Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Old Windows

I love old doors and windows.  Somehow I get such a feeling about their past when I see them.
If they have an aged patina or even better some moss, I love them even more.   I think about the people who have looked out them, the times they have let the sunshine in, the times raindrops have raced down their panes.  I love this old window more than any because it is the  window in our old farm house here on the farm.  I wish it could tell me its stories and secrets.  


  1. So true. I always wonder about older homes. If they could talk, the stories they could tell.

  2. I always feel a bit sad at old buildings that looks neglected as they once were full of life and busyness.
    I kind of feel that they should be rescued as sooner than later as they get weaker with age.
    Hugs, Julia