Friday, March 31, 2017

Tiny Flowers

Last day of  March, the first quarter of this year is gone.   We had storms and lots of wind yesterday but today was a picture perfect spring day.  The skies were so blue they almost took my breath away.
I found more tiny wild flowers today, not sure what any of them are but they are certainly beautiful.

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Spiritual Day

We finished our study of the seven chakras in yoga class today.  The last three are very spiritual, throat, third eye and crown.  Throat deals with communication, third eye with intuition and crown with connection to spirit.  After savasana we did a meditation class.  This group of students I have right now are amazing.  It has been a long time since there has been a group this thirsty for an understanding of yoga and meditation.  These students have made my job so easy.  But all good things must end and within the next few weeks many of them will be gone.

Life is about change, my work is about change.  Everything is change.  We had a strong thunder storm during our class.  The wind howled, rain was pouring and lightening flashed, it just added to the intensity of the class.  At one point we opened the windows, smelling the rain and feeling the coolness of the air seemed to transport everyone to a higher plane.

Finally this respiratory stuff is getting better and today for the first time in a couple of weeks I feel like myself.  Wishing all of you a Friday that brings good changes, much kindness and joy to the world.  

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

World of Moss

I walk by this moss covered timber every day.  I am fascinated with moss.  Its texture, colors and what it grows on.  My search for moss covered objects continues.  More pictures to come.  Think of the transformation that takes place for something to become moss covered.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Old Windows

I love old doors and windows.  Somehow I get such a feeling about their past when I see them.
If they have an aged patina or even better some moss, I love them even more.   I think about the people who have looked out them, the times they have let the sunshine in, the times raindrops have raced down their panes.  I love this old window more than any because it is the  window in our old farm house here on the farm.  I wish it could tell me its stories and secrets.  

Monday, March 27, 2017

Rescued Flowers

This morning as I walked, I did a walking meditation instead of my usual brisk walk.  I breathed, I tried to notice every thing from the soil that I was walking on to the vegetation around me.   When I passed a couple of trees at the edge of the yard a little patch of wildflowers were blooming.

When Samantha (Jordan's mom) was about his age now (9) she and I went on a search and rescue mission.  We had found out that the company which owned the property joining ours behind the barn was about to clear cut the land they owned.  Sam and I walked those trails so often, we knew where the wild flowers were on every nook and cranny.  We took shovels and cardboard boxes and we dug up as many we could.  We planted them around the yard.

Those little wildflowers that I saw blooming this morning were some of those we dug up almost 20 years ago.  It made my heart soar to think that we had saved them and they were still blooming.
Spread some love and kindness tomorrow, it's important.

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Happy Home

We had lunch at our great-nephew and niece's house today.  They just moved into their dream home a couple of weeks ago and we are so happy for them.  I remember when we moved into our house so many years ago.  We were so excited and loved  having company so we could share our new home.

The new wore off our house a long time, but it has a patina of love and comfort.  Every time someone visits us for the first time they always remark about how comfortable and cozy our house is.  I consider that a major compliment.  It has taken on our personalities, a small cottage, eclectic and rather old hippy with lots of books.  It is us.  Our purple front door says it all.

Today we helped Jonathan and Kelsey celebrate their home.  I hope they have as many happy years together in their house as we have had in ours. He's the tall one with the baseball cap, she has on the aqua tee shirt, standing in front of him.

Last week of March, I hope she leaves like a lamb and not like a lion.  Be kind tomorrow, it doesn't cost a thing and you will make someone's day.

Saturday, March 25, 2017


Our vehicles had been covered in sticky yellow pollen all week.  Each time the wind blew, a yellow cloud tumbled across the yard.  The rains came this afternoon and have continued all evening.  I hear the drops falling on our tin roof and they sound wonderful.  Soon after the rain started, you could see the yellow streaks on the ground.  The air is clean.

Calliou and Hook got new beds today.  I thought they would love them but neither wants to lie down on the big fluffy rectangles.  Change is hard, even for dogs.  Taz will probably claim both of them.

We moved the trees and plants outside today.  The house seems so much bigger.  The past couple of days have been so productive.  This was the weekend to get things done that had been on our to do lists for awhile.  I suppose you could say our transformation has been one of transitioning from winter to spring.  It has been physical as well as mental.

We are entering the last week of March.  April 1 is next Saturday.  Time is moving so fast it is taking my breath.  Wishing you a Sunday that brings peace.  Be kind to those you think don't deserve kindness, be kind to yourselves and smile.  Did you know that if you smile even if you don't feel happy it creates joy within you?  So smile, be kind and treat others the way you want to be treated.

