Thursday, January 31, 2013

Good Intentions

I have learned a valuable lesson this week, "good intentions" is a dangerous path to trod.  I booked Rick and myself, and a couple of other friends (that I thought was a good mix) for a gig tomorrow night.  The gig is at a  restaurant, so it is not a concert venue, the stage is small and it is not near us.
I chose a songwriter from that area, a songwriter who is a personal friend of the owner, another friend who because of his job does not get to play much.......I talked with our soundman and he agreed the mix was good. Between the five of us, there is a very good variety of music.

But, now I feel that I have let others down or disappointed them.  Tonight, I am vowing the death of good intentions, a road block on that path for the rest of my days.  I admit, I don't feel well, and am probably being way too sensitive about all of this.  I just know, that I would never hurt anyone intentionally.  Sorry, I so needed to get this off my chest.

So just like  everyone else, my life is complicated and I struggle daily with stuff like this.  I know, I am breathing and telling myself to let it go as I type.......and I close with this reminder.....this too shall pass.  "Good intentions".......not always so good.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Fickle Mother Nature

Thank you all for the insightful comments that you made on last night's post.  It was an emotional day, but some days are like that.  I have also been battling my ever present lung infection, so last night was both physically and emotionally draining.  I went to bed early, only to be awakened around
5:00 am by the weather.

We knew going to bed last night the weather could be iffy.......this morning it reared its ugly side and our community was under a tornado warning early.  Buddy, is the best weather alert system on the planet, and around 5:00 am he started his little noise/grunt  warning.  A little while later, the weather service alarms which are on our smart phones called to tell us we were under a tornado warning.
The National Weather Service needs Buddy.  We were lucky, but a community northwest  of us was hit, so were communities in Tn and Ga.   Welcome to the south.

It is rare to have tornadoes in January, but it was 73 degrees yesterday and will only be in the 40's tomorrow.  Mother Nature in the south, is a fickle woman.  The winds are still howling tonight.
It is going to be an early night, my cup of hot tea and warm bed are calling to me as I type.
Goodnight, Sweet dreams

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Forgiving Oneself

In one of my classes today I had only one student show up, but it became apparent rather quickly that  he needed that one on one class.   He was filled with guilt and angst ridden, no one could have belittled him  any more than what he was doing. I spent a few minutes letting him know, reminding him that others had been down the same path and that sadly others would follow.

Forgiving rehab, it is that leap of faith that will help you get to the next level.  In every day life, it is a leap of faith.  It can be easy to forgive someone, but damn near impossible to forgive ourselves.  It seems we judge not only our neighbor's sins, but ours  and why?  We are not here to judge, we are here to learn and experience, we are that spiritual being having a human experience.

Mistakes are a part of being human, and yes we make the same ones more than once.....those thoughts that keep replaying in our heads.......the only power they have are what we give to them.
They are like old movies playing on the screen of the brain, just images......yet we give them tremendous, life altering, life stopping power.  Wallowing in the faded images that fill our brains, drowning in self-pity, and hating ourselves for weaknesses......what a waste of life and energy.

It is not easy to forgive ones have to admit you failings, your have to admit you are not perfect.....but, then you have to remind yourself that you are human, with the capacity to love and forgive not only others, but yourself .  To fully love others, you have to start with loving yourself, believing that you are worthy of love.......and we are all worthy of forgiveness and we are all worthy of love.

Monday, January 28, 2013


The moon in all its beauty is shinning through the lace curtains that hang over the window here at my desk.  Somehow, looking at that amazing pearl I feel comforted.   I think of all the things, the people that give me comfort tonight and I am grateful.

Three classes back to back today, and my energy was not much to begin with.......this too shall pass.
But, there was comfort in the hugs, and watching as stress left faces and bodies.  Some days the small things really are the most important.....a hug, a kind word, a note from a friend......seems those little things come when I need them most.

I think chicken soup will be made at our house tomorrow,  I need comfort food too.  It is unlike me to feel this needy, but for whatever reason, it is where I am.
Blessings to all of you tonight, and what ever comfort you need......I pray you find it.

