Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Energy Balanced

We began our study of the chakras in yoga class today.  First chakra is the root.  It is the energy point that sits right at the tip of the tail bone.  It is all about survival and being grounded.

I  think that most of the students loved the class.  We did have a couple of new students and they seemed to be a little overwhelmed but excited about the next class.

Most days many of us struggle with survival and feeling secure or grounded.  Fear is our biggest enemy of the root chakra.  Not only does fear keep us from being grounded and feeling confident and secure but it robs us of our present moment.  Fear does a number on all of us and if we let it take control it will take us down the path to hate.

So we did asanas or stretches to balance our root chakras and we also did an easy meditation to help us feel grounded and connected.  The meditation is simple.  Lie down and take a few deep breaths.
Take your awareness down to your feet and legs, breath in and tighten your muscles in the feet and legs and when your exhale, let the muscles soften and relax.  Bring awareness to your hips, belly and chest, breathe and tighten those muscles, then once again when you exhale relax and soften.
Now make fists and clinch the muscles in your arms and shoulders, exhale and soften.  Bring awareness to your face, scrunch all those muscles in the face and when you exhale soften...take a couple of breaths and now tighten all the muscles in your face, body, legs and arms at the same time.
Exhale and relax.  Take a few slow deep breaths, exhale even slower and take your time sitting back up.  

Early class in the morning.  It's hump day and will be birthday eve for me.  Remember to be kind.

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  1. It's always nice receiving some information about what you teach in your class.