Friday, March 24, 2017

Birthday Goodies

The birthday goodies continued today.  My two sisters and a niece came by and brought gifts,  3 new shirts, a jacket, an orchid, new boots and earrings and yard art.  I made out like a bandit.  Then tonight, Rick took me to my favorite restaurant for dinner.  What a 48 hours it has been!  Enjoy your weekend.  Share the kindness, spread some joy.

Thursday, March 23, 2017

Way Better Than I Deserve

Today marks my 65th trip around the sun on this little planet called Earth.  I have  had many different kinds of birthday celebrations, parties, trips, dinners, etc.  Some were wild and wacky, others low key and sometimes, it was just another day.

Today was a picture perfect spring day.  My mom told me that when I was born it snowed here in Alabama.  No snow today, just warm sunshine and a cool breeze.

It has been a great day.  I know that it's a biggie and many people questioned why I did nothing special to celebrate today.  I needed this day just the way it was.  The past month had been slammed.
The flu in January left me with a bacterial infection in my lungs and I had finally gotten over the last shreds of it this past week.  Somewhere/somehow in the past few days I picked up strep.  I thought someone had slashed my throat with a razor.  The antibiotics kicked in last night and today I was 100 % again.

The calls and notes and wishes started on FB early this morning.  Friends and family have called, sung Happy Birthday to me and sent me cards.  I have felt incredible love today.  I only hope that all of you at some point in your lives feel the kind of love I have felt all day.  It has been a day of supreme joy.  I have been bathed in the golden light of kindness and I am humbled.

My last class this evening asked me why I worked today.  I answered them with what else would I be doing?  Maybe somewhere writing a new song or playing, but that took place this past weekend.
I am so grateful to all who took the time to wish me a Happy Birthday.  This 65th trip around the sun was a good one, way better than I deserve.  I am grateful.  Life has been so kind to me.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Wild Honey

Though the temperature is erratic, 86 yesterday, today 65, spring is making her entrance.  One of my favorite early spring flowers bloomed today, the wild honeysuckle, which is a member of the azalea family.  In the woods around us the wild honeysuckle blossoms in shades of cream, pale pink and a deep rose to almost red.  The smell is so light, very clean and fresh, not the sweetness of the traditional honeysuckle that blooms in the summer's heat.

Soon the tiny purple violets will appear and then the dogwoods will bloom.  Of course the pines are filling the air with their thick yellow pollen.  My white car now has a yellowish cast.

It has been a good hump day.  I think I might have picked up a bug somewhere the past few days.
A sore throat and ear pain with fever has visited me today.  Maybe it is just the pollen.  I do want to get some spring cleaning out of the way.  My fingers are itching to dig in the dirt as well.

Wishing you a Thursday full of hope.  May you know kindness, and don't forget to spread some joy. Sharing my wild honeysuckle blossom with you tonight.  Isn't it beautiful?

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Energy Balanced

We began our study of the chakras in yoga class today.  First chakra is the root.  It is the energy point that sits right at the tip of the tail bone.  It is all about survival and being grounded.

I  think that most of the students loved the class.  We did have a couple of new students and they seemed to be a little overwhelmed but excited about the next class.

Most days many of us struggle with survival and feeling secure or grounded.  Fear is our biggest enemy of the root chakra.  Not only does fear keep us from being grounded and feeling confident and secure but it robs us of our present moment.  Fear does a number on all of us and if we let it take control it will take us down the path to hate.

So we did asanas or stretches to balance our root chakras and we also did an easy meditation to help us feel grounded and connected.  The meditation is simple.  Lie down and take a few deep breaths.
Take your awareness down to your feet and legs, breath in and tighten your muscles in the feet and legs and when your exhale, let the muscles soften and relax.  Bring awareness to your hips, belly and chest, breathe and tighten those muscles, then once again when you exhale relax and soften.
Now make fists and clinch the muscles in your arms and shoulders, exhale and soften.  Bring awareness to your face, scrunch all those muscles in the face and when you exhale soften...take a couple of breaths and now tighten all the muscles in your face, body, legs and arms at the same time.
Exhale and relax.  Take a few slow deep breaths, exhale even slower and take your time sitting back up.  

Early class in the morning.  It's hump day and will be birthday eve for me.  Remember to be kind.