Sunday, January 27, 2013


Someone shared this with me on FaceBook, but didn't give me the author's name.  This is incredible advice.  I really do try to surround myself with those who believe in me and see what ever greatness I might have.

There have been many times in my life, that I could see no greatness in myself, and honestly times when I could see no worth, but those around me could........those were the lifelines that kept me going through the darkness.

You never know when you give encouragement or when you give love how much the receiver might need it at that particular time in their life.

One of the best  compliments I ever received, an old friend told Rick and I that we were doers.......he said many in this world were takers, but he considered us both doers.  I know that I am a dreamer and believer and I try to see the greatness in everyone around me.  I cannot imagine a life filled with people who did not believe in me......but I know there are those who live that life.  If that is you, please find those who do believe in your greatness, spend as much time as you can with them.

Life is short.....poof.....January 2013 is almost a dreamer, doer, believer and thinker.....and surround yourself with those  who see your greatness.

Saturday, January 26, 2013


We have a new rooster, his name is Zeus.  I think he looks very god-like in rooster likeness.
He has a double comb on his head, his feathers around his neck are gold, like a gold necklace.
His body is white, like a robe and his tail feathers are black and green.  Our hens love him.
Zeus knows he is the god of the hen house.

Our old rooster, Speckles was beautiful......but he became rather aggressive.  He decided that only one male could walk around the hen house and that would be Speckles......bad mistake. Rick walked in the hen house, Speckles flogged Rick......Speckles went to live with our friend Donnie, who has a way with chickens and all small animals and fowl.

I had  missed Speckles crowing, it is nice to sit and have morning coffee and listen to Zeus tell the world that the hens are his.  I am hoping that come spring Zeus and his hens will provide us with several baby chicks.  Keep your fingers crossed.  By the way, we eat our eggs, but not our chickens. :)

Goodnight, Sweet dreams.

Friday, January 25, 2013

The Breakfast Club

I took this picture at the beach last weekend.
Those gulls were just hanging around having breakfast.......I called this shot, The Breakfast Club.

Wishing you all a sunny joy filled weekend.

Thursday, January 24, 2013


As I left work today I looked to the east and saw the moon rising above the tree tops......I pulled over on the roadside, and snapped this picture with my phone.  Heavy grey clouds were starting to move in from the west, blanketing the sunset with darkness, but the moon was shinning its silvery best rising above those bare trees.

It was that moment between daylight and dark, the one that is filled with anticipation......the air hangs heavy with magic, and you're not quite sure about the shadows or any figures that you see, what is real and what is fading into darkness.

Looking at the moon rise, I felt a positive affirmation from the universe, it seemed an energy of positive and loving beauty sent down to anyone who saw its beauty. I glowed all the way home.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Magic Happens

Thank you for the incredible energy you sent to me,  I am sure my friends felt it too.  So, Monday and Tuesday were tough days, emotional drains.  Today ( as always) the universe knew exactly what I needed......Jordan, our four year old great nephew spent the day with us and he was delightful.

I had brought the yoga mats home to clean them, he helped.  We finally planted our Christmas tree,
he helped.  We baked cookies and ate his favorite pizza.  You could hear his giggles all day long.
We watched Cat in the Hat and Curious George.  At least three times, he looked at me and said "I have to look at my Vision Board."  See, even a child knows they work.

Tonight is the good kind of exhaustion.......the fatigue you have when you have experienced too much fun.  If you have not had one of those days should.  Find yourself a small child, go out
doors and giggle....blow bubbles, watch silly pizza......have cookies and milk......pick up leaves, sticks and goodness knows what else and marvel at it.  Anytime you have doubts, or sadness, or feel the need to see the dark side.......spend some time with a child outdoors.
Magic happens, you'll see.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Good Thoughts

Some days are has happened, it has been a difficult day.  I said goodbye to a student today, and one of my best friends said goodbye to her dad today.  My student is going to live a sober life, my friend's dad died this week.  Watching my friend at her father's wake tonight brought back vivid memories for me, this weekend will be the twenty-second anniversary of my own father's death.   Twenty-two eternity, a moment......I still miss my dad so very much.
My friend has a rough road to travel, send her good thoughts.

