Friday, August 22, 2014

Old Friend

For many years we had a Nordic Track Ski machine.......I loved it.  We used it daily for years, but the only place we had for it was in our guest room.  We got tired of having to move it every time someone came for a we gave it to our nephew.

Well, a few years have gone by, Rick has put on a few pounds ( like most of us as we age) and his knees are not playing nice.  Here in Alabama, when the heat and humidity build I can't do our daily walks because the air quality gets so bad.

We both had spent a great deal of time discussing how to stay healthy, keep his knees happy and my lungs functioning........yep, we started to really miss our old Nordic Track.
This week on Craig's list, Rick found one on for $75, a steal!!!!  Unlike our old one, which was the most basic they made, this one was top of the line and looked brand new.

It has a new home in our guest room......and if and when our friends visit.......I suppose they can hang their clothes on it.  I spent five minutes on it was wonderful.
I felt as though an old friend had come back in our lives.  I know, you must be thinking how strange and weird.......but maintaining health has become a top priority for both of us.
Teaching 8 yoga classes a week, keeps me in shape and peaceful.......but spending time on the ski machine makes me feel powerful and strong.  I think it is a good match.

Tonight, all I can say......we found our old friend.......I hope he stays a long time.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Heat Wave

We are living in the hot country this week......high temps, high humidity.....this too shall pass.

It's obvious that summer is squeezing its last hurrah.......most of the garden is fading, the sunflowers are no longer bright and shinning,  the zinnias are at their brightest.  The light is the mornings now, there is a a touch of gold and the sunsets come earlier.
The temperature will stay warm here for some time, but the days no longer feel like summer.

Unlike most, I never mourn for summer's end.......I don't wish her to go quickly, but I love fall. I tolerate summer's heat and humidity........I feel alive in the fall.

Tomorrow is Friday.......this weekend will be a laid back gigs.  The heat will make us move slowly, like molasses dripping down a short stack of pancakes.......and that's ok.
I suspect there will be a pitcher of lemonade and one of sweet tea, the most active thing we will do is chase a few lightening bugs with Jordan.

Goodnight, Sweet dreams

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Getting What You Need

Rick looked at me today and mentioned that he knew I was feeling did he know?  I actually had the energy to do a little house cleaning today.  It is the first time since treatment that I truly felt good.........I am grateful.

I spent the morning with a couple of friends.  It was an impromptu gathering.  I had dropped by my friend Brenda's to pick up a pair of pants she hemmed for me......our mutual friend Bec lives across the street, she saw my car and before we knew it, the three of us were sitting in Brenda's kitchen for over an hour laughing.  Laughter and friends......the best medicine ever.

On the way home, I passed by my older brother's house, they were home.......pulled in their drive way and spent an hour with he and his wife.......and yes, much more laughter.
Maybe that is why I felt so good this afternoon, all that love and laughter.

It has been a simple, good day......and it started at 6:30 this morning......Jordan called and asked if I would make him a blueberry smoothie for breakfast.  He and his mom came over, and the day started with laughter and hugs.  Sometimes you get what you need without asking.....that happened to me today.  I hope it happens to all of you soon.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

A Truth

I posted this quote on my board at work is one of my favorites and one that I try to always keep stored in my memory.  I believe it is a truth.

"Your beliefs become your thoughts
your thoughts become your words
your words become your actions
your actions become your habits
your habits become your values
your values become your destiny."     - Gandhi

Monday, August 18, 2014

The Power of Water

I love the smell of rain on dry earth........that smell surrounded me today, just after I got to work I heard thunder.   A few minutes after I entered the building, the rain began to pour.......I opened the back door down the hall from my room and inhaled deeply.  That smell, is like a reaffirmation that all is right with the earth, a good cleanse and she is once again a happy mother.

It is the same way a bath makes me feel after a long hard day.......a couple of cups of epsom salts, a tub of hot water.......and all is right in my world.  I am happy.

Jordan has heard me talk about how great baths are, and his mom says the same now, if he feels bad or if he thinks any of us feel bad.....he says " take a bath, it will make you feel better."

After all, we are mostly water.......that is why hydration is so important to all of us......water soothes us and reminds our inner self about that connection......we humans to water.
If this has been a blue Monday, a difficult, stressful some soft music, light some candles, fill the tub........simple pleasures are the best.....and after all, you deserve the best. I hope it rains at your house tonight and you can smell the earth and feel her happiness.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Ups and Downs

Life really is ups and downs.......the serum sickness has hit once again.
Hopefully by tomorrow it will be gone.
Wishing you all a peaceful Sunday night.

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Saturday Night Gig

We had a gig tonight with several of our songwriter buds.
I MC'd the show and performed.
Here I am backstage, taking a short break.
 It was such a fun time.  I love my music buddies.
Hope your Saturday night was as much fun as mine.