Friday, January 17, 2020

Friday Ramblings

Change in the weather, big change.  The wind is howling and it is cold...rain coming in tomorrow and then even colder weather coming by Monday.  I hope it snows.

We had a delightful dinner tonight.  We went out to celebrate Rick's birthday which was the 15.  Salmon cakes made from wild Salmon straight from Scotland.  Yummy.

I hope this weekend is a holiday weekend for most of you, enjoy the long weekend.  I saw on the weather channel that Australia was finally getting rain, so very grateful.

Be kind, hug those you love.

Thursday, January 16, 2020


It's been a long day.  I am still dealing with the respiratory stuff that I've had for weeks.  So is everyone else who has had it as well.  By the end of the day I am dragging. 

Our company is going through some major changes and because of the transition ( think mergers and takeovers sorta) there were meetings today with corporate  and marketing people.  Basically they wanted to know what we all did.  So there were panels brought in to sit up front and answer questions and describe what it is we do.  I was on one of the panels.  I fall under the description of special programs/services.   I got the feeling we were being evaluated on our worth and not sure if that was worth to the patient or worth what we are paid.  Time will tell.

We had a major change in the weather today.  It was freezing when I walked to my car tonight to come home.  Even colder weather on the way.  What a roller coaster...70's for highs and now looking at 40's for highs.  Wow.

Hot tea awaits.  Tomorrow I hope you get hugged with joy.

Wednesday, January 15, 2020


I love this.  Such a beautiful sentiment.

Behind you, all your memories
Before you, all your dreams
Around you, all who love you
Within you, all you need.

Tuesday, January 14, 2020


One valuable lesson I have learned through the years, plans don't always go as planned.
We had planned on getting up around 3:30 am this morning and driving down to the the Alabama Florida line for a friend's mom's funeral.  Around 2:00 am a Meniere's flare hit hard, there was no getting dressed, much less riding in the car for 4 hours.  My day has been spent on the sofa.  It has been a long time since one hit in the wee hours.

Meniere's is a strange condition/disease.  The flares hit without warning, sometimes they are mild but most of the time they are ruthless.  I would not wish this on anyone, not even my worst enemy.

I am much better this evening and hopefully this one has ran its course.  I do know there are particular triggers for me, fatigue, stress, weather, and dehydration.  I think the first 3 played a part in my dance with the devil last night.

I will be at the acupuncturist's office first thing in the morning.  I think it's time for a tune-up.
Wishing you a Wednesday full of kindness.
Goodnight, Sweet dreams

Monday, January 13, 2020


EARLY day tomorrow, like 3:30 am.  We will be traveling to the Florida/Alabama line for our friend's mom's funeral.  Lots of rain and fog tonight, so hoping the weather is better for our drive.

Sweet dreams tonight
Be kind tomorrow

Sunday, January 12, 2020

Sunday Night

It's a little strange to be saying this, but I have been painting Christmas cards today.  All these 40 some odd years I have painted cards I never really kept any.  I have many that we have taken pictures of through the years, so I am recreating a few of them for the exhibit.  I do have a friend who has framed many of the ones I sent her so I am going to see what she has tomorrow.  I admit I am getting a bit nervous about this.

One of our best friends mom passed away today.  We will drive down on Tuesday  morning for her funeral.  They live in South Alabama so we will hit the road before dawn.

May this week bring peace and kindness to all of you.

Saturday, January 11, 2020


We made it through the storms today safe and other than limbs blown off trees, all is well here on the farm.  In communities south and north things were not so good.  South of us in a small rural community, three people were killed, north of us a school was damaged and at the Birmingham airport, planes were damaged.  I can't remember our fall/winter storm season ever being this active.
Every few days we face another round of some sort of severe weather,  the weather guys are saying more to come mid-week.

On a good note, not even half way into January and we have opportunities for music gigs.  I also got a call yesterday and was asked to submit a sampling of my painted Christmas cards for a local art exhibit starting January 28, ending April 17.  I am beyond excited. 

To be honest limiting my schedule at work had un-nerved me a bit.  I had started to fret, thinking why did you do this?  But in the meantime I had also been sending hopes and dreams out into the universe for more artistic opportunities in music and art.  With my work, I give 100 percent physically and emotionally four days a week.  I felt  that my creative side was being choked, that a part of me was dying slowly.  When I created my vision board a month or so ago, everything on it pointed to creativity and travel.  My soul was screaming at me.  I truly was giving myself out.

I see so many possibilities now.  I will continue to work one day a week.  I will continue teaching yoga at the community center but there are other doors opening and I am ready.  I knew that becoming one dimensional was unhealthy, yet I continued  on that path.  Allowing all sides of who I am to thrive again will make me a better human, of this I am sure. Changes are scary, but good.

May we all be kind tomorrow, to ourselves and each other.

Friday, January 10, 2020

May You Be Safe

The clouds are racing across our skies tonight.  If you stand and look up long enough you get glimpses of an incredible full moon.  At one point for just seconds, the clouds parted and I saw the moon in all its glory, and then clouds swallowed it up.

Our atmosphere is unsettling.  It is way too warm for January and the winds are playing tag.  At one time there is a gust straight out of the Gulf and then the next one comes from the west.  The weather guys are telling us tomorrow could be rough, hurricane force winds, heavy rains, large hail and tornadoes.  Going to bed tonight with hopes that things calm down and Mother Nature softens her fury for all of us.

