Tuesday, April 30, 2019


Another day at home.  These past couple of days the episodes have not been as violent, but bad enough to keep me from work.  It is discouraging and depressing.  I know this too shall pass, but I want normal. 

It has been a beautiful day.  The world has awaken this spring so quickly and each day seems more incredible than the one before.  There has been the perfect balance of rain, sun and blue skies.
This is the time of year when farm is lush and full of life.  Sitting on the deck, you hear birds sing and the smell of honeysuckle fills the breeze.

I am going to see the acupuncturist tomorrow.  Send me good thoughts.
Goodnight, Sweet dreams

Monday, April 29, 2019


Another Menieres flare today, didn't make it to work.  Rick is teaching my community class tonight.
The good news, the jasmine is blooming.
Fingers crossed the week gets better.

Sunday, April 28, 2019

How It Should Be

We visited with our sisters on Easter Sunday, but my brother Ricky's family were all going in different directions.  This evening they all came to our house for supper.  Ricky's wife Deb, daughter Sam and daughter-in-laws Alesha and Andrea all made side dishes and desserts.  I roasted a chicken, baked a ham and made potato salad and steamed corn on the cob.  We had a feast.

All the kids seem to love coming to the farm.  Our house is small but there is a big deck and a screen porch and a huge backyard and a swing out back.  They are in constant motion when they are here.
They drank a gallon of tea and a gallon of lemonade today.  Laughter is constant.  It has been a good day.

For much of our married life, holidays were a blur.  We went from house to house, never staying long enough to enjoy the moment.  When Ricky's kids married I told them I never wanted anyone to feel obligated to spend time with us on holidays.  Those times should not be stressful and often they are the most stressful days of the years.  I wanted them to visit when they had time and could enjoy the visit.
It has made a great difference in all our lives.  Celebrations are important, holidays should be spent as joyous occasions, not necessities.

So today, they all stayed for hours.  The kids were exhausted when they left and so were the adults.
Tummies were full.  No one was stressed or looking at their watch.  This is how it should be.

Saturday, April 27, 2019


The privets are in full bloom.  I am in pollen overload.  It has been a incredibly beautiful day but windy.  We did some yard work, some garden work and a little house work.  Rick has gone to an Alumni Banquet tonight.  One reunion in a weekend is plenty for me.  But he is taking photos for the paper and the high school website.

I am already in my pjs, watching public television.  I might be awake when he gets home.  I still have some fatigue from the infusion as well.  It is self-care night.

Enjoy your Sunday. 

Friday, April 26, 2019

Ruby Rose

Almost everyone in my family grows beautiful roses, everyone but me.  In years past I have a couple of wild roses that have thrived, but the really big beautiful ones have just never been part of my green thumb.   Last year my older brother gave me a little miniature rose bush for my birthday.  It was so beautiful and my first thought was oh no, it doesn't stand a chance with me.  But I placed it in the bed with my peonies and it has thrived.  Today it is full of blossoms and buds, I am beyond happy.  It's blossoms are small but fragrant and plentiful.  I named her Ruby after my mom.  She is a stunner.

Thursday, April 25, 2019

A Gift

 A wonderful surprise when I walked outside this morning, my pink peony had bloomed.  My grandmother Mamie gave her to my mom and my mom gave her to me.  She is around 30 years old.
I love her, because when I look at her I feel my mom and my grandmother's love for me.
She is the gift that has kept on giving.

Twenty four hours with no episode, that is a gift as well.  Today has been a good day. I am grateful.

Wednesday, April 24, 2019

All Done

Three and a half hours later, shots are done.  There is definitely some pain now, but the last round of shots gave me almost six months with no episodes.  I trust these will do the same.
I am headed to the sofa and later to bed.

Goodnight, Sweet dreams

Tuesday, April 23, 2019


I missed writing my blog last night.  I am in the throes of a  Menieres flare and last night an episode hit hard.  I am much better today, I taught my class this afternoon.  That is the nature of this beast.  There are triggers, but sometimes it just appears with no rhyme or reason.

Tomorrow I am getting shots in the eardrum.  It is not pleasant, but they seem to tame the beast for a few months and that is something I look forward to.  I have learned some good news.  It seems in the recent findings, Menieres lasts about 10 years and then goes away.  This is my 9th year, I am counting the days.

It has been a beautiful spring day here.  Actually perfect weather, 80 degrees in the daytime and 50's at night.  It won't last long and then the heat and humidity of summer will greet us.

