Friday, June 30, 2017

Six Months

June 30, six months of 2017 are gone at mid-night.  Is it just me?  Does anyone else feel that this year is almost an oxymoron?  It feels like the longest year ever, yet  six months have disappeared in the blink of an eye.

Blue skies made an appearance this afternoon after floods this  morning.  Our county made the tv news in Birmingham because of our floods.  Thank goodness we live on top of one of the foothills.
We still have ponds in our garden.  Our tomato crop has been so wonderful, but all this rain will soon destroy it.  So it goes.

I talk about the weather often, but I do because it is such a great teacher.  It is constantly undergoing transformations here in Alabama and you can't control it.  We humans love to be in control of all things and the weather laughs at us.  She can be a cruel teacher but also one filled with beauty.

Rick is attending a writer's seminar this weekend.  It has been strange being alone this afternoon, but my house cleaning has been full speed.

I hope this holiday weekend gives you time to do the things you love with the people you love most.
Celebrate America's birthday and remember even with all her warts, there are so many good things about her. Also, to my Canadian friends  Happy 150th Birthday!  Enjoy your celebrations no matter where you are, stay safe and spread the kindness.

Thursday, June 29, 2017

Energy Shift

Today the weather changed, grey skies and rain drops and it seems it will continue for the next few days.  Our bodies feel those changes.  Everyone who came to class today felt the changes in their bodies or spirits or both.  All the upbeat energy from the days of sunny blue skies shifted.

Even the dogs seemed a little down today.  None of them like to go outside when it's raining and when the thunder and lightening began, nobody was happy.  The chickens didn't even complain about being left in the chicken house today.

It is pretty amazing how all living things are in tune with the universe and each other.  We might not admit it, but we are.  Energy is energy and any time there is a shift, we know it.

Tomorrow is Friday, the last day of June.  2017 is half over.  It seems like we have been living in this year forever, and then there are days that remind me of how fleeting time is.  Tomorrow do at least one thing you love.  Don't forget to spread some kindness.

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Wednesday with Jordan

This week is a transitional week at work and the next couple of weeks will be as well.  More of those goodbye days and hello days, the nature of the job.

It has been a beautiful day.  Early morning class and another one this afternoon.  In between, Jordan spent some time with us and I got a haircut.  It has been another busy day.

When I asked Jordan what he wanted for lunch today, he asked for spaghetti.  It seems no one at his house likes  spaghetti so our house is the place for home made spaghetti.  When the sauce was cooking he walked in the kitchen and told me "that smells so good."  We also made lemonade.  He left happy and full.

Rain moving back in tomorrow.  Today was blue skies and sunshine, but the humidity was building.
It is normal weather in Alabama, hot and humid.

My cup of hot tea is ready, so am I.
Goodnight, Sweet dreams

Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Deepest Fear

"Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate.  Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure.  It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us."  -  Marianne Williamson

I love this quote.  I tell my students daily that they are way better than they will admit, that their goodness outweighs the bad.
I think most of us know that deep within us there is goodness and incredible power, but we hold back.  

Maybe we think we are not worthy or that there is something wrong in recognizing your worth.  What ever the reason we should never be afraid to let our light shine, never  hide our talents or as the parable was taught, don't hide your candle under a bushel basket.

Goodnight, Sweet dreams

Monday, June 26, 2017

Monday's Thoughts

I met with the oral surgeon today and scheduled the big event. Looks like an extraction of the post and then a bone graft and then in a few months an implant.  Deep breath. My transformation, the oral surgeon and his staff were so calm and supportive that my dentist phobia did not appear.

Rick and I went by to see our friend Louis while we were in Birmingham today.  I don't think he recognized us.  His transition seems to be on its last leg, time will tell.

Not working today has made my week seem out of kilter.  There will be adjustments.

My class tonight was wonderful.  All the students were in such a great mood.  The room was full of laughter and joy.  There were hugs aplenty as everyone was leaving.

A long day and I am ready for bed.
Goodnight, Sweet dreams

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Expect the Good

The gig went well last night.   Not a big crowd, but an attentive and appreciative one.  Our friend Skip Cochran opened for us and our friend Fred Miller did sound.  Surrounded by friends, doing what you love, what more could you ask for?

