Thursday, October 8, 2015

Thursday Thoughts

Meditation classes today, hellos and goodbyes...some days are just that way.
Another beautiful sunny warm day, but I am ready for fall.  My online class will be over tomorrow, I will take my test and move on.  I have learned a great deal and am already sharing it with my students.

A good day, but a tiring one.  It is time for a cup of hot lavender tea and bed.
Goodnight, Sweet dreams

Wednesday, October 7, 2015


Sometimes I have to laugh at myself. There are days when nothing goes as planned like today.  It seems that the local schools chose this day to have a teacher's meeting.  That meant Jordan would come to our house at lunch.  His mom had called last night and ask if that would be ok. Of course it would be ok, it would be wonderful.

Then this morning, my fretful self thought oh no, you have a column to write today, you still have four hours of videos to watch for your on line class...and on and on.  I took a deep breath, spent ten minutes with my smart vest and took about a forty minute walk.  All was well with the world.  Rick left to pick up Jordan, and I cooked lunch.

Jordan arrived in his usual state of joy.  Suddenly all those things that had concerned me earlier took a back seat.  We played all afternoon.  I forgot about class and the column and just had fun.

You know what, he went home around 5:30, we ate dinner and I wrote my column.  I will watch my videos in the morning before I go to work.  Silly me, to spend all that energy fretting.  I needed the fun today. Our afternoon with Jordan was a gift.  I am still laughing at myself as I type this post.

We get in the way when life hands us precious gifts. I forget that living like water, going with the flow will get me where I need to be, when I need to be there.  I hope you all have the opportunity to have some fun this week.  I highly recommend it.  Seven year old kids are great teachers, they are masters at having fun.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Let Go

I taught a class today on letting go.  I have begun three different posts tonight, and each of them have disappeared, lost forever in techno land.  The lessons that I taught today are laughing at me tonight, or at least I think they are.  Why else would each post just disappear?  I am letting go of thoughts and words tonight on this computer.

Each time I started a new post, I thought wow this is better than the other one...and then it would disappear. Tonight I remembered to let go and breathe.  So forget those flowery words that came before. Now it is just honest fatigue pecking on this keyboard. There is nothing left, I have let it all go.

Tomorrow is Wednesday, no classes to be taught, but a column to be written and the afternoon spent with Jordan.  It should be an interesting day, well at least fun.
Goodnight, Sweet dreams

Monday, October 5, 2015

The Best

A good day for yoga classes. Good energy and good spirits, laughter and hugs, I am a lucky woman.
Three classes today and it was the same for each.

Tonight I am grateful for my students, for those of you who read my blog.  You lift me up when I am down.  Thanks for your prayers and good thoughts.  Those three years of treatments were the worst, but you all were the best.

Sending you blessings of joy, peace and always good health.
Goodnight  Sweet dreams

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Bittersweet Sundays

Sunday nights are sometimes bittersweet for me.  For the last two years of my mom's life, I would go down to her house on Sunday evening and spend the night with her.  I spent days and other nights, but Sunday nights became our routine.  We would talk about what the coming week would bring, make grocery lists, watch tv, play with the cat.  Sometimes we would look at old photographs and talk about
the past.  We didn't spend much time on the future, but we spent a great deal in the present and the past.

After she died, it took several years to let go of that feeling every Sunday afternoon that I needed to get my clothes together and go down to her house.  Old habits, especially ones that ingrained on your emotions are hard to break.

This afternoon that sensation hit me.  I had not felt it in a long time, but that sense of urgency was almost overwhelming.  Wanting to see my mom weighed in my heart, and for an hour or so I felt totally out of sorts, knowing that she was not at her house.

October always intensifies my connection with my parents and my missing them.  Their anniversary was this month, my dad's birthday is this month, my mom died the first week of November, so October was the last month she was in my life.

I am missing her tonight, more than I have in quite sometime.  She has been gone ten years, come this November.  It is an eternity and a moment.  I just wish I could pick up the phone and call her.
Once she told me that she didn't want to die because she knew what it was like when her mother died and she didn't want  me to know to that pain of missing your mother. Sadly it is a pain most of us will have to experience at some point in our lives.

Wishing you all a peaceful Sunday night, and a week that brings joy.
Goodnight Sweet dreams.

Saturday, October 3, 2015


a quote for this rainy chilly Saturday night....

"The highest form of ignorance is when you reject something you don't know anything about. "  - Wayne Dyer

Friday, October 2, 2015

Popcorn Joy

Jordan came to our house after school today.  He was so full of joy, it could not be contained.  His class had a popcorn party this afternoon.  It seems the kindergarten, first grade and second grades had done a fundraiser of sorts.  They had brought sales receipts from local  and area stores in each day for the past few weeks.  The class with the most dollar tally in receipts won the party, his class won.
Not only did they have popcorn, but they watched 101 Dalmatians.

That is the amazing thing about kids.  Their joy is pure and simple.  It doesn't take big stuff to make a child happy.  Adults seem to look for things to be sad about, kids find the joy.  I'm not sure exactly when we lose that ability to find joy in the simple, but I think if we could remember those times and reclaim that ability our world would be so different.

It's Friday night, this weekend find some joy, pop some popcorn, watch a few cartoons.
Goodnight, Sweet dreams