Friday, April 27, 2018

Friday Updates

A beautiful spring day with sunshine!  And the  moon is almost full lucky can you get?
It is a busy weekend for us.  Rick is celebrating his 50th high school reunion this weekend.  His class had a dinner tonight and then more to come tomorrow.  Our first date was his high school graduation night.  It truly doesn't seem like 50 years ago.

Several of my students today are leaving the program in a few days.  They are nervous and excited.
It's a big deal to go back and start life over, to experience life sober.  I just always hope for the best, some make it, some don't. 

The dogs are hungry and want to be fed, you'd think they were starving, but the three of them are demanding my attention.

Here's to a weekend that brings joy, kindness and whatever else we all need.
Goodnight, Sweet dreams


  1. Have fun at the reunion. 50 years is a long time.

    The full moon is having a big impact on the flood, so not lucky for us. Water is still rising and we are very flooded. The barn is flooded and although we haven't move the cattle, it doesn't look good for us. Work is extremely difficult and exhausting.


  2. 50 years is definitely something to celebrate for both of you !