My student, has some health issues that he will continue to deal with.  Hugging him today, I said a silent prayer for his body and spirit to heal. Keep him in your thoughts also.

I am drained, today my emotions have been in overdrive, and my body feels very taxed.
Maybe you can send me some good thoughts too.
Blessings of peace and joy to all of you
Goodnight, Sweet dreams

Monday, January 21, 2013


Sometimes we think we are ready for a change, but we are not.......often we say we want change, but we don't want to do what it takes to make that change happen.  Working at an addiction center sometimes I say goodbye to students, only to have them back in my class a short time later.
It is not easy for them to walk back in my class, to admit the change they had sought was not quite in their reach.

It happens,  we humans tend to think we can learn all our lessons the first time around and never make a mistake again.  Ha,ha!  That is life laughing at the absurdity of it all, not me.  Often we think change will come without us doing anything, or that change will take place even though we are living our lives the same old way.

Another thing we forget, we have to make different choices for change to take place.......same choices, bring the same results......different choices, different results.  I have said it often, change is takes work, it causes upheaval, it is scary.......and it does not always bring us what we want.
To grow, we have to change.......usually to better ourselves in any way, we have to change something....

For some, jumping in feet first is the only way to change.......for others, tiny adjustments, baby steps lead to their change.  Change takes place sometimes because we have to, at other times because we need it, and  then sometimes changes takes place even when we don't want it.  I wish I knew, I wish I had the answers for an easy route to change.......I don't think one exists.  When change is taking place in my life, whether good or bad I struggle with it just as you do, I have to constantly tell myself that change is life......and that this too shall pass.

Sunday, January 20, 2013


My friend Sandy, who is one of the most kind and caring women that I have ever known sent me this quote  today.
I had to share it with all of you.  I love Mark Twain!

"Kindness is a language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see."  - Mark Twain

I am on a personal  journey to spread as much kindness and sunshine as I possibly can, won't you all join me?  It is a great path to be on, even when the road is bumpy.  It is a language that we can all speak.
Goodnight, Sweet dreams

Saturday, January 19, 2013


I love the ocean, my dad instilled in me a love for the shore, the water, salty air.  We had not been in almost three years.  Yesterday, we decided that no matter how bad I felt, we needed to come down to the sea.  My brother is taking care of the house and the dogs, we spent last night sleeping with the sounds of the waves rolling in.  Today has been good medicine......walks on the beach, lots of seafood,  and a very long nap.  This was my get well soon gift from Rick, this was his birthday gift from me.......we needed this break.

I see more doctors and have more tests this week.  I can face them now.  We have to go home tomorrow, short trip......but it was worth the drive.  The sunset was nature's gift to both of us this evening.  I could actually taste my food today!  Thanks to all of you for your thoughts and prayers.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Long Day

Long day, treatment continues to kick my rear...this too shall pass.
The bed is calling to me,
good night, sweet dreams

Thursday, January 17, 2013


Today was such a rare treat in Alabama, we had SNOW!  We had 3 or 4 inches of wet luscious wonderful snow!  I stayed home, Jordan came over and we had a grand time!  This was a day for making memories, and we did...... enjoy the pictures, it will be gone tomorrow.  I love snow.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

An Echo

"Life is an echo, what you send out comes back."

Someone shared that quote with me on Face made perfect sense to me to receive it this morning.  It reinforces the sentiment that I share often,  "you get what you think about whether you want it or not."

There are probably many who do not think their thoughts, words or actions touch that many......but when you think of the number of people you have daily contact with.....from the mailman to the person at the service station, to the people you work with,  your family, your friends and strangers that you see on the street......our smile or our frown can make or break someone's day.  Our smile or our frown can come back to us in many different ways..........treat a salesperson shabby and the next time you go through her line, it may move very slow.

I worked many years for a clothing rep/manufacturer........we had customers who were an absolute delight and those who came in and treated we employees like indentured servants. Our boss was a kind and generous man, when ever anyone was mistreated he went the extra mile for us.  I believe  he was so successful because of how he treated his customers as well as his employees, and his fairness to all.