Today was rest and recovery.  Two thirds of the way through our show, the Meniere's/vertigo/migraine kicked me, triggered by the lights.  I have learned to always keep a bit of medicine in my pocket.  I finished the show, but was sick all the way home.  Life is interesting with chronic disease.

The sun came out this evening, just in time to give a dazzling sunset.  Temps will be in the fifties tonight and low humidity.  The next couple of days will be heaven.

Tomorrow I see the oral surgeon and find out what comes next with the broken tooth saga.  I know there is an implant in my future.

I see the evening sky in my window.  Streaks of peach and soft blues light up the horizon and I am humbled by the beauty.  Nature has a way of reminding us what is important doesn't she?

This is the last week of June, spread some extra kindness and joy this week.  Expect the good in each day, in each person you meet, you will rarely be disappointed.

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Mamie's Star

Mamie's Blazing Star bloomed today.  I am a happy camper.

Friday, June 23, 2017

Blowing in the Wind

We went out early this morning to do errands.  More storms from Cindy moved through this afternoon, more to come after midnight.  This afternoon after the storms, we practiced for our gig tomorrow night.  It is at one of our favorite places to play.  A coffee house in Cullman, Al called Berkeley Bob's.  A real California, old hippie coffee house, we love it!

Our garden looks like a war zone.  Tomato plants, flowers, everything is lying on the ground because of the winds and rain.  Sunday will be repair and cleanup.  We have been lucky so far.  Around us, trees and power lines have been blown down.  Holding our breath and hoping that after tonight, we have seen the last of "Cindy".  She has been a tenacious little wench. She has been much like a child in the midst of what Mamie use to call a "hissey fit".

The last weekend in June, can you believe that July is so close you can smell the fireworks?
I hope your weekend is a good one.  Here's to joy, to kindness, to peace.  May we all have some of each, may we all share what we  have.

Thursday, June 22, 2017


The rain is still coming down.  We have had tornadoes and warnings today.  The first happened when Rick was on his way to see his doctor.  There was damage in the Birmingham area.  I thought maybe things had settled down.  I was wrong.

I had been at work five minutes when our director was walking the halls telling everyone to get the patients to their cottage/basements and for all of us to get to our safe place.  Twenty minutes later, we had an all clear.

I set my room up and waited for my first group.  They were upset, frightened by the storms.
I assured them, their safety was first and if they were not comfortable being in my room I would take them back to their cottage.  We did some breath work and they began to calm down. They decided they wanted to move a little, so we did some simple poses.  I showed them the weather app on my phone and let them see the radar.  We then did about ten minutes of relaxation.  I got them up and they went back to their cottage.  They all told me that the class had helped to calm them.

My next group sent one lone patient to make sure I was there.  They were all nervous as well.
I took extra pains today to reassure, to calm, to let them all know their safety came first.
When class was over, again the group told me how grateful they were that I came and was there for them.

The weather guys are saying storms through tomorrow, with flooding.  I am exhausted.  I know how quickly storms appear here, how scary they are and how deadly they can be.  I am so ready for bed.
If you are in the path, stay safe.

Goodnight, Sweet dreams

Wednesday, June 21, 2017


My tooth/loss has ruled my life the past 48 hours.  The impression was made this morning, I picked up the flipper this afternoon.   It works!  It matches my teeth perfectly, and I can sing and speak without a lisp.  A big sigh of relief.

The tropical rains moved in around lunch.  The rain has not stopped.  Not pouring, just slow and steady.  The weather guys are saying it might be nasty tomorrow.  Nasty as in tornado nasty.
Holding my breath.

It has been a jammed hump day.  What a week for transformation.  The loss of a tooth truly transforms your day.  Monday we meet with the oral surgeon.  I have a ways to go, but I am hopeful.

I had hoped to see Louis today.  But two trips to the dentist and work took all my time.  Looks as if Sunday or Monday will be the soonest I can visit him.  His friend Bert told me today that he is holding his own and that is a good thing.

