Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Blazing Star

Our blazing star bloomed out this morning.  It is in the hibiscus family, but my grandmother Mamie always called it blazing star.  I asked her once why she called it a blazing star, she  said it was red, looked like a star and always waited until it was hot as blazes before it bloomed.

I love it, it fills up one side of our flower bed at the back of the deck. Looking at those scarlet blossoms while drinking coffee every morning just makes me happy and grateful.  Mamie always let me pick some flowers when I visited her.  I grew up wanting a yard just like hers, no grass, nothing but stepping stones, paths and flowers.

She had the sweetest smelling roses, yellow and white ones that climbed over a trellis and by her well. Sadly I can't grow roses like she did, my brother Ricky got that talent and he like Mamie lets me pick a few when they bloom.  He grows the old fashioned ones just like her.

The rain missed us again, maybe this weekend the heavens will open up for us.  Until then, the hoses are handy and everything will have to make do with "city water".  My mom use to say, "city water" will keep it alive, but the plants won't thrive without rain.

Tomorrow is hump day and it is rumored that Jordan will be spending the day with us.
Fun and excitement awaits.

Monday, June 27, 2016

Beauty Bush

Rain all around, but not for us tonight.  Our garden is thirsty, maybe tomorrow.
I know this is the beginning of summer, but one of my favorite fall plants has begun its transformation already.  The beauty bush has the most beautiful purple berries each fall.  For years I have looked for a sweater the color of those berries, no luck yet.

Today as I walked the dogs, the huge beauty bush at the end of the field was covered in bees....it was also covered in tiny lavender flowers...it is starting its transformation.  The bees were in heaven, you could hear them buzz before you ever saw them.  Sharing a photo of the blossoms.

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Still Time

The past few weeks we had been slammed, gigs, events, company, work...it seemed every day there was more added to our calendars.  This weekend brought a breather.  We have done chores, spent time with the dogs, and worked on some music.  It has been just what we both needed.

We sat on our deck for a few minutes and listened to the thunder of an approaching summer storm.
The heat wave has been so oppressive the past week, we are hoping for rain and a bit of cooling.

I hope your weekend has given you what you needed.  Maybe you didn't need rest or a slow down, maybe you needed fun and excitement.  There is a balance and in each of our lives we need some of both.

June is quickly coming to an end this week and the holiday weekend is staring us in the face.  Before we blink an eye, the summer will be gone and fall will be here.  2016 is half over, did you just see what I typed?  2016 is half gone.  Have you looked at your vision board or your resolutions from this past January?  There is still time to work on hopes and dreams, but you have to do something...you can't sit around and wish.

My mom and dad use to tell me you had to put feet on your faith and wings on your wishes....in other words you had to work for those things you wanted, for those dreams you wanted to come true.

Here is hoping your Monday brings good news, great joy and lots of love your way.

Saturday, June 25, 2016

My Place

I often teach a guided meditation that takes you to your safe and peaceful place.  It is always interesting to hear students share about their safe place.  Sometimes it is a real place, sometimes a place in their dreams or a place they dream of going to.  But it is important for all of us to have that place.  A place where we can close our eyes, take a few breaths and be there when life is tough.

I have a couple of those places and one is here at our house.  It is our living space on our back deck.
During the warm months, Rick and I sit and drink out coffee there or on the screen porch.
Sometimes we listen to music, but honestly, I love to sit and just listen to the birds.  I watch the sky, the chickens and the dogs and  for me, all is right with the world.

Sharing a picture of my place, with you all tonight.

Friday, June 24, 2016

Happy Weekend

A busy Friday, eye exams, our great-nephew Anthony had a birthday party and then another great nephew Stone was in a musical tonight.  Can we say tired?  And then there is the heat and humidity, but I am trying not to complain because of the nasty heatwave out west.

This is an off weekend for us, no gig, no plans....just what we needed, we are truly close to running on empty.  But what fun we have been having.  So many of you loved the zinnia picture last night that I thought I  should show some more of them this evening.  They are such happy flowers, I love them too.  It's Friday night, happy weekend.

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Bee Happy

My zinnias (old maids) are finally blooming.  Their happy bright colors are a joy to look at.
As I walked through the garden this morning, the bees were having a grand time buzzing from flower to flower.  I got lucky as one buzzed a flower by me.

Wishing a Friday that is full of brilliant colors, amazing images and fun sounds...may we all bee happy.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Grief Moments

My cousin Nina called me today.  Her mom, my Aunt Betty had passed away in March and Rick and I had sung at the service.  Nina emailed a video and a picture of us she had taken that day.
Hearing Nina talk about her bouts of grief, her gnawing need to visit her mom reminded all too well of those moments when I miss my mom, my dad, my brother and friends who have passed on.

I remember those raw extreme moments of drowning in grief after each parent and my brother passed.  I would lose my breath and it seemed that every cell in my body ached.  Sometimes the tears would not stop until my eyes hurt.  Finally fresh grief gave way to what I called sneaky grief...the days were going better and then BAM, grief just kicked you in the butt.  Eventually, the grief becomes bearable, but still hits when you least expect it...that is now, some 25, 10 years later.

But, Aunt Betty's service was sweet and poignant and it was an honor to be a part of it.
Below is the photo at the service.