Thursday, March 23, 2017

Way Better Than I Deserve

Today marks my 65th trip around the sun on this little planet called Earth.  I have  had many different kinds of birthday celebrations, parties, trips, dinners, etc.  Some were wild and wacky, others low key and sometimes, it was just another day.

Today was a picture perfect spring day.  My mom told me that when I was born it snowed here in Alabama.  No snow today, just warm sunshine and a cool breeze.

It has been a great day.  I know that it's a biggie and many people questioned why I did nothing special to celebrate today.  I needed this day just the way it was.  The past month had been slammed.
The flu in January left me with a bacterial infection in my lungs and I had finally gotten over the last shreds of it this past week.  Somewhere/somehow in the past few days I picked up strep.  I thought someone had slashed my throat with a razor.  The antibiotics kicked in last night and today I was 100 % again.

The calls and notes and wishes started on FB early this morning.  Friends and family have called, sung Happy Birthday to me and sent me cards.  I have felt incredible love today.  I only hope that all of you at some point in your lives feel the kind of love I have felt all day.  It has been a day of supreme joy.  I have been bathed in the golden light of kindness and I am humbled.

My last class this evening asked me why I worked today.  I answered them with what else would I be doing?  Maybe somewhere writing a new song or playing, but that took place this past weekend.
I am so grateful to all who took the time to wish me a Happy Birthday.  This 65th trip around the sun was a good one, way better than I deserve.  I am grateful.  Life has been so kind to me.


  1. Happy Birthday!! You look great I would have thought you to be in your forties.

  2. Happy birthday and sweet dreams. I'm so pleased that you've had a perfect day. Thank you for all you share. Yours may be my favorite blog!

  3. Jilda, a very Happy 65th Birthday, hugs and sweet dreams dear one.

  4. Happy Birthday Jilda.
    You look too young to join the old ladies club we call Seniors. Here in Canada, seniors gets discounts on senior days in some stores and we also start to get our Old Age Pension. Being 65 has it's benefits. Enjoy your birthday.
    Hugs, Julia

  5. It makes me feel good that you had such a wonderful birthday. Happy Birthday.