Wednesday, March 1, 2017

March 1

March 1....March came in like a lion

March 1....bacterial infection in lungs

March 1....I will be 65 years old this month, WOW

March 1...more gigs coming to us, we are grateful

March 1....Jordan is celebrating Read Across America this week at school, he loves to read.

March 1...lots of birthdays in our families, nieces, nephews, sister, and friends...celebrate!

March 1....I have lettuce and basil seedlings

March 1...redbuds are blooming and tiny chartreuse leafs on trees

March 1....My friend Emma is right, spring's weather fluctuations play havoc on our bodies

March 1...Daylight Savings begins next weekend, I am not happy.

March 1...I bought a new dress, the first in a long time...I love it.  There is life after blue jeans and yoga clothes and bare feet.

March 1...  a new moon, a new expectations, just gratitude

March 1....soon the sandals, white jeans and long skirts will be on my body

March 1...St Patrick's Day, one of my favorite celebration and food days and yes, I wear green.

March 1....Spring is official

March 1....I saw my first butterfly today, a big black one on the blueberry bushes

March 1....I used Medicare today


  1. Big start to March. Hope you got something to help your lungs today. Yay for sandals and floating skirts (I dream of spring). Hugs.

  2. March is beginning nicely for you and I hope that the doctor gives you something to relieve your cough.

    I can't wait to wear sandals and capris pants. and shed the heavy clothing.
    Hugs, Julia