I hear the rain falling.  After last year's heat and drought I still can't complain about the rain.  We still have more trees to cut down that died.

Tomorrow is Thursday.  I hope that we all get some sort of good news tomorrow.  I hope that each and every one receives a little bit of kindness and joy.  Spread the joy, share the kindness.

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Tooth Saga

The past twenty four hours has been interesting.  Yesterday was awesome, no migraine, vertigo and the eye infection is clearing up nicely.  ( oh yes, I had an eye infection as well)  Nice dinner last night and then I had my nightly little square of dark chocolate and the tooth saga began.

The tooth that came out is in the front, it had a crown with a post.  The post and tooth broke.
I now have a post with no tooth.  Tomorrow I get an impression made for a flipper.  A fake tooth that will keep me presentable.  Monday I meet with Rick's oral surgeon to see what lies a head.
We know there is an implant down the road but hoping for no bone graft.  We shall see.

Life truly is full of surprises.  I am hoping that the flipper takes care of the lisp that has occurred because of the missing tooth.  We have a gig Saturday night. Teaching today was interesting.
I had to make light of it, what else could I do? I admit I shed quite a few tears this morning.
A tooth implant is never in the budget and Halloween is still a few months away.  The missing tooth does make an unforgettable impression.

Interesting weather head toward us, a tropical depression seems to be building in the Gulf.
Lots of rain, some storms.  At least we live in the hills, those who live along the coast will deal with floods, say a prayer and send good thoughts.

Goodnight, Sweet dreams

Monday, June 19, 2017

Blue NIght

For some reason, hydrangeas are not fond of my "green thumb".  The oak leaf ones grow wild here and are beautiful, but I love the big masses of the blue ones.  My brother Rick on the other hand can grow blue hydrangeas like crazy.  He sweetly lets me come over and gather armloads.

Today was the first day in almost two weeks I have not had a migraine.  But tonight as we were eating dinner, a front tooth which was capped broke.  All I want tomorrow is my front tooth back.
This too shall pass.

I am ready for bed.  Have I ever told you how fearful I am of dentists?  Ugh.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Froggy Day

He did such a cool job on his mom and nana's Mother's Day gifts, Jordan knew he had to  do something special for his papa.   Last weekend he had spent time with his cousins at Daisy's birthday party.
Rick had gotten a shot of him and his cousin Anthony wearing grass skirts and leis doing the hula.

We went to the craft store again, got a picture frame and a couple of funny figures he could hot glue on the frame and we were in business.  The figures were a frog and an owl.  He painted a frog on the card and wrote some funny phrases inside like, Happy Froggy Day's,  I Ribbit You.  My brother, Ricky who is papa loved it.  Happy Father's Day to all!

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Bounty Begins

The bounty has begun.  As always it starts small, but it will grow.  All the hard work and effort is worth it.  Tiny cherry tomatoes, peppers, squash and of course blue berries.  Life is good.

Friday, June 16, 2017


We drove into Birmingham today to see our friend Louis.  There was a flicker of recognition but then it was gone.  I am losing my friend.  He is frail and skin and bones.  At least for a moment he knew who we were.

Across the street from the facility that Louis is at are older homes and as usual, mostly older people live there.  I laughed out loud as I saw a small white haired woman working in her yard in the heat of the day.  She looked to be in her eighties.  I laughed because my mom use to do the same thing.
I would call her each morning ( before she became ill)  and tell her not to go out in the heat of the day to do her gardening.  She never listened to me.

Another Rose of Sharon has bloomed, well actually all of them are blooming now.  All but two came from my mother's garden.  The one I am sharing with you tonight was her favorite.

Transformation  of the aging human body, especially in its final stages is a tough thing to watch.
I don't know how many more visits we will have with Louis but I will cherish each one.
Sending love and kindness to all of you tonight.  We humans need it now more than ever.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Old Maid

This afternoon's class was on the third Niyama, Tapas or discipline.  Yin Yoga seemed perfect for a lesson in discipline.  Holding the asanas for three minutes each gave students an understanding of the phrase "surrender to the pose."  They all fell asleep in savasana.

