Monday, April 30, 2018

Ruby Rose

My mom planted this rose for me about 35 years ago.  I almost lost it in the drought and heat a couple of summers ago, but she hung on. It has the sweetest fragrance, almost spicy.  This morning walking the dogs, there she was in the morning sun saying hello.

My mother's name was Ruby, I call the rose that as well.  She is much like my mom, strong and beautiful.  So tonight I give you Ruby's first blossom of the season.  I only wish you could smell her.

Sunday, April 29, 2018


We had lunch with Rick's family today.  His sister Mary Lois has started a new tradition.  There are several of us who have birthdays in the same month/maybe 2 and now we gather at her house for birthday lunch.   Today we celebrated his younger sister's birthday, his niece, nephew and great-niece's birthdays.

It was great fun to share a meal, and celebrate birthdays.  I called Mary Lois this evening and told her how glad I was that she was doing this and how much fun we had.  Often his family gatherings involve family friends as well as family members.  Today it was nice to spend time with just his sisters and nieces and nephews. 

I start PT this week for my Meniere's issues and a week from tomorrow, there will be shots in the ear.
I am excited about PT, not so much about the shots.

I have done much soul searching for the past few months dealing with this episodes of migraines, vertigo and nausea and all the other symptoms that came along as well as the hearing loss.
As a yoga and meditation teacher I understand what a balanced life is.  I also know that mine had in many ways become lop-sided.  I am seriously examining all areas  of my life now.  Looking at where the focus has been and the areas that have been neglected.

I spend my days teaching others how to bring their lives into balance.  It can be even more difficult to look at your own life and see the imbalance there.  The teacher is being taught and she is listening, finally.

Goodnight, Sweet dreams

Saturday, April 28, 2018

Busy Saturday

A beautiful hectic day.  The weather has been so rainy and chilly this spring we are behind on our sprucing up of our deck and our porch.  We started today.  The sun was warm but there was a good cool breeze.  We took all the deck furniture off and started cleaning the winter gunk.  Not done yet, but we made a good start.  After the flooring is cleaned, I'll repaint furniture and then we start on the side porch and work the gardens and the chicken pen.  Our list seems to get longer and longer.

The Alumni Banquet for the high school that we both graduated from was held tonight.  They honored Rick's class for their 50 year reunion.  The past two nights have been interesting trips down memory lane.

A cup of hot tea is calling my name, so is the bed.
Have a peaceful Sunday, please be kind.

Friday, April 27, 2018

Friday Updates

A beautiful spring day with sunshine!  And the  moon is almost full lucky can you get?
It is a busy weekend for us.  Rick is celebrating his 50th high school reunion this weekend.  His class had a dinner tonight and then more to come tomorrow.  Our first date was his high school graduation night.  It truly doesn't seem like 50 years ago.

Several of my students today are leaving the program in a few days.  They are nervous and excited.
It's a big deal to go back and start life over, to experience life sober.  I just always hope for the best, some make it, some don't. 

The dogs are hungry and want to be fed, you'd think they were starving, but the three of them are demanding my attention.

Here's to a weekend that brings joy, kindness and whatever else we all need.
Goodnight, Sweet dreams

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Sweet Day

So the doctor went over my test results with Rick and me today.  Good news, no tumor.  I start PT for the vertigo issues this week, and then the next week a couple of shots in the ear.  It seems many of my gut instincts were correct and the doctor is extremely supportive in helping me manage these Menieres flares.  He explained my hearing loss today as well.  He actually acknowledged what I had known all along, the loss came as a side effect of treatments I had taken a few years ago.

We left the clinic on a positive upbeat note.  With immune issues there are never any easy answers and usually no cures, but finding help managing those issues and living a normal life is what you strive for. 

We walked the dogs in the rain this morning and as we crossed the fields a sweet aroma filled my nose.  Wild honeysuckle!  It and gardenia, and peony are my favorite scents of spring and summer.  Now there are vases throughout the house filled with the potent flowers and our house smells wonderful.

I will teach  classes tomorrow and tomorrow night attend Rick's 50th high school reunion.  I know he is excited to see old friends.  I am excited because I finally have time to get my haircut in the morning.  With all this humidity, my hair is getting bigger and bigger, I am bringing back the bouffant. 

Sharing photo of my honeysuckle with you tonight, I wish you could smell it.

Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Long Day

A very long day.  The MRI was exhausting, almost an hour of sitting perfectly still.  By the time I left the clinic every muscle in my body hurt.

Tomorrow, we hope for answers and solutions.