I hope your hump day is a good one.  May we all know kindness.

Sunday, April 21, 2019


We visited with our sisters today.  We stopped by my sister Pat's house first and spent some time with her and her daughters.  We drove over to see Rick's sister Mary Lois.  His younger sister Christie was there and so was Mary Lois'  daughters and several friends.  Our final stop was my oldest sister Nell's house.  Nell is 85, she is an incredible gardener, farmer, keeper of goats and chickens and smiles her way through life.  She truly has been my second mom.  Her yard is filled with beautiful flowers and she can tell you the name of each one.  Spending time with Nell is like a beautiful journey filled with laughter.

I hope your Easter Sunday has been one of peace, reflection, love and family.
The photo of Nell and me made me laugh.

Saturday, April 20, 2019

Ten Years

Ten years ago today, I wrote my first blog.  I was so unsure about this blog stuff, but Rick convinced me that it was a way to keep in touch with my students and talk about the work I did.  I didn't think anyone would be that interested in what I had to say.

To be honest there are many times I think about stopping, but then one of you will send me a message and I know there is someone out there reading my words.  So many have sent me words of encouragement through the past ten years...words that were sent to me from people I had never met.
But, these people had become friends in this strange and wonderful world of blogging.

Tonight I celebrate all of you and wish that somehow we could all meet.  It would be one giant block party, diverse and interesting, yet with common ground.  Thanks for being my blog friends, I hope our relationship continues to thrive.  I wish you all joy and kindness and good health.

May your Sunday be filled with peace.  May kindness and love wrap around you like a warm blanket.

Friday, April 19, 2019

Holy Night

The storms left a few trees down on the farm last night.  We were lucky, our power stayed on.
It has rained and the wind has blown all day.  One weather forecaster mentioned snow flurries tonight.  I am so glad we have not jumped the gun and planted our garden.  My grandparents and my mom and dad always waited until Easter weekend to plant the bulk of their vegetable garden.  I'm glad we listened to their wisdom.  We plant tomorrow.

Spring flowers are every where.  These lovelies are invasive but I do think they are beautiful when they bloom.  We keep them contained.

Tonight is a holy night for many around the world.  May we all know peace and love.

Thursday, April 18, 2019


Walking the dogs this  morning there were delightful surprises every few steps.  One of the best, the honeysuckle is blooming.  My favorite spring scents are honeysuckle, peony and gardenia.  Those three are the trifecta of spring scents for me.  Our friends know that our house will be filled with those blossoms and aromas until summer and then zinnias and sunflowers will fill the vases.

Storms have moved in, another line to follow later tonight.  Be safe, be dry, be kind.

Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Roller Coaster

It is a barometric roller coaster here in Alabama, storms are rolling back through tomorrow.
If you have any physical ailment I can promise you know there is a change in the weather.
Our bodies are around 70 percent water, we feel the phases of the moon as well as the changes in the weather.  We are also in the throes or about to be, of Blackberry Winter.  The blackberry brambles are in full bloom  and cold air is moving in.

I taught meditation classes today.  Those who attended were amazed at what they accomplished in 20 minutes.  I love to see their faces at the end of the session.  They are always shocked that they are able to reach any state of meditation.

I hope your day was a good one.  Tomorrow I start a new class at work, Yoga for Pain Management.
May we all know kindness and joy.

Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Tuesday Thoughts

It's one of those transitional times at work.  All my students that have been so faithful have left, and there are new ones gradually finding their way to yoga.  For me, it is time to plant seeds and see what happens.  That is all I can do, plant seeds, nourish and hope for the best.

I started a new course of study for me today.  It is a course from the University of Minnesota teaching ways to deal with chronic pain.  Since so many of my students at work and community class have pain issues, I hope I will learn some new ways to help them manage pain.  An interesting fact I learned today, more money is spent on health care for chronic pain than for cancer, diabetes and heart disease.  We truly are a world in pain.

I have still not recovered from my flare this weekend at the wedding.  I see my doc tomorrow.  It had been months since I had an issue and I know the acupuncture helped so much.  But, something triggered my flare and I need to figure out what and why.

Have a smooth hump day tomorrow, be kind, spread joy.

