Friday, March 10, 2017

Stormy Dogs

 Last night storms rolled in with howling winds, torrential rains and thunder that shook the house.
To say Calliou is afraid of storms is a gross understatement.  His sense of hearing is so acute he could hear the storms miles before they reached us.  Being awaken by a 100 pound dog doing his best to crawl in the bed with you is interesting at 1:00am in the morning.  By that time he has Taz in a frenzy as well and she is shaking like a leaf.

A couple of hours later we finally settle down and about the time we go back to sleep, the alarm goes off.  I would have given any of you a free collie at that point.   And then of course Hook, who is deaf, has slept through the fiasco and wakes up ready to play. I love our dogs but life with the three of them can be a challenge.

It has been near 80 degrees this week and there are rumors of snowflakes by Sunday.  The full moon
is Sunday night.  I think it would be such a gift to have snow glistening in the light of the full moon.
I have run out of steam. Lack of sleep makes me tired and grumpy.  I think it"s time to hit the bed.
Goodnight, Sweet dreams


  1. We woke up to snow this morning. I'll probably post pics tomorrow. It's crazy to go from 80 to snow but we've had that this winter too! Hope you get your snowmoon!

  2. We're having wacky weather too. Yesterday was warm and snow was melting and this morning it's bitterly cold.
    It's -18°C or -0.4°F and it feels colder because of the wind.
    I was so tired yesterday, I had to take a long nap to catch up on my sleep. Poor Cailou, he needs a dog's best friend to get him through the storm.
    Enjoy your weekend. Spring is officially on Sunday but not here. It still feels much like bitter winter.

  3. I am hoping that the couple of inches we got overnight is all we'll get but the weatherman says up to inches total by the end of Sunday. I knew it wasn't over.