Rain moving in again tonight, but as we walked the dogs this morning it seemed as though our fruit trees were celebrating.  Apples, pears, peaches and blueberries for right now are abundant.  We will see how we do by picking time.

A former student  sent me the most incredible letter today.  And I so needed to read his words.
There are times as a teacher, I have ran on empty and wondered if anyone listened or cared about what I taught.  This student's letter was like a major hug from the universe, a big high-five filled with love.  I am grateful.

Getting ready for bed.  Sweet dreams to everyone.  Be kind tomorrow.

Tuesday, April 24, 2018


An early day tomorrow, an MRI at 7:30 am so we leave for Birmingham around 6:00.  Thursday we meet with doctors and find out what are these tests are showing.  I believe knowledge is power and we can then move forward with what ever we need to do.

I had my men's class today.   They are a quiet crew, very serious about their relaxation and yoga.
They are truly a joy to teach.  I am having to rearrange my schedule this week, so their Thursday class will be on Friday.  They were more concerned about my doctor's visit than the rearranging of their schedule and their care and reassuring made my day.

Rick is at his Tuesday night class, so Taz and I are about to eat a bite and watch and old movie.
Goodnight, Sweet dreams

Monday, April 23, 2018


A quote to share with all of you tonight.  There was not a credit for who said this, if anyone knows let me know.  But this resonated deeply with me today.

"Strength doesn't come from what you can do.  Strength comes from overcoming the things you thought you couldn't."  

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Restful Sunday

A nice rainy Sunday, it has been the day we needed, one of rest.  The last few weeks have been busy and at times stressful.  This week there will be more of that, it is just how the cards have played out.
Doctor's appointments for us both, and an overbooked social calendar.  I told Rick last week that there would be no more whines and complaints, because we both must like it or we would stop over committing.     I thought that by now we would be grown up enough to decide to spend our time with people we enjoy, doing things we enjoyed, but some where down the road we lost the memo.

I took a very long nap this afternoon, Taz and I spent a good hour on the sofa snoring.  It was delightful.  If you have not developed the fine art of napping, you are wasting time.  Even science is proving a 20 minute nap makes for more and better productivity and creativity.  Of course our one hour was excessive, but after all it's Sunday.

The rain is monsoonal this evening.  Weather guys are saying an easy 2-3 inches by morning.  The weather had been so beautiful the past few days, it's hard to complain.

This is the last week of April.   Already almost 4 months of 2018 have flown away, graduations and weddings are upon us and Jordan's swim schedule is on our calendar.  May will bring Mother's Day, birthdays and our 44th anniversary...and I thought this year has flown...where did the last 43 go?

Tomorrow seek out someone to be kind to, smile at someone who needs it, and if a hug is appropriate share one of those as well.  Hot tea awaits, enjoy the rest of your Sunday.

Saturday, April 21, 2018

Eight Year Journey

On April 20, 2010 Rick talked me into taking a journey that I really had no idea where I might be going.  I started writing this blog. I had written a lot of songs and a few newspaper articles but never anything like a daily blog.  I knew I was a good songwriter, but this blog stuff was a whole new world and for me it was scary.

I decided that I would try to make it positive and helpful.  I would write as honest as I knew how and we would see where it led.  Eight years later, here I am.  There are days my mind is blank, days that I have been ill and could not write, days that I thought why would anyone want to read my words.

Many times I have thought about stopping, yet I continue.  You see, I made friends in the blog community, students from work read my words and friends that live in far away places read them as well.  This blog at times gave me courage and many times you all gave me hope.  I hope that I have encouraged, and maybe caused you to think about something in a different way.

I hope that I have been there on bad days for you, like so many have for me.  I hope our similarities as well as our differences have kept you coming back.  Some days it feels like this world has gone crazy and our moral compass no longer points due north, on those days I push for kindness.
On sad days I plead for joy and the reminder that we are all human.

Eight years, I am shocked.  I am proud of myself as well and even on the dark days, I am proud of humanity.  Proud because I know in my heart we are all human, we all need kindness, want love and joy, a home, food and our families to be safe.  I know in my heart that there are still many who will step up to the plate and do the right thing, who are there when family, friends or strangers need help.

So tonight as the journey towards transformation continues, spread kindness, it's free and we all need it.  Thank you for reading my blog, my heart is filled with gratitude for eight years into this journey.

Friday, April 20, 2018

Life Happens

The gig tonight was so much fun.  We had a great crowd, the weather was perfect.  The best thing, we do it again next month.  We did have a little snafu, well it was sorta a big one.  The first group went on and the crowd loved them.  Well done The Spook House Saints.  Then we were up, things were just starting to roll, we were on about the 3rd song and the most horrible noise came across the sound system and then.....nothing, the system died.  Rick and I can now say we broke a sound system.