Monday, March 20, 2017

The World of Hook

Having a deaf dog is challenging.  That is an understatement.  Most days Hook ( deaf pit bull) manages to understand what is expected of him.  Today was a whole different world.  It started as we got ready to walk this morning.  I had Taz all ready, then Lady (Jordan's dog) came over and that is when the circus began.  Hook, Calliou and Lady became so overcome with excitement about the walk they moved furniture around.  Finally I had Taz's leash on and we all moved out the back door.

The excitement built.  All four dogs began to run around the back yard, playing with their toys and barking non-stop.  Can we say spring fever?  I finally got the back gate open and they just about knocked me over running into the field.

Usually they run, but stay within visual range.  Hook and Lady jumped an animal, Calliou follow suite and Taz did her best to break the leash.  Calliou came back after he heard my yells, but Lady and Hook ran through the woods, jumping over a ridge.  I could no longer see either of them.

Normally I yell and Lady returns with Hook beside her.  Today about thirty minutes later Lady came home without Hook.  I walked back down to the barn and across our newest property, no Hook.
I got in my car and drove a mile in either direction thinking he might have made it to the road, no Hook.  I had the neighborhood kids looking for him.

I came back home, went back to the woods, no Hook.  I started to worry.  I called Rick.  An hour had passed, he'd never been gone this long.  Rick called back to say he was coming home from work to help me roam the woods.  I looked out the back door and Hook was at the gate barking to come in.
He knew I was glad to see him.  He knew I was not happy.

Tomorrow Hook starts his training with a vibrating collar.   Keep your fingers crossed for us both.

Sunday, March 19, 2017

Creative Weekend

We have been away at a songwriter's workshop this weekend.  I was kinda bummed about not cooking my traditional Irish meal but we needed the getaway.   Workshops are fun, inspiring and grueling.  I learned a great deal, made some new friends, saw some old ones, got out of my comfort zone and met two wonderful successful songwriters, Tom Kimmel and Sally Barris..  Tom and Sally were creative instructors who joyfully shared their knowledge of the craft.

The workshop was in the perfect setting for creativity, The Alabama Folk School located at Camp Mc Dowell about an hour from where we live..  Rustic cabins, beautiful woods and art  made a space that really got the creative juices flowing.

We had a great time.  I am drained.  Glad to be home, I think the dogs missed us.  I missed them.
Tomorrow is the first day of spring.  Wishing everyone a day of warmth, kindness and joy.

Friday, March 17, 2017

St. Patrick's Day Remorse

I love cooking a traditional Irish meal for St. Patrick's Day.  I always have.  For the 40 some odd years we have been married I can count on one hand the times I have not cooked on St. Patrick's Day.
Today is one of those days.  We are attending a songwriter's workshop tonight.  I can't believe there is not the smell of corned beef and cabbage in my house today.

For those of you celebrating all things green today, Happy St. Patrick's Day!  Eat a slice of Irish soda bread and have a bite of colcannon just for me.

HAPPY ST. PATRICK'S DAY!    Wear the green, spread some kindness.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Busy Day/Month

Lots of new faces in yoga classes today.  There will be some goodbyes next week.  It has been awhile since I have had a group embrace yoga and meditation like this group has.  It is exhausting, but the good kind of exhaustion.  They are all so hungry for ways to help them in recovery, so eager to learn.

March is just jammed.  Every weekend has been packed, almost every day.  I am in dire need of a day of nothingness but for now it is not in the cards.  Seems that is life, all or nothing.  A friend asked what I was doing for my birthday.  It is a biggie.  65 years is along time to be on this planet, I know I should celebrate...maybe dinner that night?  A vacation would be awesome, but that is not in the cards, at least not now.

It is still cold and damp, the temps are going up and more rain coming in.  That's ok.  We are still not out of the drought.  There are so many trees that have died since last year.  It is sad to walk through the woods.

My body and brain are a wash tonight.  Time for tea and bed.
Remember to be kind.
Goodnight, Sweet dreams

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Spring Fever

As I left for work this morning it was 25 degrees, a wee bit chilly here in Alabama in March.
I looked up at the western sky and saw the moon in all her glory starting to wane. The drive to work was wonderful as the moon shimmered in the west and the sun rose in the east.

Even though the weather is freezing here I had spring fever today.  I just wanted to clean and paint and declutter.  Now when the weather is actually warm enough to do those things the desire will probably have disappeared.

Early morning class was fun.  I still do not like getting up in the dark at 5:00 am but this morning's sky made up for the darkness and cold.  The dogs are snoring and I think so is Rick.  It is time to drink some hot tea and enjoy my warm cozy bed.

