Sunday, November 18, 2018


I have a book that I bought around 1995.  It is a book of daily thoughts and meditations.  There are years that I read it daily, then put it on my bookshelf for another time.  It has been a few years now since I pulled the pink book off the shelf.    It is Simple Abundance by Sarah Ban Breathnach.  Each time I began to read these mediations they speak to me in a different and profound way.

I started this book again on November 8 and several of the meditations have reopened my eyes to things I needed to see and think about.  Books are truly old friends and they come into your life when you need them most.

The meditation on November 8 was about prayer.  Not a prayer, but the fact that most of us pray twenty four hours a day.  It is not a about kneeling to pray, but it is in caregiving sick parents, children, helping friends and neighbors, nourishing bodies and souls.  Every day life is prayer.
One way or another, prayer is conversation and when we do this prayer in our daily life, it is what my mother use to call putting feet on our prayers.

Sarah ends this particular meditation with an interesting statement...."women pray because we need to talk to someone who's really listening."

It has been a good day.  Thanksgiving lunch with my sister Pat and her family.  Rest this afternoon, a recharge of our batteries for the work week.  It is a week of Thanksgiving, a week to remember to be grateful...actually something we need to practice daily.

May we be kind, may we spread joy.

I shot this picture of Calliou yesterday,he seems to always be looking for the beauty around him.

Saturday, November 17, 2018

Busy Saturday

Rick had to work at the newspaper office today.  I took advantage of a few hours at home alone and cleaned house, did laundry and washed my yoga blankets.  When he got home tonight, I did steak, salad and baked potato, I think he's happy.

It has been a difficult couple of weeks.  I dealt with a sinus/bronchial infection for about six weeks and now that I am finally over it, the Meniere's did a little flare up.  Nothing like it use to, but just sudden bouts of vertigo with migraines.  Today has been awesome, no flares at off.  I am hoping that this bout is over and will be gone for a few months, if not it will be time for shots in the ear drum again.

I can't believe Thanksgiving is this Thursday.  I love Thanksgiving, it is all about food and gratitude, not gifts.  For me it has never dealt my life the stress that Christmas holidays have.  I love Christmas time, the cards, the tree, baking cookies.  The stress has always been trying to make everyone happy.
It took me most of my life to realize that I didn't have to make anyone happy during the holidays except myself.  I still have my moments when family members start a guilt moment about where/when/what, but I handle things  now, much better than my younger days.

Many of my students will get to go home for the holiday.  A few won't but sometimes being at the center for a holiday is best for some.  My work week will be a short one, just Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.  I will cook some lunch on Thursday, but nothing big like I have often done in the past.  I need some rest this year.

Enjoy your Sunday, think of something to be grateful for, be kind and spread joy.

Friday, November 16, 2018

Jordan's Honor

Jordan was inducted into the National Honor Society today.  We are thrilled, though he shrugged his shoulders and told me it was nothing to cheer about.  He is an A student and I think that is something to cheer about.

His mom Sam, her mom( his Nana) and Rick and I went to the ceremony.  We also went to his mom's ceremony and her older brother James'.  Proud of all them.  My brother Ricky and his wife Deb have raised 3 awesome kids, James ( who is a newspaper publisher) Haven ( who is Ricky's partner in their plumbing business) and Sam ( Jordan's mom who works as a PTA) and since they grew up next door to us, we figure they are our surrogate kids.

Here's a photo from today, Sam, Jordan, me and Debbie  (Nana).  It has been a good day.

Thursday, November 15, 2018

Art and Music

We awoke to a few snow flurries this morning and the coldest day of the year.  We headed out this afternoon to our gig, which thankfully was south and not north.  Just made it in and unloaded equipment.  As always we had a fun show, we loving playing this gig.  It is a fundraiser for a museum and we have done it for the past few years.  Art and music, what a life.

Time to unwind, drink a cup of hot tea and hit the sack.
If you are traveling this weekend, safe travels, be kind, spread joy, show some gratitude.

Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Rainy Hump Day

New faces in my men's class today, that means soon, some of the familiar faces will be gone.
The new guys took to yoga and meditation like kids opening Christmas presents.  All were smiling when they left my room today, that is a good sign.

Still cold and rainy, but warmer days coming for the weekend.  Looks as though it will be one of those winters, wet, wet and wet.  That's ok, everything, even in the cold temps looks happy.

The dogs are loving the rainy days, especially when the logs are burning in the fireplace.  Hook gets as close as he can and then he grunts.

Tomorrow night is a gig we look forward to every year.  We play a lovely museum a couple of hours southeast of here.  We always have such a warm welcoming audience.

Another mild bout of vertigo today, so bedtime beckons.  We are over the hump day, it is now mid-November and this year is almost gone.  Keep spreading the kindness and joy, it matters. 

Tuesday, November 13, 2018


I thought about our friend Mary as I cleaned a couple of kitchen drawers this morning.  She died a few years back and had fought cancer for several years before she made her transition.  We were talking one day about cleaning house.  She mentioned how much she hated cleaning her bookcases filled with books, and I agreed with her.  When you have floor to ceiling books, it is a major job to clean them.

She laughed and said "you know what I do, I decide to clean one shelf.  After you clean that one shelf, it looks so good and the others look so bad, well even if it takes a week of cleaning one shelf each day, you get it done."

I started with one drawer, and then I did another.  Then it was time to get ready to go to work, but I am going to do the same thing tomorrow.  I use to think I had to do it all in one day, but working one drawer or one shelf at a time is so much easier.

I miss my friend Mary, she was wise and kind and glowed with love.  But she was also loads of fun to hang with.  I can still hear her laugh.

Monday, November 12, 2018

Monday Musings

Fleeting moments of vertigo have hit this afternoon and tonight, never sure what triggers it.  Nothing bad, but truly unnerving.

Rain has come down most of the day.  Damp and chilly are two great words to describe the weather for this whole week.  Honestly, I had rather have damp and chilly than hot and humid.

I hope your week got off to a good start and if not, hopefully tomorrow will be better.
Spread some joy and kindness, even to those you don't know.