Now Fred, our sound guy has done dozens of shows with us and never any sort of snafu, but Holy Cow, we did the big one tonight.  So what did we do?  We got close to the audience and did an acoustic show and had a great time.  Sometimes life happens...and tonight we just made lemonade.

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Breathe Deep Time

Another cold spring day but should be a little warmer tomorrow.  I hope so.  We are doing our first outdoor gig of the season tomorrow evening.  Usually by this time we are worried about the heat or rain, not being cold.  Once we start to play, we will build some heat.

The sky was so blue today I thought that I was out west.   By the time I got off work this evening, the clouds had rolled in.  I hope those blue skies are back tomorrow.

I am still dealing with the coughing/sneezing stuff so I am very tired tonight.  Breathe Deep Tea calls to me, and so does my warm flannel sheets.
Goodnight, Sweet dreams

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Cough, Cough, Sneeze, Sneeze

The pollen here is off the charts.  You would think with all the rain and wind we have had it would be gone.  Nope it just keeps hanging around, multiplying daily it seems.

Every student I have had for the past few days at work has been sick and so have most of my colleagues.  It's all respiratory stuff, sinus and cough.  I think it is a combination of all the pollen and maybe a few bugs going around too.

The last couple of days  I have made classes extra gentle.  Lots of breath work and gentle stretches and meditation have been the norm.  No one has any energy.  Our medical staff is doing their stuff, I am recommending herbal teas, such as peppermint, ginger and Breathe Deep.  Also encouraging extra rest, plenty of fluids and lots of fruits and veggies and soups.

As one of the counselors told me today, we will get through this, we will all feel better soon.  I made him promise and told him I would hold him to it.

I hope your week has been good so far.  Stay healthy, be kind and spread some joy. 

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

What Kind of Flower, Please?

I am not sure what these flowers are, they spread like crazy and they only blossom a short while,  but I do love them.  Tomorrow is hump day, can you believe this week  is just slipping away?
Let kindness be your mantra tomorrow.

Monday, April 16, 2018

Hard Class

Sometimes the hardest class I teach is meditation.  Today after I had taught a women's class on meditation, one of the women looked at me and said this is impossible.  I asked her to explain and she talked about how hard it was to not embrace her thoughts. This woman is brilliant and as she expressed her doubts and frustration, I felt her anxiety.  We talked about letting go of her expectations and that she was making it much harder than it was.

She got it.  She began to understand that with time and practice, there would be great days of meditation and then there would also continue to be really difficult ones.  Wednesday when we meet, I will teach her more techniques and ways to calm the monkey mind.

We had frost last night and expecting more tonight.  As we walked through our fruit trees this morning I kept sending them love, telling them to hold on that warmer days were coming.
As we drank coffee this morning, the humming birds kept swarming the feeders, looking in the windows like, hello, we are here, where's the warmth?

Hoping that your Monday went smoothly and that tomorrow does as well.  Be kind, spread joy and know that you are worthy of love.

Sunday, April 15, 2018

Rogue Iris

Five inches of rain last night and the temps dropped almost 30 degrees.  Walking the dogs this morning felt like February, not April.  As we walked the area between the fence and road to the barn I got a happy surprise .  An iris from my mom and dad's flower beds had bloomed and was bravely waving in the cold wind.

My mom and dad loved working in their flowers and Iris was one of their favorites.  They had colors ranging from pure white, soft peach, to blues, purples and almost black.  One of my favorites was bronze .   After my mother passed my oldest sister Nell and I, dug up as many of the irises as we could.  My mom has been dead almost 13 years.  The iris that I transplanted here bloomed the year after she died and none had bloomed again until today.  Now you know why I was so excited.

I hope that this coming week is a good one for all of you.  Rick and I are so excited about our gig this week.  We have been practicing like crazy.   Wishing you a Monday full of kindness.

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Wild Flowers and Rain

The local weather guys said storms by noon, some could be rough.  We walked the dogs early and then did our errands.  The weather guys were correct, the weather got a little testy, but it is rain, rain and more rain.  There was wind and thunder and lightening and a couple of tornadoes, but not near us.  But it's the rain that will make the news by morning, because I am sure there will be flooding in some of the valleys.  We should sleep well tonight.

We practiced for our up and coming gig.  We have a new song and we want to make it sure we get it right.   It takes lots of practice to get ready for a gig and even more to add new songs to the set list.
This one we wrote with some friends, we want to make them proud.

