Friday, February 8, 2019


Jordan, his mom Samantha, and her dad Ricky ( my brother) have all had the flu this week.
Ricky had to go to the ER this morning with chest pains.  He is a heart patient and the whole family knows not to play around and wait to see if things get better.  Thankfully his heart is good, he is back home tonight.

Jordan spent the day with us, and it was bonding day for he and Rick.  I was the short order chef.
He had not eaten for days, hunger struck him this morning.  I have cooked and fed him all day.
I am glad he ate, but I am exhausted.  Partly from stress, and partly from spending the day in the kitchen.

Yesterday we had record temps, almost 80 degrees.  Today it was maybe in the low forties.
Talk of snow/sleet/ice tonight, my head is spinning from the weather change.

Hot tea is waiting for me, so is the bed.  May we all have a good night's sleep and a joyful day tomorrow.

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  1. I hope that you had a good sleep. I'm glad that Rick is back home but you never can be too careful. Get some rest.
    Hugs, Julia