Monday, April 15, 2019


A lovely surprise as we walked this morning...my mom and dad loved Iris flowers and they had every color you could imagine.  My sister and I dug up their bed as best we could and transplanted the Iris to our beds.  Mine had bloomed once in the almost 15 years since my mom died.  As walked I gasped when I saw this beautiful white Iris standing proud this morning.  I love that it has bloomed the week of Easter because my mom would try to always have bouquets of Iris in the house during Easter.  She is a gift very  much appreciated today.  Isn't she lovely?

Sunday, April 14, 2019

Sweet Surprise

I love labyrinths.  Several years ago I did a proposal for one at work.  I thought that the patients would love to do a meditative walk.  But wheels move slow for corporations and I am sure my proposal fell in the trash somewhere.

We were in Gainesville, Fl  this weekend for a wedding.  Actually we were in the bride's parents wedding 33 years ago in NYC and were delighted to be a part of this celebration this weekend.
Her parents wedding was the most beautiful wedding I have ever been a part of...Sarah's wedding was one of the most poignant.  As she and her dad danced the daughter/father dance a recording of her dad saying goodnight to her when she was a toddler was played.  Hearing her sweet little voice and the love in her dad's goodnight...well, there was not a dry eye in the house.

I digress.  While in Gainesville, we spent Saturday morning at the Botanical Gardens there.
They have a beautiful grass labyrinth.  I fell in love.  Now I am trying to convince Rick we need one here on the farm.   I think I might finally get a labyrinth.

We are both really tired, but it's a good tired.  To see old friends and make new ones is always worth a road trip.  The labyrinth was just a sweet surprise.  I love that it was formed with grass.

Friday, April 12, 2019


It's already tick season.  Yep the first one got me on my shoulder today.  Got dressed and kept wondering why my shoulder itched and asked Rick to check it out.  I heard him say, uh...and then another uh, and I knew...You once have been bitten by a tick, you always know that sensation.

Living in a warm moist climate you learn tick first aid at a young age.  Last summer I had several bites but thankfully tested negative for Lyme.  We will watch this spot the next few days.

Some of the weather guys are saying we might miss the bullet on the nasty storms this weekend, keeping my fingers crossed.

I hope your Friday has been a good one.  Enjoy your Saturday and if you are anywhere near these nasty storms, keep an eye to the sky.

Thursday, April 11, 2019

Beautiful Day

It has been such a beautiful day but the weather guys are saying stormy weather is headed our way Saturday night and early Sunday morning.  Prayers and fingers crossed that Mother Nature runs out of steam with all the snow she has dumped on those west and north of us and the tornadoes just don't exist.

We are under a wind advisory for now so I'm sure there will limbs o'plenty to pick up around the farm the next couple of days.

I am a wee bit tired tonight, so I think me and my cup of hot tea are going to call it quits.  Enjoy your Friday, be kind and  spread some joy.

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Tree Hugger

A very busy hump day, it seems as if the more I tried to slow down the faster things came.
I am so ready for bed.

The picture that I am posting tonight is just a partial showing of the trunk/roots of a water oak in front of our house.  My dad planted it probably 30 years ago and it is a magnificent tree.
We have had so much rain that a great deal of its trunk is moss covered which adds to its beauty.
It holds a special place in my heart and I love that it is one of the first trees you see when you come into our driveway.  The other tree you see is also one planted by my dad. It
is a giant dogwood and right now it looks like a big fluffy cloud.   I admit, I am a tree hugger.

Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Happy Daisies

Some years these yellow daisies are every where and then like this spring we only have one small patch.  I love seeing them, they always look so happy.  Hopefully our wildflower meadow will have many of these happy flowers.

Tomorrow is hump day.  Spread some joy.  Find some happy daisies.

Monday, April 8, 2019

The Four Agreements

On my board today, The Four Agreements.

1.  Be impeccable with your word.

2.  Don't take anything personally.

3. Don't make assumptions.

4. Always do your best.

These come from the book of Toltec wisdom, The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz.
It is a book that I recommend to my students.  If you are looking for an interesting read that is uplifting and enlightening I suggest you give it a read.

It has been a good Monday, though we had tornadoes in the county next to us this morning and are expecting more storms tonight.  It is that time of year in Alabama.

Goodnight, Sweet dreams

Sunday, April 7, 2019

Apple Blossom Time

Our old apple tree is in full bloom.  I love apple blossoms, their color and their fragrance.  The bees are loving the tree as well.  I could not resist today, I had to break a couple of branches and bring them inside.  What can I say, they make me happy just to look at them.  I also added a stem of fresh mint, a nice little twist.

