Saturday, April 14, 2018

Wild Flowers and Rain

The local weather guys said storms by noon, some could be rough.  We walked the dogs early and then did our errands.  The weather guys were correct, the weather got a little testy, but it is rain, rain and more rain.  There was wind and thunder and lightening and a couple of tornadoes, but not near us.  But it's the rain that will make the news by morning, because I am sure there will be flooding in some of the valleys.  We should sleep well tonight.

We practiced for our up and coming gig.  We have a new song and we want to make it sure we get it right.   It takes lots of practice to get ready for a gig and even more to add new songs to the set list.
This one we wrote with some friends, we want to make them proud.

Rick is making hot tea, the dogs are already snoring.  Hope you enjoy the picture of the wild flowers that Sam and I rescued from clear cutting many years ago.  May your Sunday be a peaceful one.

1 comment:

  1. I hope you weathered the storm well. I think those pretty flowers are Creeping Phlox. I have some in my flowerbed but it's too early for flowers yet.
    Hugs, Julia