Wednesday, June 21, 2017


My tooth/loss has ruled my life the past 48 hours.  The impression was made this morning, I picked up the flipper this afternoon.   It works!  It matches my teeth perfectly, and I can sing and speak without a lisp.  A big sigh of relief.

The tropical rains moved in around lunch.  The rain has not stopped.  Not pouring, just slow and steady.  The weather guys are saying it might be nasty tomorrow.  Nasty as in tornado nasty.
Holding my breath.

It has been a jammed hump day.  What a week for transformation.  The loss of a tooth truly transforms your day.  Monday we meet with the oral surgeon.  I have a ways to go, but I am hopeful.

I had hoped to see Louis today.  But two trips to the dentist and work took all my time.  Looks as if Sunday or Monday will be the soonest I can visit him.  His friend Bert told me today that he is holding his own and that is a good thing.

I hear the rain falling.  After last year's heat and drought I still can't complain about the rain.  We still have more trees to cut down that died.

Tomorrow is Thursday.  I hope that we all get some sort of good news tomorrow.  I hope that each and every one receives a little bit of kindness and joy.  Spread the joy, share the kindness.

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  1. I'm glad the flipper worked well. We never really appreciate our teethes until they are gone.
    Stay safe.
    Hugs, Julia