Friday, March 3, 2017

New Moon

The new moon has been an eyeful the past couple of days.  Here, it has been low in the sky, but my goodness it has been big.  New moons are as fascinating to me as full ones.  I look at this new moon tonight and think of new beginnings.  That is what I told my students yesterday.  They all are starting their lives over.  I think the symbolism of the new moon helps them to better define this path they have started.

For Rick and I, the new moon seems to have brought some new beginnings.  In the past couple of days bookings for gigs have come our way effortlessly.  We are grateful.  Now I just have to rid my lungs of this nasty infection and move on down our musical path.

If you have the opportunity tonight, take a glance outside and see the new moon.  If there are fresh beginnings in any part of your life let the energy of this beautiful new moon kick start them.
Be grateful for its beauty, be grateful to see the night sky in its splendor.  May you share some kindness tomorrow, may you spread some joy this first weekend of March.

1 comment:

  1. The new moon is a great sign of new beginnings each month as every new day is a chance to make a fresh start.
    I like your positive attitude.
    May each breath you take brings healing.