Friday, June 16, 2017


We drove into Birmingham today to see our friend Louis.  There was a flicker of recognition but then it was gone.  I am losing my friend.  He is frail and skin and bones.  At least for a moment he knew who we were.

Across the street from the facility that Louis is at are older homes and as usual, mostly older people live there.  I laughed out loud as I saw a small white haired woman working in her yard in the heat of the day.  She looked to be in her eighties.  I laughed because my mom use to do the same thing.
I would call her each morning ( before she became ill)  and tell her not to go out in the heat of the day to do her gardening.  She never listened to me.

Another Rose of Sharon has bloomed, well actually all of them are blooming now.  All but two came from my mother's garden.  The one I am sharing with you tonight was her favorite.

Transformation  of the aging human body, especially in its final stages is a tough thing to watch.
I don't know how many more visits we will have with Louis but I will cherish each one.
Sending love and kindness to all of you tonight.  We humans need it now more than ever.


  1. Love and kindness for you too Jilda.

  2. Watching someone slowly whiter away is very sad to see. I watched my mom go from a her beautiful self to skin and bone but she kept that smile to the end.
    When she made the transformation to the other side she went peacefully. Although it was a sad moment, it was a beautiful thing to see because I knew she was with Jesus, no doubt in my mind.
    Warm hugs and kindness to you Jilda.