I think those echos we send out,big and small, to humans and all living things come back in ways that surprise us.  I stopped by the local produce stand this evening, the young man whose family owns the business stopped me as I was leaving and handed me a was from his mom and it brought
tears to my eyes......when my mother was living, his mom always sent her gifts.......his mother is not well now, but she is still sending out those gifts.  It reminded me that no matter what is going on in our own lives, to remember others.......her echo this evening was loud and clear......her kindness will never be forgotten.

Don't forget, that echo will always come back.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Weather Report

The rain just keeps on coming.........we live in the footprints of the  foothills of the Appalachians, rarely do we ever have to worry about flooding (plus it rains a great deal in Alabama) but we have been under a flood advisory for the past two days.  Rain, fog, and interesting combination and a hint that there might be snow by tomorrow night.

Almost everyone we know who has a basement is dealing with water issues, the ground( which around here is mostly red clay) is squishy, the creeks look like young rivers racing to the sea.
There are many jokes circulating  about building arks.....and the rain keeps on coming.
I keep telling my friends that English women have beautiful complexions because of their rainfall, we should be so lucky!  The rain just keeps on coming.

We bought great rain gear from LLBean a few years ago.......hiking in the rain with the dogs has had its moments.  This morning as I looked out our back yard and saw a lake where there is none, I thought of Blackie Bear (our lab/chow mix who died this summer) he would have been swimming in that newly formed lake.  The picture above was taken of him in his younger days during a rainy spell.
He LOVED the rain, he LOVED to swim, he LOVED the snow......this is his kind of weather.
I have missed him so much today......the rain just keeps on coming.

I can hear the rain tonight on the tin roof, and the air is getting cold enough that the drops are hanging on the pine needles, with the fog moving in, we could have frozen fog which is very strange.
I personally am hoping for snow......keep your fingers crossed!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Spread Some Sunshine

Call me crazy, say it's a waste of time and energy.......but I decided about a month ago, that I wanted to try and raise the vibration on FaceBook.  I know, what a joke, right?  But it seemed that there was so much hate and darkness  being spewed on that site, it made me sick each time I went on line.
I joined FaceBook to let our fans and friends know where and when we would be playing, to post times for my yoga classes and to touch base with friends that I didn't see that often.

So after being sickened by the ignorance and hate that seemed so rampant I decided that each and every morning I would post the most beautiful pictures and the most positive up-lifting things I could find.  Well, you would not believe how many people have sent me notes, stopped me on the street telling me how much they appreciate what I am doing.  I know, it's just my little corner of the world, but don't you think if everyone did that we really could change the darkness to light?

I have often talked about how fear spreads hate, it spreads like a flu or virus that has no boundaries, a poison that has no antidote.  We all are so much more alike than we are different, we all want the same be loved, to be healthy, to have a warm dry place to live, for our children to be educated, to have food to eat.  So call me Pollyanna, or Susie Sunshine or whatever.........I believe we can do it......we can love each other, we can see the good in each other's hearts, and we can put an end to this incessant babble of fear and hate.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Think Tank

Our songwriter's think tank met this is quite interesting to be with a group of people and when it is time to leave, no one wants to go home.  Music brought us together, but there is a love and friendship that has blossomed between kindred spirits that feels stronger than some family ties.

These meetings and the songwriter events that we  participate in together bring a closeness and intimacy that is hard to describe.......much like the collaboration of writing a song with someone.
We have close friends, friends that we love deeply.......but this group, its only ties that of music and creativity, and Walker County feeds our spirits in a very unique way.

I know people who participate in reading circles, needlework, art and hobbies and I figure they probably feel the same way about their group.  Or maybe not........the most wonderful  traits of this group is the lack of ego, and for that I am grateful.

I hope you all have had a restful and joyous weekend.  I wish you all a week of good will, good health
and great joy.
Good night, Sweet dreams

Saturday, January 12, 2013

The Magic Tree

Today has been a much better day.......of course, the treatments have provided me with the perfect weight loss plan.....I lost three pounds yesterday.  Sorry, sometimes humor is the only way to handle it.