A happy surprise as I walked through the garden this morning.  The first zinnia was in bloom, or as my grandmother use to call them, old maids.

A day much like life today, good and bad.  Good class, a beautiful flower and a migraine with vertigo.
So it goes.

I hope your Friday brings a weekend of joy.  Don't forget to share some kindness.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Pick Me

Blueberries are not as plentiful as they were but they are hanging in there.   Hump day is almost over.
Will pick Rick up at the B'ham airport around 10:30 tonight.  Storms moving in tomorrow, but no relief from the heat and humidity.   It has been a long day.  Spread some kindness.  Picking more blueberries tomorrow.  Enjoy them while we can.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Happy Flowers

My parents loved gardening as much or more than I do.  They especially loved day lilies and iris.
The iris bed took up half their front yard, the day lilies took most of the back.  The iris were beautiful, but the ones that I transplanted from their yard years ago don't bloom.  They had black, purple, blues, pinks, yellows almost any color of iris you can imagine.  The iris always seemed a rather subdued. The lilies, pinks, oranges, yellows, reds singles and doubles,  were happy flowers, full of energy.

The lilies are blooming for me. I walk out in the mornings and am constantly surprised by what has appeared from my parent's garden.  This morning was no different.  I looked at the lily with gratitude and love.  Thankful that like a ray of sunshine it spread some warmth and joy my way.

Tomorrow spread some joy. 

Monday, June 12, 2017

Monday Monday

A very long Monday.  We got up at the crack of dawn, how's 3:15 for you?    Rick left for the airport at 4:00 and so it began.  The hot muggy summer that Alabama is known for arrived today.  When I walked the dogs the air was so humid my skin was damp.

I taught classes this afternoon and tonight.  In the middle of class tonight, the skies opened up and rain came pouring down.

The dogs and I are ready for bed.  I hope your Monday was a good one.  Mine was fine, I just miss Rick.

Spread some kindness and joy tomorrow.
Goodnight, Sweet dreams

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Weekends/ Begins

The weekend has gone by in a flash.  So has the nice sunny weather.  The monsoons return tomorrow.
Usually Mondays do not bother me, but I am not ready for Monday.  Do you know how it feels when you have been so busy, you don't feel as though you had a weekend?  That is how it has been for the past few weeks.  I need a slow three day weekend.

I hope your week starts with kindness and ends with joy and somewhere in between there is a great deal of love.

Goodnight, Sweet dreams

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Daisy's Birthday

Today was our great niece Daisy's tenth birthday.  She had a luau at the pool complete with grass skirts and leis.  Jordan and many of her cousins came and I dare say, all those kids had a great time.
Honestly, the adults had fun watching the kids.

This afternoon we went to see our friend Louis.  He is so frail, but his spirit is strong.  Tomorrow is Rick's family reunion.  Another very busy weekend.

Sending love and kindness to you all tonight, spread it all around.  May peace surround you like a blanket tomorrow.

Friday, June 9, 2017

Summer Bounty

At the beginning of the season there were doubts about the blueberries.  They have redeemed themselves.  They are plump and juicy and sweeter than last year.  I have already put five gallons in the freezer and we still have a few more pickings.  We have had smoothies and sometime in the next few days there will be pancakes and poundcake.  We have to be grateful for the bounty.   And yes, we have shared.

It has been a busy Friday, shopping for a couple of birthday gifts and practice for an upcoming gig.
Blue skies and low 80's,  and low humidity, but it won't last long. Rain moves in Sunday.

I hope where ever you are tonight, you get a glimpse of the full moon.  Know that it shines on everyone you love, enjoy its glow.  Spread some kindness this weekend.

Thursday, June 8, 2017

I love this quote, hope ya'll enjoy it as well tonight.

" A wise man never knows all; only a fool knows everything."
- African Proverb

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Hook's Friend

I walked out on the deck today and Hook was staring at the railing. I sat down on the step to see what he was looking at, and there was this little critter.  Taz or Lady would have pounced on him, but Hook was just looking at him, trying to figure out what to do with him.  After I snapped his picture he scurried away making sure Hook did not decide to toy with him.

