Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Hook's Friend

I walked out on the deck today and Hook was staring at the railing. I sat down on the step to see what he was looking at, and there was this little critter.  Taz or Lady would have pounced on him, but Hook was just looking at him, trying to figure out what to do with him.  After I snapped his picture he scurried away making sure Hook did not decide to toy with him.

After about five days of rain, the sun came out this morning and it has been perfect weather.
It was nice to feel the sun on my skin and breathe dry air.  Weather transformations can be awfully nice.

My hump day was a good one.  Here's hoping that Thursday brings more sunshine.

1 comment:

  1. What a cute little lizard. I'm guessing it's a gecko lizard. I don't know one lizard from the next but the only one I've seen around here very rarely is a small black lizard. I'm glad the dogs didn't chased him.

    Smiles & hugs