My nephew James brought his family to visit me today, his wife Andrea, their kids, Stone, Breeze, Daisy and Joy.  They are truly delightful.....the weather was warm and the kids love being outside.
We spent much of the afternoon playing in the "magic tree."  The Magic Tree is a beautiful old twisted dogwood in our front yard.  My niece Samantha (James' baby sister and Jordan's mom) named it when she was around five years old.  It is a young tree climber's delight, low sturdy limbs and lots of places to sit and stand.  I actually wrote a children's story about it and the many magical characters who live there.  My dad planted the tree many years ago, and it really is full of magic.

Here's a picture of Stone, Breeze, Daisy and Joy enjoying the magic.

Friday, January 11, 2013

This Too Shall Pass

A very short post tonight, the dark side of the treatment hit today.......this too shall pass.
Better tonight, but not 100%.
Pouring rain, more like monsoons than winter.....and really warm today.
Wishing you all a grand weekend.
Goodnight, Sweet dreams

Thursday, January 10, 2013


For many of us, January is our wake-up call......the time of year we make promises and resolutions.
I have written about my Vision Board several times on this blog.  I think instead of promises and resolutions, maybe we should think about simplicity.  Just simplifying our lives.

Look at what works in your life and what isn't working......everything from job to family to relationships to hobbies to personal style.  When you think about what you want to change......look at it in a different light this could you simplify it?

Is your job a nightmare? What can you do to simplify those 8 hours a day?  More education, better organization, or a new resume?  Relationships?  How can you simplify love and friendship?  Sometimes, it is time to move on, or step back or jump forward with both your heart you know.  Some friends have worn out their welcome a long time ago, it is true.....people change, priorities change.  We all have that friend we never hear from unless something is wrong, budget your time with them carefully.

This is the time of year many are buying gym memberships, and looking at diet plans.  Simplify......
start and end each day with a walk......drink lots of water......fresh fruits and veggies.....meditate.
Let go of diet sodas, fast food and the mentality that if you can't work out one hour, you might as well do nothing.  Walking ten minutes a day triggers the change.

If e-mails and FaceBook are robbing you of precious time......set a timer for the amount of time you want to give and when the timer goes off........walk away from the computer.  Simplify.

Most of us have homes full of stuff.......get an empty box......each day put some things in it, you no longer need or want.....pass the box on to someone else or donate to a charity.  Simplify.  I have found  when my surroundings are filled with clutter, it is very difficult for me to accomplish things........I reach a point, where the clutter has to go or I become quite testy.  Simplify.

One of my favorites for my closet.  About once a year, I go through everything in my closet,  pass on what I am not wearing......and then look at different ways to wear what's left, and what I need to update.  Usually, if I am honest with's something as simple as new pair of jeans or a blazer .  I do admit, shoes are my weakness.

As you can tell, I am not a big advocate of resolutions, but of boards and simplification, my favorites.  Remember......simplify.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Treatment # 12

Today was treatment # year of has been a strange and difficult year.
At the beginning the scary part was not knowing what was wrong, well that and the fact that I had battled lung infections for over a year.  To finally get a diagnosis was a relief, to know that I did not have cancer was a relief.

I have sat in those green chairs for a year.......I have made friends, "chair buddies" I call them.....some of them are doing well, and some well, they have gone on to hopefully a much better life.  I met a couple of new friends today and we filled that infusion room with may seem like a strange place to share a laugh, but there are plenty of tears and sadness there too.  And today, that room needed the laughter.

One of my chair buddies came by to say hello, he is doing great......they got the cancer.....with chemo, radiation and surgery.  He glowed, and he spread hope to everyone in the room.......and that is something that is always needed for those who sit in the big green chairs......hope.  One of my buddies  is like me, his  treatments are open ended, this is his third year.  He gives me hope, though today, he did tell me I needed to eat more.  Ha,ha!

