Friday, September 20, 2019

Much Needed Walk

It's been a long, good day.  I truly am not used to sitting for long periods and that is what we have done most of the day.  We went to a bee conference ( I told my friends at work I was going to bee school) today.  Met some amazing people and learned so very much.  When we got home this evening we both looked at each and said we have to take the dogs and  us for a much needed walk.  I didn't know Rick had snapped the picture until a few minutes ago.  The walk did us and the dogs good.  Rick is going back to bee school tomorrow, but I am staying home.  I still have some online classes that I need to complete.
I hope the weekend brings good things to you all.

Thursday, September 19, 2019

Nature's Collage

When  we walk each morning I am always trying to be present, to be aware of all that is around me.
This photograph tonight made me think about what an interesting artist nature is.  There was an old concrete block and she created art with it.  That is what I saw on my daily walk today.

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Beauty Bush

Even in the blazing heat and drought this beauty has flourished. Enjoy your Thursday, be kind and at least once tomorrow ...laugh out loud.   It will do your heart and soul good.

Tuesday, September 17, 2019


Back in early summer, a thunderstorm rolled through and lightening struck one of our 100 year old oaks.   He is still living but there is a long nasty scar from his battle with nature.  A few days ago we had dry hot winds and the next day when we walked there lay a long strip of bark that had fallen from the struck tree.    I have been known to do a few crafts, so I am letting the bark weather a bit longer before I get creative.  It's one of the longest strips of bark I have ever seen and it is beautiful.
I snapped this photo this morning.   The textures and colors are mesmerizing.  This strip is about six feet long.


Monday, September 16, 2019


The heat, along with some fatigue has triggered a Menieres flare the past couple of days.  I thought I was over it this afternoon so I went to work.  I was wrong.  In for the night, ready for bed and a better day tomorrow.

Be kind, spread joy.

Saturday, September 14, 2019

Science Geeks

We took Jordan and his Nana to visit Cook's Museum of Natural Science today.  The Cook family gave back to their community ten-fold with this museum.  It is truly a beautiful experience with most of the exhibits including some sort of hands on interactions.  It was thrilling to see families bringing their children to experience science in such a creative way.  I feel sure several budding scientists were inspired today.  Jordan was just beside himself.  We spent almost three hours there and he would have stayed much longer if the adults had just a wee bit more energy.  The museum is located in Decatur, Al so if you are ever in the area I urge you to take a couple of hours and find your inner science geek.
In the photograph we are at an exhibit created by someone from NASA.  About every 60 seconds the climate and terrain in this "sand box" would change....desert, Arctic, jungle, tropical...we built a mountain out of sand, a volcano, lakes and saw all of them change as the climate and location changed.

It was a truly wonderful experience.  I think it is safe to say, a good day was had by all. 

Friday, September 13, 2019


Full moon this Friday the 13th, I was so excited but we have cloudy skies tonight.  Just hope the clouds bring rain and cooler temps.  It was 100 degrees today.  I hope fall remembers to come to Alabama.

We visited Jordan's school today.  It was Grandparents Appreciation Day.  His Papa had to work, but his Nana made it and we got invited as sorta grandparents.  Jordan called early this morning to make sure we remembered the invite and he made sure to tell us it was going to be a brunch.  This was a 5th grade and 6th grade event.  The lunch room was filled to overflowing with proud grandparents.
Rick took tons of photos.  I think it is safe to say, the brunch was a success.  There was a lot of love and many smiles in that school this morning.

I hope your Saturday is a good one.  Be kind.

Thursday, September 12, 2019

Welcome Fern

 Even in the heat, this fern never seems to wilt.  She  has welcomed people to our door for so many years I have lost count.  She sheds her fronds each fall and then in the spring they appear as tiny curled brown bits.  The angel came from my mom, the owl from Rick's mom.  They greet us daily, reminding us of those we have lost.

Wednesday, September 11, 2019


Sharing a quote from Gandhi with you tonight. 

"The enemy is fear.  We think it is hate, but it is fear." -Gandhi

Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Tuesday Thoughts

Rain fell all around us tonight, we could hear thunder and at times I swear you could smell the rain.
But no drops fell on our neck of the woods.  Maybe tomorrow.  The heat goes on.

I am taking another online class.  This one is yoga based, but geared toward pain, fatigue, depression.
It seems almost everyone I meet is dealing with pain or fatigue and many are depressed.  So far I am loving this class and the instructor.

Hump day is tomorrow, something about Wednesdays that makes everyone breathe a sigh of relief.
Be kind and take a few moments to remember 9/11, not that anyone could ever forget.
 Posting this picture of raindrops on cedar branches, for me it is so soothing to see those drops.

Monday, September 9, 2019

Monday Musings

Normally on Mondays, I rush like crazy trying to do a million things, you know, getting into the work week, making sure the house, the laundry, the chores are taken care of.  Today, I slowed down.
Yes, there were things that needed to be done, but I chose to only do a few, the others will wait until tomorrow.

I am trying to rewire my brain, remembering what is important and not pushing myself to do those things that can truly wait.  We all live busy lives.  I have come to realize that much of my to do list won't matter a year or two from now.   I am also reminding myself to laugh more.  I look for funny comical cartoons or things to watch.  Laughter changes everything about your day.

Bad things happen, they happen to those we love, to the world around us and none of us have a guarantee on tomorrow.  I have tried my best to live in the present for many years, but the older I get, I realize the importance of doing so.  Bringing my life into balance, enjoying what is important to me gets my attention more and more.

I hope your Monday brought you some laughter, some kindness and some peace.  I hope the week continues to do so.
 Even in the heat, the shade garden keeps thriving.  It is an oasis.

