Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Wild Honey

Though the temperature is erratic, 86 yesterday, today 65, spring is making her entrance.  One of my favorite early spring flowers bloomed today, the wild honeysuckle, which is a member of the azalea family.  In the woods around us the wild honeysuckle blossoms in shades of cream, pale pink and a deep rose to almost red.  The smell is so light, very clean and fresh, not the sweetness of the traditional honeysuckle that blooms in the summer's heat.

Soon the tiny purple violets will appear and then the dogwoods will bloom.  Of course the pines are filling the air with their thick yellow pollen.  My white car now has a yellowish cast.

It has been a good hump day.  I think I might have picked up a bug somewhere the past few days.
A sore throat and ear pain with fever has visited me today.  Maybe it is just the pollen.  I do want to get some spring cleaning out of the way.  My fingers are itching to dig in the dirt as well.

Wishing you a Thursday full of hope.  May you know kindness, and don't forget to spread some joy. Sharing my wild honeysuckle blossom with you tonight.  Isn't it beautiful?


  1. I am looking forward to dandelions and violets. We are still a little too close to winter here.

  2. Hopefully it's only allergies from the pollen and not a bug that you picked up. The blossom is beautiful.
    The winds are howling here today. We only got a tiny bit of snow but not the snow storm we expected.

  3. The beautiful honeysuckle blossom must be a birthday gift from Mother Nature :-) I hope your birthday is 65 kinds of beautiful, too!