Saturday, March 25, 2017


Our vehicles had been covered in sticky yellow pollen all week.  Each time the wind blew, a yellow cloud tumbled across the yard.  The rains came this afternoon and have continued all evening.  I hear the drops falling on our tin roof and they sound wonderful.  Soon after the rain started, you could see the yellow streaks on the ground.  The air is clean.

Calliou and Hook got new beds today.  I thought they would love them but neither wants to lie down on the big fluffy rectangles.  Change is hard, even for dogs.  Taz will probably claim both of them.

We moved the trees and plants outside today.  The house seems so much bigger.  The past couple of days have been so productive.  This was the weekend to get things done that had been on our to do lists for awhile.  I suppose you could say our transformation has been one of transitioning from winter to spring.  It has been physical as well as mental.

We are entering the last week of March.  April 1 is next Saturday.  Time is moving so fast it is taking my breath.  Wishing you a Sunday that brings peace.  Be kind to those you think don't deserve kindness, be kind to yourselves and smile.  Did you know that if you smile even if you don't feel happy it creates joy within you?  So smile, be kind and treat others the way you want to be treated.

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  1. Yes change is hard for everyone even out 4 legged family members