Thursday, June 22, 2017


The rain is still coming down.  We have had tornadoes and warnings today.  The first happened when Rick was on his way to see his doctor.  There was damage in the Birmingham area.  I thought maybe things had settled down.  I was wrong.

I had been at work five minutes when our director was walking the halls telling everyone to get the patients to their cottage/basements and for all of us to get to our safe place.  Twenty minutes later, we had an all clear.

I set my room up and waited for my first group.  They were upset, frightened by the storms.
I assured them, their safety was first and if they were not comfortable being in my room I would take them back to their cottage.  We did some breath work and they began to calm down. They decided they wanted to move a little, so we did some simple poses.  I showed them the weather app on my phone and let them see the radar.  We then did about ten minutes of relaxation.  I got them up and they went back to their cottage.  They all told me that the class had helped to calm them.

My next group sent one lone patient to make sure I was there.  They were all nervous as well.
I took extra pains today to reassure, to calm, to let them all know their safety came first.
When class was over, again the group told me how grateful they were that I came and was there for them.

The weather guys are saying storms through tomorrow, with flooding.  I am exhausted.  I know how quickly storms appear here, how scary they are and how deadly they can be.  I am so ready for bed.
If you are in the path, stay safe.

Goodnight, Sweet dreams


  1. You are very professional. I don't think that too many realizes how draining it is when you have to be the strong one in situations like this and also having to deal with their emotional pain.

    I have experienced this drain of energy when I was one of a group who took care of a refugee family who had to flee from Kosovo in 1999. Their house has been blown up in front of their eyes, their car, money, personal belongings, jewelry all taken away from them. They were so traumatized and they became clingy to me and although I enjoyed helping them, it was so very draining emotionally for me. They were a lovely family.

    I hope that you'll be all safe.
    Smiles & hugs,

  2. Keep a weather eye out at this time of year especially. Being prepared is a good way to be safe.