Thursday, February 14, 2019

Love Filled Cupcakes

I got up today and made Valentine cupcakes for Jordan .  I am pretty sure his mom, Nana and Papa are eating them too.  They were made with love.

Valentines Day always reminds me of my mom.  Every year from the time I was very young she told me that the birds chose their mates on Valentine's Day.  I sat and watched the birds around our feeders and thought of momma this morning.

I hope your Day was one of love.  I came home tonight and made dinner and we ate a cupcake too.
( I saved a couple for us)
Normally I am off on Fridays, but am training teachers tomorrow.  Send me good thoughts, that I teach them what they need, that I inspire them.

Happy Valentine's Day

1 comment:

  1. The cupcakes look very worthy of Valentine Day. I didn't bake anything special but got a Kiss and I Love You and that was enough.
    I hope your day went well for you.
    Hugs, Julia