Saturday, April 28, 2018

Busy Saturday

A beautiful hectic day.  The weather has been so rainy and chilly this spring we are behind on our sprucing up of our deck and our porch.  We started today.  The sun was warm but there was a good cool breeze.  We took all the deck furniture off and started cleaning the winter gunk.  Not done yet, but we made a good start.  After the flooring is cleaned, I'll repaint furniture and then we start on the side porch and work the gardens and the chicken pen.  Our list seems to get longer and longer.

The Alumni Banquet for the high school that we both graduated from was held tonight.  They honored Rick's class for their 50 year reunion.  The past two nights have been interesting trips down memory lane.

A cup of hot tea is calling my name, so is the bed.
Have a peaceful Sunday, please be kind.


  1. Spring is such a busy time. With the warmer weather it seems we all have much to do and like your reunion, all of the sudden it seems there are many activities to attend also. It's as if the world has suddenly dome alive. Hope you too have a peaceful Sunday

  2. It will feel good once all the sprucing up is done.
    The water has gone down a foot since this afternoon and it's such a relief. We've been extremely fortunate that we could manage without moving the cattle. The farmer in the next community across the river wasn't so lucky, They had to move their cattle and once the water has gone down will have to clean their barn before moving the cattle back in.

    We are still surrounded with water but we now can get around much easier. Hopefully it will go down some more by morning.
    Hugs, Julia