One of my new friends today, confided that sitting in those chairs was most difficult for her, not the losing of her hair, or weight loss, but the patience that it took to sit there and wait on the drip.
Then she asked me how long my drip took, hers was about an hour and a half.......when I told her mine lasts four to five hours, she shook her head and laughed and told me I had the patience of Job.
I think she was destined to sit by me, she was getting so restless, almost distraught.......we laughed so much, by the time the nurse came over to unhook her, she was surprised her time had gone so fast.

My other new friend promised his wife would bake a cake for our next session together......I promise I am not that thin, but they all think I need some weight.  It helps to worry about the others in the room, and not think about what is going on in your own body.

The room was full today, those angels in blue never slowed down.....I could see the fatigue in their faces, as they constantly poked and prodded, and checked on all of us. I pray they all get a good night's sleep.  My one year anniversary.......a year ago, I never dreamed I would be still sitting in those big green chairs for a whole year......but for now, they are my destiny, they provide a life sustaining elixir and for that I am grateful.....I know things could be so much worse, I know I am blessed......and I know my life is exactly where it is supposed to be. 

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

All About Love

Night before treatment always a little antsy.....and battling some sinus gunk.....this too shall pass.

Today was the last yoga class for some of my students at is always sad for me.
But, I know in my heart that I have given them all that I can......I have taught, and shown then love.
I hope and pray that life treats them kind, that they live the lives they were born to live, and that love  fills  their hearts, that they have learned to receive love as well as give it.

It is all about love......when we try to fill the emptiness with drugs and numb the pain with alcohol,
when we allow our past to haunt us, and feel we have no future.......we think we are not worthy of love.  How do we humans reach the point that we think we don't deserve love?  It has nothing to do with religion, because many Christians go through rehab, so do others of different beliefs and those who have no beliefs.
My humble thoughts are this, we are so harsh in our judgments of each other and ourselves, so full of anger and fear and hate that we buy the notion of being un-lovable......and that notion of being un-lovable grows fast and doesn't take long to feel unloved, it doesn't take long to stop loving.

A friend of mine has posted in his blog several times, it is all about love.  My dad use to say the same thing, it was all about love, I remember my dad saying over and over, God loves everybody so should we.  The more I see people suffer, the more clear it is all about love.  We have to love ourselves and each other.    It is all about love.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Love and a Best Friend

"If you have been looking for love in all the wrong places try the animal shelter, as the best friend you could ever have is waiting there just for you."

My friend Sara, sent me this quote on FB this morning......and of course I shared it.  I know what a friend an animal can can tell them anything and everything and they will never can have the worst day of your life, and they will still love can be gone five minutes or five days and they are always glad to see you( talking dogs here, because the cats I have had in the past never knew I was gone).......a pet will love you when you are at your worst.....they don't care what you look like......they remind you that it really is all about love, food, and shelter.

I have been lucky to have been chosen by really charismatic loving dogs, as I type this....Calliou
the wacky collie just stuck his nose in my face.....and honestly, if I ever won the lottery......I'd probably go to the local shelter, get all the critters and bring them home.

I am thankful for all those best friends that I have had through the years,  yes my heart has been broken by their passing, but the love they gave was worth the pain.  It is so quiet around our house these days, only two dogs now.......but I am certain that there is another one out there somewhere just waiting to find our house.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Rest and Catch-Up

Today was a rest and catch-up day.  If you haven't taken one of those in awhile, you should.
They are good for the body as well as the spirit.  I did a  little grocery shopping, a little laundry.
I called a couple of friends who are having a rough go.  Rick and I watched a really good movie.

In the scheme of things, it was probably not a very memorable day......but it was important.
These days are the glue of life, the stabilizing force when the world spins out of control.
We all have, jobs, friends, health......for most of us, there is something going on in some part of our lives.

We need this days, to look at the skies and feel the wind blow in our hear a friend's voice and do something as mindless as folding laundry.  These days remind us that life goes on, and that the ordinary is good.  These days make the exciting days even more exciting, and give us an anchor when
life is moving way too fast.

Rest and catch-up, maybe you should pencil one in on your calendar.  Read a book, call a friend......stay in your PJ's all your favorite foods.....take a long walk.  Then the next time
life throws you on the tilt-a-whirl, you will be a little stronger, you might even be able to throw your head back and laugh.

