Thursday, October 19, 2017

Self Study

We studied the 4th Niyama today, Savadhayaya, self study.  Self study, very few spend the time to study our inner and outer selves.  Meditation is a way to study self.  So for class today we did walking meditations.   It was the perfect day for it, clear skies, 72 degrees, a hint of color in the trees.
None of the students had done a walking meditation.  Sometimes a walking meditation can be more difficult than sitting and breathing.

As we gathered outside near the edge of the woods where I work, I sat the parameters of where we would walk.  There is a large field between the parking lot and the woods, it was the perfect place.
I explained that we would do two different meditations.  For the first, we walk slowly, hands clasped, in a line,  ten steps forward and then turn around and retrace our steps to the starting point.  We would practice mindfulness by keeping our focus on our breath and steps.  No talking and no interaction with each other, the timer was set for five minutes.

For the next meditation,  we would practice awareness.  Once again no talking or interaction, but we could walk the field, gazing up, down around.  We would walk slowly, maybe stopping to observe a leaf or the sky.  We would be aware of the sky, any sounds, smells, the sensation of walking on grass and soil, any wildlife.  We would be aware of everything around us and by doing that, the stress of the day would leave, and our minds would no longer race.  This time the timer was set for ten minutes.  The students were awestruck by the time we went back to the room.  They all mentioned seeing and being aware of things they had never noticed on the grounds.  They were calm and peaceful.  They realized how important taking a walk can be.

Clasping the hands is important, it keeps you from swinging your arms, it helps you to walk slowly.
Remembering to breathe is just as important. If you have never done a walking meditation try it sometime.  It will take walking to a whole new level for you.

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

New Moon

I saw the most breath-taking sunrise this morning.  I am not a morning person.  Getting up in the dark is drudgery for me.  The pay-off,  the sunrises that I see.  On my way to work this morning I topped one of the many rolling hills on my drive and as I crested one of the last before making my last turn, I gasped.  The horizon was the color of a blood orange, the trees were black, the sky was a shimmering
blue like the waters in the Bahamas. Just over the peak of red orange and midway of the blue there was a tiny sliver of silver.  It was the new moon making it's first appearance for this month.

I didn't bother taking a picture with my phone.  My phone could never capture the magic of that image and those colors.  So it was my personal gift from the universe.  Well mine and anyone else's who was looking at the sunrise.

I love my work schedule.  I see sunrises and sunsets.  They are all unique and beautiful.  As many of you know I am fascinated by the moon.  New moons for me signify beginnings, the chance to start all fresh and new.   Seeing that tiny sliver for whatever reason gave me hope this morning.

The new moon is a beauty in the night sky this evening.  If you get a chance, go out and moon gaze.
Maybe there are changes you need, some sort of new beginning in your life.  Maybe the new moon will give you hope just as it did for me this morning.
Goodnight, Sweet dreams

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Fall Surprises

Unusual fall flowers, tiny delicate purple daisies of some variety, I think.  Fall wild flowers around here are normally yellows and oranges and reds and usually fairly bold.  These little things are so sweet and fragile.  A nice surprise for the morning walk.

Monday, October 16, 2017

Mossy Timber

The temps dropped last night after the storms came through.  This morning was windy and cool and the dogs loved every minute of their walk.  The sun came out when we were walking and the sunlight that dappled through the trees was dazzling.  This moss covered timber reminded me of our time in Ireland.  The green was rich and verdant.  It was a gift.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Gentle Rain

A gentle rain has started to fall tonight.  Behind the rain, cooler air is on its way, finally fall has decided to show her face.  I am so grateful.

We have done quite a few chores this weekend.  It is a good kind of fatigue.  I laughed today and told Rick I would have to go to work tomorrow to get some rest.  He agreed.

October 15, the month is half gone.  Take a deep breath and don't close your eyes, 2018 is rushing to get here.

Start the week with kindness, even to someone who does not appear to deserve it.  Be grateful for answered prayers as well as those unanswered.  May we all know peace.

Saturday, October 14, 2017


There are certain chores that I put off as long as I possibly can...defrosting the freezer is at the top of the list.  I can clean closets and pantries all day, actually enjoy it, but that freezer, ugh.  Today was the day.  I did routine cleaning this morning and then this afternoon I took a deep breath and dove head first into the freezer.  A hair dryer, ice pick and shop vac sped things along and tonight I pat myself on the back.  That freezer chest is ready for holiday cooking and so am I.  Next weekend, the oven gets the attention.

There has been a video that has floated around FB for sometime by one of our military leaders, called Make Your Bed.  The gist, if you make your bed every day, no matter how good or bad your day is, you can go home at night to a fresh bed.  I have done that my entire life.  My mother could have taught the military a few things about  making your bed.  I can count on one hand the times growing up that I did not make my bed. Those three or four times involved the flu.

I do find completing chores and tasks satisfying.  I suppose that is why time management and a daily planner make such good sense to me. Rick is watching the Alabama football game tonight, I am about to take a hot bath, sip my hot tea and read.  Tomorrow is fun and rest.

Wishing all of us a day of peace tomorrow, may we all know kindness and love.

Friday, October 13, 2017


Jordan is so much better.  Today, he and his mom came over and he is back to his old self.  What a relief.  I am so grateful that our friends helped us get him to doctor who took great care of him.
Anytime one of my loved ones is sick it is stressful, but when it is one of the kids my stress level goes through the roof.

Rick and I practiced a little preventative medicine today.  We both got flu shots.  I know that there are many who are skeptical of any type vaccination and that is a personal choice.  Working in a hospital setting, having primary immune issues, makes me a setting duck for things like the flu.  Yes, there have been a few times through the years that I have gotten the flu, even after the shot.  But I never know how well my immune system is functioning, so just walking around in a crowd can be a crap shoot for me.  Anything I can do to hedge my catching something, I do.  I eat healthy, wash my hands with soap and water often, take probiotics, rest as much as I can, exercise , get fresh air and sunshine and hope for the best.  I take vitamins and supplements too.

After our shots, we had a delightful lunch at one of our favorite restaurants, then did some errands.
This afternoon, chores filled the hours until dark.   Dinner was cooked on the grill and as always, I cook and Rick cleans the kitchen.  I love our system.

No gigs this weekend, several things on our to do list.  Here's hoping you all have a great weekend. Friends and family in the midwest watch for the storms.  May you all be safe. Sending every type of energy I can muster out to California, I hope the rains come soon.
Remember, be kind, send love, spread joy.