Sunday, June 4, 2017

Happy Sunday

I have Rose of Sharon trees all over the yard, in many colors.  I have white, pink, purple and a variegated one.  When they bloom, you know hot weather is here.  Feeding the birds this morning I saw a flash of purple in the greenery.  Ms. Sharon was making her appearance.

We have had a restful day, other than picking blueberries and laundry.  We needed this day of rest and peace.  I hope your Sunday gave you what you needed as well.


  1. The Rose of Sharon reminds me of our first house. After many weeks of cleaning and redoing things we finally moved in around July and that was the only flowering shrub. I didn't know it's name then but found out about it and then every year it bloomed and reminded me of how excited we were to have our first house and our first blooming bush! We have one here at the Pines. It blooms later up here than yours! Thanks for the memory!

  2. Always a happy surprise to see a blossom in all the green.

  3. A lovely bloom. Your yard must be spectacular.
    Smiles & hugs