Sunday, March 19, 2017

Creative Weekend

We have been away at a songwriter's workshop this weekend.  I was kinda bummed about not cooking my traditional Irish meal but we needed the getaway.   Workshops are fun, inspiring and grueling.  I learned a great deal, made some new friends, saw some old ones, got out of my comfort zone and met two wonderful successful songwriters, Tom Kimmel and Sally Barris..  Tom and Sally were creative instructors who joyfully shared their knowledge of the craft.

The workshop was in the perfect setting for creativity, The Alabama Folk School located at Camp Mc Dowell about an hour from where we live..  Rustic cabins, beautiful woods and art  made a space that really got the creative juices flowing.

We had a great time.  I am drained.  Glad to be home, I think the dogs missed us.  I missed them.
Tomorrow is the first day of spring.  Wishing everyone a day of warmth, kindness and joy.


  1. Glad it was a good weekend. I didn't make my usual corned beef and cabbage. It's not Jack's fave anyway. I really am bummed because I didn't even have a Reuben sandwich! Rest and happy Spring...finally!

  2. Sounds wonderful, Jilda! I see Gary Furr in your photo. He mentioned on his blog that he was headed there for the weekend. Looks like you had just the right amount of people for a creative and energizing workshop.

  3. I'm glad you had a great workshop with the group. I see Rick must have taken the photo because he's missing from the group.

    I made enough Corned beef and cabbage to eat for two days. I love the stuff.
    Happy Spring.

  4. It was great for your soul to get away and to create new memories! ❤️