Remember, this week, schedule a rest and catch-up day.....and guess what, it doesn't have to be a day, it could be an afternoon or even an hour.  You have my and catch-up.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

No Education At All

A very long 48 hours, but well worth it........what can I say, I am bone tired it is time for me to rest.

I saw this quotation yesterday, it has been stuck in my head.......I think it holds a simple answer to some of our very complicated issues.

"Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all."   - Aristotle

Friday, January 4, 2013

Joyful Noise

We played one of our favorite venues tonight, Opelika Unplugged.....six song writers in the round....quite a diverse group, blues to gospel and everything in between.
This was our second time here, so we are making friends in this music community.

It feels good to start this new year playing music, I hope it is a trend that we continue all year.
So many times the past couple of years, I have been too sick to perform......I am hopeful that will not be the case this year.  I hope I make a joyful noise all year long!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Emotional Day

Thanks for the kind comments about my Vision Board.......I keep it out so I can see it daily.
Sometimes it is in the laundry room ( seems I spend a great deal of time there) or it just sits in one of the chairs in the great room.  Everyone's boards are different.......Rick's board is more unified, pictures are about the same size, placement is organized......mine is sorta like mind confetti......all shapes, sizes, strewn all over the place.

It seems my classes this week have been extremely spiritual..........
It is the beginning of a New Year, a very poignant time to be in an addiction rehab facility.
My students have asked questions on a variety of subjects, most of them dealing with their struggles to believe that someone loves them, no matter what.  We talked this week about this being a New Year, and the start of a new life for them.  I have to remind them that the world is still the same, that once they leave the safety net of rehab........they have to make wise choices, they have to make hard choices......such as, do they/can they keep the same friends, if they are in a relationship will it continue, what about their physical health, do they keep the same career or are they forced to change paths.   Hard stuff.  All I can do, is assure them of my love for them, remind them that they deserve to be loved, and that life is meant to be lived not only one day at a time......but one breath at a time.

The sun came out this afternoon, and though it was still very chilly, seeing the blue skies did everyone some good.  This morning, in the still cold grey light, a dazzling blue jay sat at our bird
feeders and gobbled his breakfast.......jays are my lucky birds, I took him as a sign that all was well.
It has been an emotional day, I am very tired........but thankful for the blue skies, and the blue jay.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Vision Board 2013

So here it is, 2013 Vision Board......Jordan spent the day, and we also did a Vision Board for're never too young.

There are photos of Rick and me playing, of yoga asanas, places I want to visit......Sedona, Az.  Ireland, Colorado, Paris, San Francisco,  Nova Scotia.  There's a pic of our song writer's think tank,  symbols for luck, for wealth, positive affirmations.  My horoscope for 2013.......and lots of encouragement for good health.  There is also a great deal pertaining to friends, maintaining friendships, reconnecting and visiting.

Jordan's was so much fun, he chose pictures of Popsicles, fruit, DisneyWorld, the beach, lots of fun times and also some positive words for his health issues.
It has been a good positive day.  The Christmas tree is in the yard, the house is almost back to normal.
If you have never done a Vision Board, I encourage you try one in some shape or form.  I make them at the beginning of the year or on my birthday.  It is just a collage, of what and how you want your life for the coming year.  Place it where you can see it every day, it will serve as a gentle reminder ........ of what is important to you, what you want to do, where you want to go.....they work.
I have done them for years, and for me, way better than resolutions.

Goodnight, Sweet dreams

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

January 1

January 1......the first day of a new month, the first day of a brand new year

January has rained all day, a slow cold rain

January 1.....traditional New Year's Food for lunch, black-eye peas, greens

January 1......I worked, taught my first two yoga classes of 2013

January 1......treatment #12 is this month

January husband Rick's birthday is the 15th, my brother Ricky's birthday is the 22

January 1.....started my new vision board today, this one might take a few days

January gig this  month, one gig next to a good start

January 1.....last day for the Christmas tree, it is so beautiful, I will miss it

January 1....will this year go by as quickly as last year?  I hope not.