Sunday, September 8, 2019


None of the other Rose of Sharons are still blooming, except for this white one.  She stands at the walkway to our house, under the shade of the towering water oak my dad planted many years ago.

She is a welcome sight  walking up the walk on a hot summer's day.  She is pristine and icy and just looking at her is cooling.  She is the jewel in our shade garden.

It has been a hectic weekend, draining both because of the heat and emotion.

Wishing you a Monday that brings kindness, a week that brings joy.  Peace to everyone.

Saturday, September 7, 2019

RIP Lena

RIP Lena.   She and her husband Gary came to almost every show we played in North Alabama.
She went in for a short procedure this week
and went into cardiac arrest.  At the memorial today, many of our musician friends were there.  Lena and Gary were fans, but we musicians saw them as friends,  much more than fans. 
Lena was always smiling.  I just can't believe she is gone.  It is one of those times in our lives when we question why do bad things happen to good people.
I can't imagine what Gary is feeling tonight.  I know he felt the outpouring of love that was given to him today.  I hope he finds comfort in the coming days.
Lena's procedure was one that several friends and family members have undergone.  I will never ever shrug off the what if, what might, of a medical procedure again for anyone I know.
Life can and does change in the blink of an eye.

Friday, September 6, 2019


I found out this week that I am allergic to my contact.  I have worn mono-vision contact for many years.  ( contact in one eye)  My distance vision is almost perfect, but up close reading gets iffy.
I use readers when I am at home, but teaching yoga, eye glasses are just not for me.
For the past year, I had noticed when I removed my contact at night, my eye would be bloodshot and itchy.  Then a few months ago the bloodshot and itchy became a problem even during the day.

At first I thought I was just picking up eye gunk from where ever.  Then I thought it might be my solution or the fact that on days when I wore the contact it was in my eye way too long.
I called the eye doc this week, and she looked at my prescription and told me that in the past year several of her patients had developed allergies to their contacts.  It was the brand I wear.

Today she gave me daily contacts to wear for a week or so to see how I do.  Tonight, there is a big difference in my eye.  I knew that allergies can develop suddenly.  My oldest sister had eaten peanut butter all of her life and at age 75 became allergic to nuts.  I just never thought about being allergic to a contact.  In the words of my husband, "every day is a school day."

So this transformation information tonight is this...allergies can occur at any time.

Thursday, September 5, 2019

A Morning Walk

The dogs amble and meander this time of year.   When the morning temps are in the 70's and humidity is high, none of us have much energy.  A couple of mornings, we dipped down into the mid60's  and we all had a spring in our step.  We have another one of those coming up in the morning, I can't wait.

The picture tonight was taken a few mornings ago on an amble morning.  Frequent breaks were taken to check out the woods, making sure that nothing was amiss.  If the weather man is right, in the morning there will be a spring in our step with no breaks.

Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Tuna Pasta

Sharing another recipe tonight, I appreciate all the kind comments about sharing recipes with yall.
This is one that I got from Glamour magazine at least 40 years ago.  For a busy day, it is easy and delicious, we love it.

Tuna Pasta
I use one box of any pasta, usually penne
one can of tuna ( your choice) flaked I use either packed in olive oil or water( if in water, drain)
tablespoon of capers
teaspoon of dried dill
small can of sliced black olives, one quarter cup of sliced green olives
one tablespoon of finely chopped onion
juice of one lemon
2-4 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil ( adjust amount to your taste and amount of sauce you wish)
red pepper flakes if you wish

cook pasta
mix tuna and other ingredients in a small sauce pan, heat until bubbly
drain pasta, pour tuna sauce over pasta and enjoy
I usually serve this with a simple green salad

Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Wonderful Day

This is the quote I used on my board today.  I think I am going to paint a plaque with this on it.  Good words to remember by one of my favorite authors.

"This is a wonderful day.  I've never seen this one before."
-Maya Angelou

Monday, September 2, 2019

More Smoothie Recipes

Another recipe for a smoothie tonight, I buy vanilla and chocolate flavored protein powders.  The vanilla is pea based and the chocolate is soy.  Tonight I thought I would share a recipe for those who love their chocolate.

Half cup of coconut water
half cup of ice
cup of almond milk
scoop of chocolate protein powder
tablespoon of honey
one quarter teaspoon almond extract
small banana
cup of frozen dark cherries
half cup of greek or plain yogurt
blend until smooth, makes about 3 servings

This is a great breakfast or afternoon pick-me up.  Jordan loves this one too.

If you like chocolate/peanut combo:
half cup of coconut water
half cup of ice
scoop of chocolate protein powder
cup of almond milk
small banana
2-3 tablespoons of peanut butter
tablespoon of honey
half cup of greek or plain yogurt
blend until smooth, about 3 servings

The kid likes this one too.

For a milk shake consistency you can use frozen bananas.

Sunday, September 1, 2019

September 1

September 1....90 degrees today

September 1...days are shorter, thankfully nights are a bit cooler

September 1...Hurricane season is just as scary as tornado season

September 1...Labor Day is tomorrow, proud to say my dad was a member of two unions, my husband was a union member as well

September last year, the heat has destroyed our apple and pear crop

September 1... I really want to buy a new pair of boots, I am exercising extreme control

September 1...a long weekend, I am grateful

September 1...humming birds are in a frenzy

September 1...the light has begun to shift, I love the subtle changes

September season is in full swing here in the south

September 1...local festivals start next weekend, I love attending them

September 1...time to plant fall crops

September 1...soon I will hang my welcome fall flag and wreath