There Is

Tuesdays can be difficult for my students at work.  If it has been determined that grief or trauma counseling is needed those sessions are usually done on Tuesdays.  Today every student I had came from those heartbreaking/healing sessions.  Think of feeling as if your skin has been peeled away from your body, your heart is broken and a bus has ran you down.  That is a smattering of how you might  be feeling today as you walked into my class.

Today class was love and healing, gentle and slow.  They were all better when class was over.
Now I am the one who got hit by the bus.  A good night's sleep, a warm meal and love from the dogs and Rick will make me all better.  Breath work and gratitude keep my head and heart in the right place on Tuesdays.

No matter what is going on in your life tonight, be grateful.  Take a breath and think of one thing to be grateful for.  Life is short, it can be hard.  Find gratitude.  Share kindness, spread love.
Some days that is all there is.

Monday, February 20, 2017


Our dogs are funny creatures.  Taz is usually my dog, but sometimes she decides that Rick is her lord and master.  Calliou usually just wants to herd us.  Most days Hook belongs to Rick.  Today, Hook has decided he loves me.  He has made every step I have made. He took a nap beside me.  He never left my side when we walked today.  Tonight, he is my best friend.  Tomorrow I bet he belongs to Rick again.

I look at those three dogs.  They are so different in looks and personalities.  They are all three rescue.
They are so loving and seem so grateful to live with us.  They have enriched our lives beyond measure.  They really are our best friends.  We are lucky.

Monday was a good day as Mondays go.  Hectic and long, but good.  Wishing a Tuesday that brings some laughter and good times and a little bit of luck to everyone.

Sweet dreams, good night