Sunday, March 26, 2017

Happy Home

We had lunch at our great-nephew and niece's house today.  They just moved into their dream home a couple of weeks ago and we are so happy for them.  I remember when we moved into our house so many years ago.  We were so excited and loved  having company so we could share our new home.

The new wore off our house a long time, but it has a patina of love and comfort.  Every time someone visits us for the first time they always remark about how comfortable and cozy our house is.  I consider that a major compliment.  It has taken on our personalities, a small cottage, eclectic and rather old hippy with lots of books.  It is us.  Our purple front door says it all.

Today we helped Jonathan and Kelsey celebrate their home.  I hope they have as many happy years together in their house as we have had in ours. He's the tall one with the baseball cap, she has on the aqua tee shirt, standing in front of him.

Last week of March, I hope she leaves like a lamb and not like a lion.  Be kind tomorrow, it doesn't cost a thing and you will make someone's day.


  1. I wish your great niece and nephew lots of happiness in their new home.

  2. Congrats to them! Many years of happiness in that home!