After about five days of rain, the sun came out this morning and it has been perfect weather.
It was nice to feel the sun on my skin and breathe dry air.  Weather transformations can be awfully nice.

My hump day was a good one.  Here's hoping that Thursday brings more sunshine.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

My Old Friend

As most of you know, I love my plants and I truly love to garden.  When I am stressed, working in my plants becomes a meditative practice of sorts.  My hands get dirty and I don't care.

I share with you tonight, one of my oldest and most beloved plants.  She is a bleeding heart.  She belonged to my grandmother Mamie, passed on to my mom and then to me.  I have given cuttings from her to many friends and family members.  She is easy to care for and responds to love.

Incase you are wondering, I did not post last night.  A migraine complete with vertigo and nausea hit me in my last class.  I  made it home and found my bed.  Better today.

Sunday, June 4, 2017

Happy Sunday

I have Rose of Sharon trees all over the yard, in many colors.  I have white, pink, purple and a variegated one.  When they bloom, you know hot weather is here.  Feeding the birds this morning I saw a flash of purple in the greenery.  Ms. Sharon was making her appearance.

We have had a restful day, other than picking blueberries and laundry.  We needed this day of rest and peace.  I hope your Sunday gave you what you needed as well.

Saturday, June 3, 2017


Another busy weekend.  Life is interesting isn't it?   Sometimes time goes at the speed of light and then  it moves like thick molasses.  I can tell you this, it seems the older I get, my days are speed of light and not so much molasses.

People often ask me how can I do all that I do.  Honestly most of the time it doesn't seem that big of deal, but then there are days when I ask myself how/why are you doing this.  I think there are a couple of reasons, I believe in a life of purpose.  I believe we all have a reason for being here on this planet and if you want to be happy, then life has to be lived with purpose.  Another reason I stay so busy, I do the things I love.  I love my job, I love being a singer/songwriter, I love gardening, I love painting.

I have a friend who is a monk. He spends his days spreading peace in the corners of the earth where there is little peace.  He says he gets through the rough days, one breath at a time.  That has become a mantra for me on so many levels, one breath at a time.  Because I am a lung patient, my life every day is one breath at a time.  Because I work at an addiction center and think that the last story I heard was the worst and then the next day I hear another one, it is one breath at a time.  Because I am a singer, yoga and meditation teacher, life is one breath at a time.  It is a good mantra to live by.

So when life moves at the speed of light I remind myself to breathe, and I ask myself two questions...
What time is it?  Now.   Where am I?  Here.  Be here now and breathe.  And that my friends, is how I do all that I do.

Friday, June 2, 2017

Friday, Good and Bad

It has been a busy day.  I am ok with that, but the humidity is building and when the air gets thick it is quite difficult for me to breathe.  So, a busy day means more energy and when it is hard to breathe, every thing you do requires more effort.  This too shall pass.

With the rains, this summer is so different from last.  All around us, there is lushness. Flowers are blooming, the trees are so green they seem to dazzle.  As the green becomes more apparent, so does
 the death of so many of our trees from last year's heat and drought.  It is sad to see them, brown and withered, in the midst of the lushness.

We spent time with our friend Louis today.  He is close to making his transition.  He spoke my name and that was the first time he had spoken today.  His body is shutting down.  Since the first time we met, we have spoken almost daily.  It hurts so much to think of not being able to pick up the phone and talk with him.  My prayer now, is that he does not suffer.  He has suffered  so much in his life and he is such a fighter, but most of all, he is a good friend.

I hope your Saturday brings you joy.  Tell those around you, you love them.  Life is short.

Thursday, June 1, 2017

June 1

June 1...2017 half gone

June 1...summer time

June 1.... weddings

June 1....Father's Day

June every where

June humid days and nights

June 1... time for long flowing skirts

June 1....ripe peaches, watermelons and tomatoes

June 1....bare feet

June's out

June 1....vacation or staycation

June 1....BBQ, grilled veggies, lemonade

June 1...fresh herbs

June 1...long days

June flies

June 1...time to slow down