Enjoy the rest of the week.  Those of you covered in snow, try to stay warm.  Spread some kindness.
This too shall pass.
Goodnight, Sweet dreams

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Fire in the Belly

Classes this afternoon were on the 3rd Niyama, Tapas which is commitment or the literal meaning, fire.  You know when you strive and work and focus on something and there is a fire in the belly.
So that meant many of the asanas built heat, which was good because today's high was 30 degrees.

We talked about commitments, goals and what it takes to reach them.  For my students this afternoon it is living a life without addiction.  So when we did meditation I asked them to choose a mantra which would represent what they needed to reach their goal.  Words such as courage, wisdom,
hope, love, strength and peace were chosen.

Classes were full and the energy was wonderful.  It has been awhile since I have had a group so focused on recovery.  They give me hope.  I used a great deal of energy today.  I am tired tonight, but it's a good tired.

Up at five am in the  morning to teach some more.  This time change is still giving me fits.
There is a pot of soup simmering on the stove, I am in my pjs and all is well here at the Watson house.
Goodnight Sweet dreams

Monday, March 13, 2017

Stay Warm

Rain and cold air moved into day.  It's gonna get colder.  For my friends in the north and east, button up your overcoats.  Stay warm and cozy.  Send me some snow!

Great classes today.  Small but good energy and lots of fun.   Still adjusting to the time change.
My cup of hot tea awaits and so does my warm bed.
Goodnight, Sweet dreams

Sunday, March 12, 2017

Daylight Madness

I know so many of you love the switch to Daylight Savings Time, but I am one of those that it just throws me out of sorts.  Waking up when it is dark, well I don't wake up until I see sunlight, mornings have just become difficult.  I keep hearing people talk about all the extra daylight in the evenings.
I have asked several why/what with the extra hours of daylight.  Some with kids say it gives the kids more time for sports, some say they spend more time outside when they get home from work, many really didn't have an answer.

I believe it messes with your bio-rhythms ,especially those of us who work.  You have a hard day at work, you come home and instead of letting go of the day, you have a couple of  extra hours of daylight.
For many their lives become busier and more complicated with longer daylight hours.  You cram more into the day working harder, resting less.  We all think that without DST our hours of light would be so short, but in reality there is more light in the spring and summer.   All the days in the spring and summer are longer. The summer solstice is the longest day of the year!

Daylight Savings Time has created a big business with kids spring and summer sports.  Instead of coming  home after school, doing homework and enjoying spring and summer evenings, kids are picked up after school, fed some fast food and then rushed to the nearest ball park or soccer field.
I read an interesting study a few days ago ,basically  research has found that if you want strong family connections, you should sit down and eat the evening meal with your kids at the table.

So there is my whine about Daylight Savings Time.  For those of you who love it, enjoy.  For those of you who are like myself, this too shall pass.  By the way, how fast will your kids jump out of bed tomorrow morning when it is still dark?

Saturday, March 11, 2017


A friend sent me a video yesterday that was so beautiful it took my breath.  In 1946, Walt Disney and Salvador Dali collaborated on a short ( about 6 minutes) film.  Do yourself a favor and take the few minutes to watch it.  You will not be disappointed.  It truly is a piece of art.

On the cold rainy Saturday night I thought a beautiful piece of art would cheer everyone.
Tomorrow we spring forward, never happy about that.
Wishing peace and kindness for your Sunday and the coming week.

Friday, March 10, 2017

Stormy Dogs

 Last night storms rolled in with howling winds, torrential rains and thunder that shook the house.
To say Calliou is afraid of storms is a gross understatement.  His sense of hearing is so acute he could hear the storms miles before they reached us.  Being awaken by a 100 pound dog doing his best to crawl in the bed with you is interesting at 1:00am in the morning.  By that time he has Taz in a frenzy as well and she is shaking like a leaf.

A couple of hours later we finally settle down and about the time we go back to sleep, the alarm goes off.  I would have given any of you a free collie at that point.   And then of course Hook, who is deaf, has slept through the fiasco and wakes up ready to play. I love our dogs but life with the three of them can be a challenge.

It has been near 80 degrees this week and there are rumors of snowflakes by Sunday.  The full moon
is Sunday night.  I think it would be such a gift to have snow glistening in the light of the full moon.
I have run out of steam. Lack of sleep makes me tired and grumpy.  I think it"s time to hit the bed.
Goodnight, Sweet dreams

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Moon Rise

As I walked across the parking lot this evening at work I noticed clouds moving in from the west.
Rain and storms tonight and maybe a snow flurry or two by Saturday night.  Mother Nature is having some mood swings.