Rick is making hot tea, the dogs are already snoring.  Hope you enjoy the picture of the wild flowers that Sam and I rescued from clear cutting many years ago.  May your Sunday be a peaceful one.

Friday, April 13, 2018

Friday's Thoughts

We have had some of the most beautiful spring days, though today was a bit more like early summer with temps in the 80's.  Each time we walk the dogs it is like an old technicolor movie with flowers popping up all over.

The weather guys say storms are headed our way tomorrow, some of you are getting them tonight.
Stay safe, know your plan.

Another day at the doc's , why is it so exhausting to see the doctor?  It has to be all the negative energy vibrating from the sick.  I am so ready for bed tonight.

Sharing more flowers with ya'll tonight, remember to share some kindness tomorrow.

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Golden Ring

I work part-time.  Some days I think it is worse than working full time.  I work afternoons, so my mornings are spent doing chores here at home.  The problem, most days I have done a day's work before I go to work.  A few years ago, my boss Sam said something to me about what did I do before I came to work every day.  I gave him the short list.  He laughed and told me I should work full time, and then I would get a break.

When we walked the dogs this morning clouds of yellow pollen were already floating through the air.
This evening when I drove home I looked across the foothills in the horizon and saw what looked like smoke filling the valleys and hill tops.  It was pollen.  Storms are moving through this weekend with heavy rain, don't want the storms but sure hope the rains wash some of the yellow stuff away.

But the flowers, the flowers this year are the most beautiful they have been in many springs.  Our fruit trees are loaded and there are blueberries beginning to ripen.  Keeping my fingers crossed that crops are plentiful.

The picture this evening caught my eye this morning walking the dogs.  I thought it looked like a golden ring of daisies in the forest.
Enjoy your Friday, watch out for the rain and storms.  Spread some kindness.

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Not Alone

The VNG was not nearly as bad as I had anticipated.  It was not warm and cozy, but not torture either and the doctor who administered it was wonderful.  There is one more test and then in a couple of weeks after all the data is compiled we will sit down with the new doc and hear the findings.

Honestly it feels as though a weight has been lifted.  The doctor today discussed possibilities, both in what the findings might be, and what treatments might be considered.  She was informative and helped me to realize I am not alone.  That is a biggie you know, to realize you are not alone.

My students at work come to that understanding within a few days of being in treatment.  That realization turns on the light of hope.  You are not alone, you are not the only one.  Those phrases are life savers because you know if someone else has made it  through this, so can you.

My women's class this afternoon was wonderful.  We talked about understanding our value and how we harm ourselves so much with our thoughts and words.  They helped me today, I think, more than I helped them.  There is no enemy out there who can do as much damage to us as we do to ourselves.
Another, we are not alone moment.

Tomorrow is Thursday, face it fearlessly, spread joy, and always share kindness.

Tuesday, April 10, 2018


Those of you who read this blog often have probably figured out that I was sick last night, thus no entry.  Tomorrow I undergo a VNG test which hopefully will bring a better understanding of what is taking place with my "episodes."  From what I have been told this is not a pleasant test, so send me good thoughts in the morning.  6 years I have dealt with what one doctor called aseptic meningitis, another has called meniere's, no one has helped me deal with the symptoms and get my life back.
I am seeing a new doctor now, who has given me hope that he will at least figure out the puzzle.

It has been a beautiful spring day. I know that many of you live where spring has not arrived yet.
For that reason I continue to share my flowers with you, to give you hope that in time your spring will come.  Reminding everyone, please be kind today and everyday, we all need it.

Sunday, April 8, 2018

How We React

It seems that there are all sorts of transformations taking place.   Family members who have dealt with health issues, friends dealing with topsy turvy lives, even the weather seems to be transforming.

Life is change.  This weekend was a prime example.  We had planned on a trip to see friends in Gainesville, Florida.  My brother had unexpected heart issues, we stayed home.  Rick spent the afternoon at a book signing at our local library and I got to see a dear friend.

We were scared and sad for my brother's health, disappointed about our trip, but in the end, everything worked out great.  The lesson is always about how we react, not how we control.

My friend took the photo of Rick and me at the signing.  It has been a fun day, we needed it.

Saturday, April 7, 2018

Blackberry Winter

Holy Cow!  Our high temp today was 43 degrees, we came close to setting a record.  Throw in the rain and it was a bone chilling April day.  My mother would be saying we are in the midst of Blackberry Winter, cold weather in the spring when the blackberries are blooming.  My mother would be right.