I wish you a Monday full of peace, kindness and great joy.

Saturday, April 6, 2019

Coal Fest

We played the Coal Fest in Parish Alabama today.  This is the heart of coal mining here in Alabama and there were tributes to those who spent their lives providing fuel for those all over the world.  Sadly, quite a few through the years have given their lives and health for this energy source as well.

My dad was a retired coal miner who died with black lung.  Several times during our set I thought of him and got a lump in my throat.  He went into the coal mines when he was 12 years old for 25 cents a day.  I cannot even fathom that today.

Several of our friends came to hear us and we greatly appreciated their presence.  The stage was in the center of the high school football field and the noon sun was oppressive.  Thank goodness for cold water, sun glasses and straw hats.

We had a good time and hope the Fest was successful.  There were many smiling faces.

Enjoy your Sunday.  Ours will hopefully be one of rest.

Friday, April 5, 2019


My nephew Haven and his son Anthony came by to pick up our surviving chicken today, Sweetie Pie.
Haven and wife Alesha are expecting another little boy the end of May.  Anthony was talking to me about becoming a big brother.  He told me that he would love his little brother and feed him but he would not change diapers.   Then he smiled and said"daddy has diaper duty/doodie, get it?" and he just laughed.  He is 8 years old and loves cracking jokes.

Still dealing with the remains of the migraine but its getting better,  just want to our gig tomorrow and be our best.

Enjoy the photo of Anthony tonight, he is such a cutie.

Thursday, April 4, 2019

Thursday Thoughts

We had a really enjoyable gig this morning.  We entertained at a meeting for retired school teachers and they were delightful.  It was a joy to repay in some small way all their years of sacrificing in the class room.

My migraine is still with me, but better.  We did our gig, and then I went to work this afternoon.  I was not at my best and am still not, but much better than yesterday.  I would never wish a migraine on my worst enemy.  Rick's sister called this evening, her daughter is in the throes of her first ever migraine.  All I can ever tell anyone is I hope you find relief, because I walk  in your shoes.

The rains came this afternoon.  As I drove home from work there were bands of yellow pollen in the mud puddles, maybe by tomorrow it will be gone.

Tomorrow is my off day and I am so ready for one.  Then Saturday we have a gig at an outdoor festival.  Sunday will be rest day.

I hope your weekend brings joy.
Goodnight, Sweet dreams

Wednesday, April 3, 2019

Azaleas Awake

Probably the result of all the pollen, but a migraine hit hard and heavy after lunch today and I didn't make it into class.  Better tonight so hopefully it is a done deal.
Walking the dogs this morning I saw the azaleas starting to bloom.  Spring has awaken them from their winter's slumber.  They shimmered in the dappled morning light.

Tuesday, April 2, 2019

A Feeling

Walking the dogs today, I kept looking for  the bees to swarm.  I know it's strange, but I looked at the peach tree several times today.  I just felt they were going to swarm.

When I got home from work this evening Rick met me at the door saying "guess what".  Yep, the bees swarmed.  He got Samantha to come over and video him getting the swarm.  I am sure he will post it on his blog in the next day or so.  Suddenly these bees are hatching queens left and right.
We started with two hives, we have evolved into four.  Ok, enough is enough bee family.

We have been practicing for our gigs.  One is Thursday morning for a private event, the other is Saturday at a festival.  The pollen is so bad, we both a little raspy.  My voice always has a great deal of vibrato and now there's raspiness as well.  This will be interesting.

I am loving our Outback.  So far it has exceeded my expectations.

Hump Day tomorrow.  I hope you laugh out loud at least once, twice would be even better.

Monday, April 1, 2019

April 1

April 1...Easter comes later this month

April 1...blackberry winter happens this month

April 1...were you fooled today?

April 1...50 today and 80 degrees by the end of this week, freeze warning last night

April 1...on the 27th in 2011 our state was devastated by tornadoes

April 1... a wedding to attend soon and two reunions

April 1...slowly the garden work is done, still a chance of frost mid-month

April 1... April is so fickle weather wise and can be so stormy

April 1...Easter eggs, bunnies and jelly beans

April 1...I miss getting a new Easter dress each year

April 1...don't like hunting Easter eggs, but love decorating them

April 1...jelly beans are good, but I love those Cadbury eggs too

April 1...Samantha's birthday is April 2, seems like yesterday she was Jordan's age

April 1...all my spring and summer clothes washed and hanging in my closet