As I got out of my car in our driveway something caught my eye through the trees.  A most beautiful moon rise was taking place to the east.   There were filmy clouds but the rising moon refused to be hidden.  She will be waxing to her fullest Sunday night, but she was making a grand show as I got out of my car.

Sharing the picture I captured with my phone, you know the picture doesn't do her justice, it never does.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Mom Was Right

This is my column that is in this month's issue of The Leaf, a creative arts and music monthly paper in Birmingham.  I hope ya'll enjoy it.

My mom was right.  She had always told me if you didn’t look in the mirror, most days you would never know your age.  This month is my 65th birthday.  Most days I truly would not know my age if I avoided mirrors.  Like many my age, there are some health issues but I live a healthy lifestyle and it has paid off.

When I was 25, 65 seemed an eternity away.  The world was my oyster and every day I found a pearl.  I still try to find a pearl every day.  My parents, grandparents and older friends and siblings often told me how quickly time would pass.  I laughed.  Around the age of 39 when my father made his final transition, the speed of time passing caught my attention.

The fascination of healthy living captured me in my twenties.  I devoured all the information I could on health.  I started my yoga practice, and thanks to my mom’s interest in health I found the path I needed to be on.  Though I admit, I strayed often in those early days.  After all, when you are young, you think you have forever.

My parents and my father’s parents taught me the value of growing your own food.  I learned that clean water, produce and eggs fresh from the hens were my best friends.  My mother taught me that home cooked with love meals were better than any you could buy in a restaurant.  I am eternally grateful for the small farm we live on.

Growing food, taking care of chickens is hard work.  I have found that with age the earlier you rise on a farm, the easier the work.  Now I know why my grandparents went to bed when the sun set and got up when the sun rose.  There is nothing like the taste of apples, peaches and pears fresh off the tree. A ripe juicy tomato fresh and warm must be the fruit of the gods.
I have heard it said that aging is not for sissies.  That is a true statement.  Watching friends and family members make their transitions as the years go by is hard.  Seeing the changes as your body ages is difficult.  Knowing that there are things that become harder for you to do is not easy.  Living one day at a time becomes your mantra.  To be happy you cannot live in “the good old days.”
Like it or not, today, this day is your good old day and you can choose to find the pearl or toss it away.

If I could tell my 25 year old self anything it would be to take it all in.  The good, the bad, the happy and sad and makes us who we are.  I want to be the old woman that everyone wants to be like, not the one everyone wants to avoid.  I want to wear all those pearls I have collected every day of my life and never forget how valuable they are.  No matter your age, you can chase happiness or choose happiness.  It’s your choice.  Happy Birthday to me!

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

The Circle

I have a big box that looks like a book.  The cover is a water color of flowers and it ties with a black satin bow.  I call it my love box.  It holds every note, letter , card, drawing  and dog tag that my students from work have given me for almost twelve years.

A student had his last class with me today.  After class he spoke with me for several minutes and before he left he gave me a hug, a letter and a book.  I came home and read his letter.  I smiled and shed tears.  These notes and letters mean the world to me.  Whenever I am sick or down I reach for my love box.  Its contents remind me that what I am doing is worth while.  What I am doing matters to some, not everyone but some.

I know that some of them have passed, others have struggled, some I have not heard from since they left the program.  I know some are thriving, living the lives they were born to live.
I know you can't help everyone, but if you help one person it has the ripple effect.
Your life touches them and they in turn touch many many more.  That is the circle.  That is the paying it forward.

My heart is full of gratitude tonight for the kindness that touches my life daily.  I am such a lucky woman.  Those students give me so much more than I could ever give them.  May you all know such kindness in your lives.

Goodnight, Sweet dreams

Monday, March 6, 2017

Spring News

Almost everyone I met today had a headache.  Our pollen counts are off the charts and there are storms moving in tomorrow so the pressure is wacky as well.  Even our dogs seems to feel the effects of Mother Nature.  Normally when we walk, I walk, they run.  Today the dogs walked.

My favorite trees of spring are about to bloom, red buds.  I will get pictures this week when the blooms open fully and post them.  Red buds and apple blossoms make my day.  It will be a while on the apple blossoms.  I noticed that the dogwood buds are getting bigger, it won't be long.  Our woods will look like a Monet painting.

