Sunday, April 1, 2018

April 1

Another beautiful day, but clouds are drifting in tonight.  But the moon, did you see the moon last night or tonight?  She has been a beauty.  A friend took a picture of the moonset around 5:00 this morning and there was a moonbow around it.  Stunning.

Hoping that this day gave you what you needed and that you gave someone kindness.
It is April 1.  A brand new month, already 2018 is pressing forward at high speed.

April 1...April Fool's Day and Easter

April 1....full moon

April day looms in the future

April 1...Spring is in her peak

April 1...always a scary month tornado wise for us

April 1...soon graduation and wedding invitations will be in the mail

April 1...gardening bug bites, but don't hurry

April 1...Samantha's birthday is on the 2, our niece Tara's is on the 12 and my late nephew Michael's on the 23 and my friend Kaye's on the 27

April 1...time to dig out warm weather clothes, but don't be too quick about putting back the sweaters, April can be so fickle

April 1...a busy month, gigs, reunions, and a short vacay

April 1...reminds us to not rush the the summer's heat, enjoy the spring time


  1. I walked to the barn by the light of the moon this morning and had the chance to be thankful for the new day and for all that it brings and I named a long list of gifts the new day brings.
    Happy April.
    Hugs, Julia

  2. I will be savoring every moment of Spring if it ever gets here. Still winter like here with the cold. Happy April, may it be good to you !

  3. April is a tricky month. When we were students in Iowa, one day daffodils were blooming, then the next there was a blizzard.