Our week/weekend have been topsy turvy.  We were suppose to leave on Thursday morning to visit friends in Gainesville Florida.  My brother's  heart issues  caused a change of plans.  A few weeks after we had made our plans visit our friends, the local library had called asking Rick to do a local author's event.  Because of our plans he declined.

Rick looked at me today and said tomorrow is the local author's event, I turned it down because of our trip.  I told him to call them, explain all that had happened and ask if he could still come.
Tomorrow he does the local author's book signing.  He is a happy man.

We both are still out of sorts from the stress of the week.  Today was a nice  laid back Saturday.
Wishing you all a peaceful Sunday, please be kind.

Friday, April 6, 2018


Fatigue is still sitting on my shoulder today.  I did rather mindless tasks today, laundry, sweeping the floor, you know, automatic pilot stuff.  My plans were to cook this evening, but the brain and body were not willing so simple pasta and salad came to the table.

My brother came home around lunch and is doing great.  His wife Deb will probably need a couple of more days of rest, she stayed at the hospital with him and most of us know there is no rest in a hospital room for anyone but the patient.

Rain has moved in tonight and that is ok.  The sound of those drops on our tin roof will make sleeping very pleasant this evening.

I had thoughts of going in to work today and teaching the classes I missed yesterday.  Those thoughts lasted maybe five minutes.  I knew my body was screaming stay home and rest.

I hope this weekend brings all of you what you need, whether that be rest, fun, whatever.
And always, I hope there is kindness.

Thursday, April 5, 2018


We got to the hospital at 8:30 this morning.  It is now 9:42, we just made it home.  Good news, 2 stents, blood flow restored to the heart and no damage.  Our hearts are full of gratitude.  My brother Ricky was sitting up eating his first meal in 26 hours, his second meal in over 48.
I am past exhausted and headed for bed.  Thank you all for the outpouring of love.

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Stress Overload

A stressful day.  Stress  is interesting, how it fatigues, exhausts and wears you down.  My younger brother's test showed some major blockage, tomorrow the heart doc and his team will hopefully repair and reopen the blockage and Ricky will be back to his old self by Friday.

More hellos and goodbyes at work today.

After 80 degrees yesterday we are suppose to have frost tonight.  It has been really chilly today and then more storms this weekend.  April is a fickle little thing.

We barely got 4 hours of sleep last night because of storms.  I am tired, sleepy and so ready for bed.
Goodnight, Sweet dreams

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Tuesday Thoughts

One of my hello/goodbye days.  New students coming in, and others leaving.  A busy day, I got a pedicure ( my niece Jayna gave me one for my birthday) then we stopped by to see my brother Glen.
Today he walked without a walker.  It is just amazing to see his recovery.  My younger brother Ricky who lives next door( Sam's dad) is having an arterial gram ( never sure of spelling) in the morning.
So if you are inclined please send him some good thoughts.

The assisted living home that we played at a couple of weeks ago has invited us back.  I know this might sound strange, but we had the best time playing there.  We are happy to be going back.

I have washed and ironed quite a few of Rick's summer shirts today.  He loves linen and cotton shirts for the summer.  I can't blame him, so do I.  They are perfect for our heat and humidity.  It was 80 degrees here today, but will be cool again for the next 4 or 5 days. Storms headed our way in a couple of hours.  For our friends up north of us, watch the weather, our guys are saying ya'll could be in for a rough night.

Rick just got in from school.  I am tired, he is hungry.
Goodnight sweet dreams

Monday, April 2, 2018

Front Yard Beauty

Some days a picture is worth a thousand words.  These are on the edge of our yard facing the road.

Sunday, April 1, 2018

April 1

Another beautiful day, but clouds are drifting in tonight.  But the moon, did you see the moon last night or tonight?  She has been a beauty.  A friend took a picture of the moonset around 5:00 this morning and there was a moonbow around it.  Stunning.

Hoping that this day gave you what you needed and that you gave someone kindness.
It is April 1.  A brand new month, already 2018 is pressing forward at high speed.

April 1...April Fool's Day and Easter

April 1....full moon

April day looms in the future

April 1...Spring is in her peak

April 1...always a scary month tornado wise for us

April 1...soon graduation and wedding invitations will be in the mail

April 1...gardening bug bites, but don't hurry

April 1...Samantha's birthday is on the 2, our niece Tara's is on the 12 and my late nephew Michael's on the 23 and my friend Kaye's on the 27

April 1...time to dig out warm weather clothes, but don't be too quick about putting back the sweaters, April can be so fickle

April 1...a busy month, gigs, reunions, and a short vacay

April 1...reminds us to not rush the the summer's heat, enjoy the spring time