Enjoy your weekend, where ever you are,  may you be safe.
Goodnight, Sweet dreams

Thursday, January 9, 2020


"In the beginning mindfulness takes away worries and fears about past and future and keeps us anchored in the present.  In the end it points to the right view of self."  - Ayya Khema

Classes today on mindfulness.  This quote says it all.
Goodnight, Sweet dreams

Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Right Choice

Somedays things start backwards and continue that way.  It is best to laugh and deal with each curve as you round it.  Today was one of those days.  My day planner had the day all lined up, but those plans were not meant for today.  At first I felt frustrated as I tried to regroup and then I realized I needed to just let it all go.

Guess what?  It turned out to be a good day.  I got a little rest, did a little much needed cleaning and got to hang with Jordan and had a great class at work. 

Next week will be my last full week at work.  After that I will only be working one day a week at the addiction center.  After 14 years, one day a week  I am excited, scared, nervous and relieved.
I have questioned this decision many times in the past couple of weeks, but I believe I am making the right choice.  Time will tell.

Be kind tomorrow, give someone you love a hug.
Goodnight, Sweet dreams

Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Super Human

A grueling day, training someone is exhausting.  It takes incredible energy and focus to make sure you are teaching all that they need.  School teachers are super humans to do this day after day, year after year.

Hot tea is calling my name. 

May we all know kindness tomorrow, may we all be kind.

Monday, January 6, 2020


Continuing to train one of the new yoga teachers for work tomorrow.  She is going to be a wonderful teacher, full of compassion and loves what she does.  That is success.

Rain moving in later, my bones told me earlier but the weather guys verified it tonight.

I am tired and so ready for bed.
Goodnight, Sweet dreams

Sunday, January 5, 2020

Early to Bed

A beautiful winter's day. The air has been so crisp and clean with glowing blue skies.  The dogs have been beside themselves today, their energy has been boundless.

We put away the rest of the Christmas decorations today.  I am always so sad to take them down.
I just love how the house looks with them, so cozy and warm.

A busy week ahead, I will finish training the young woman at work and certify her as a beginner yoga teacher.  Going to meet a friend on Wednesday for lunch, keeping Jordan for a while tomorrow before work.    Hoping to keep the crud at bay.

Rick looked at me earlier this evening and said let's go to bed early tonight, I am tired.  I gladly agreed.  Hot tea is ready.
Goodnight, Sweet dreams.

Saturday, January 4, 2020


We had dinner with friends this evening.  Three of them have been our friends for over 40 years, Brenda and Danny had their first date with us, we wrote a song for their wedding.  Judy and her new husband Ed, well Judy and her late spouse Tom had been our friends forever.  Tom died a few years ago and I was thrilled when Judy called and told me she was going on date about a year ago.

Ed was an old friend of she and Tom's, he was there for Judy in her darkest hours after Tom's passing.
As we had dinner tonight all I could do was smile each time I looked at Judy.  She looks ten years younger, and she is happy.  That is what I want for all my friends, for all those I love...I want them to know happiness and joy.  Life is short and it is hard and messy and difficult.  Life is wonderful, and joyful and beautiful too. We get through the hard times as best we can and then we pray that the good times come again. 

This crud, even with the meds is tough.  Tomorrow will be a day of rest.  Next week is a busy one and I will need my strength.

May tomorrow be a day of peace.

Friday, January 3, 2020

Not A Dress Rehearsal

Still raining, how I wish I could send some of this rain to Australia, how I hope we won't need it this summer.  Last summer was brutal for us, heat and drought.  I think Earth is sick and Mother Nature is begging us to take better care of this place where we live.  We humans have taken and taken and given little back, we have littered and destroyed and I think because of our greed we are about to pay the piper.

I look around where Rick and I live.  There are places that are so beautiful they take your breath.  Yet the road sides are littered, our precious Mulberry River is dead, and we humans continue to take for granted this pale blue dot we all call home.  We are an interesting species.

My crud is better today, a visit to the doc and meds have helped.  Years ago, I always thought that stuff would just go away with time.  I learned hard, life threatening lessons because of that mentality.
Today, I don't wait and see.  If I have any symptoms of infection invading my body I see the doc, sooner not later.  An immune system that barely functioned showed me how foolish I was,  and how fragile life could be.

I hope your first weekend in 2020 is going well.  Be kind, hug those you love, laugh out loud...this is the real deal, not a dress rehearsal.

Thursday, January 2, 2020


I had the crud back in October, it stayed with me a couple of months or so.  Last night after we went to bed, pain hit my cheek bones, I felt feverish and suddenly I noticed my throat hurt.  This morning I realized the crud was back with a vengeance. Yucky is the only way I know to describe how I feel.

I went to work in the pouring rain and taught my pain management class.   By the end of class, I knew my mistake was not staying home.  I left and did not teach the remaining two classes.
I have called the ENT, but this stuff is rampant. Hopefully I will hear from him by tomorrow.

At work, today people were constantly complaining about the rain.  Even with all we have had, I can't complain.  We had a drought this past year.  October 1 our temp was 100 degrees and now I see our friends in Australia are in the throes of heat, drought and fires.  I wish I could send them some rain, that the heavens would open up and water would fall from the sky and quench their parched  soil.

Be kind tomorrow, let's make this a kind year.

Wednesday, January 1, 2020

January 1

January 1....a new year, a new decade, a new month

January 1...I don't make resolutions, but I make my vision board

January 1...setting the wheels in motion for change

January 1...many birthdays this month, Rick's, my brother Ricky's and Jordan's and my grandmother, Mamie's

January 1...rains coming in, flood watch issued for this first few days

January 1...fingers crossed that snow might come this month

January 1...Christmas decorations are put away

January new year's wish?  for more creativity in my life than ever before

January 1...hope and kindness, what I wish for the world

January 1...I love the bare trees

January 1...our New Year's meal? black eye peas, ham, collard greens, cornbread and sweet potatoes
traditional soul foods for money and luck

January 1..Happy New Year!  spend more time with family and friends and those you love.