A long day.  I am ready for bed.
Goodnight, Sweet dreams

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Sunday Musings

Our friend and sound man incredible Fred came over for dinner and hang time tonight.  We are getting ready to start the process of recording our new cd.  Songs have been picked, still working on one, and now the hard work begins.  There is nothing glamorous about the nuts and bolts of recording.  Sometimes it is loads of fun and exciting and then there are the tears.  The magic happens when it is all over, everything is mixed and the new cd is in hand.  My biggie right now, get the lungs healthy for the gigs and the recording.  Exercise, fresh air, eating healthy, meditation all play a part in what we do in music as well as our daily life.   And we are just Rick and Jilda...I think of people like GaGa who have a company of employees depending on her talent, health, and the whims of fans.

The past couple of days had been spring perfection.  Mother Nature threw a kink in that perfection today.  Clouds rolled in this morning and though it never rained it was damp and chilly all day.

Tomorrow starts the first full week of March.  An interesting year so far.  There are days when it seems as if this year has gone on forever and days that flash by.  This week remember to treat others the way you would like to be treated your self.  Share a smile, spread some kindness.

Saturday, March 4, 2017

Saturday's Doings

As I washed the yoga mats today a big yellow butterfly danced around the deck.  I was surprised to see her this early.  Yet, I shouldn't be.  Spring has truly announced herself around these parts.
Everywhere you look there are tiny leaves showing their faces.  Temps are mild and pollen is thick as the curls on Jordan's head.

Our local PBS station has had all musical shows on tonight.  Watching PBS on a Saturday night has always been a favorite past time.  Through the years I have watched all the kids shows with practically everyone of  my nieces and nephews and now I do the same with the greats.  It is something that we donate to yearly.  I love their programing.

Tomorrow I hope my energy comes back and I can do just a wee bit of house cleaning.  I have not been able to give much attention and energy to the home front this week.

Hoping that your Sunday is peaceful.  May you all experience kindness in the most unexpected way and may you give it in return.
Goodnight,Sweet dreams

Friday, March 3, 2017

New Moon

The new moon has been an eyeful the past couple of days.  Here, it has been low in the sky, but my goodness it has been big.  New moons are as fascinating to me as full ones.  I look at this new moon tonight and think of new beginnings.  That is what I told my students yesterday.  They all are starting their lives over.  I think the symbolism of the new moon helps them to better define this path they have started.

For Rick and I, the new moon seems to have brought some new beginnings.  In the past couple of days bookings for gigs have come our way effortlessly.  We are grateful.  Now I just have to rid my lungs of this nasty infection and move on down our musical path.

If you have the opportunity tonight, take a glance outside and see the new moon.  If there are fresh beginnings in any part of your life let the energy of this beautiful new moon kick start them.
Be grateful for its beauty, be grateful to see the night sky in its splendor.  May you share some kindness tomorrow, may you spread some joy this first weekend of March.

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Hardened Hearts

My classes were wonderful today.  Students were attentive, eager to learn.  Each group brought a special kind of energy to the room.  I love these days.

The meds are working.  I feel stronger and more energetic and the cough is not as bad.  Low grade temp is gone.  I love my pulmonary doc.

A friend passed along a wonderful Leonard Cohen quote today.  I share it with you tonight.
It is food for thought for all of us.

"The real weapons of mass destruction are the hardened hearts of humanity."  - Leonard Cohen

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

March 1

March 1....March came in like a lion

March 1....bacterial infection in lungs

March 1....I will be 65 years old this month, WOW

March 1...more gigs coming to us, we are grateful

March 1....Jordan is celebrating Read Across America this week at school, he loves to read.

March 1...lots of birthdays in our families, nieces, nephews, sister, and friends...celebrate!

March 1....I have lettuce and basil seedlings

March 1...redbuds are blooming and tiny chartreuse leafs on trees

March 1....My friend Emma is right, spring's weather fluctuations play havoc on our bodies

March 1...Daylight Savings begins next weekend, I am not happy.

March 1...I bought a new dress, the first in a long time...I love it.  There is life after blue jeans and yoga clothes and bare feet.

March 1...  a new moon, a new expectations, just gratitude

March 1....soon the sandals, white jeans and long skirts will be on my body

March 1...St Patrick's Day, one of my favorite celebration and food days and yes, I wear green.

March 1....Spring is official

March 1....I saw my first butterfly today, a big black one on the blueberry bushes

March 1....I used Medicare today