Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Good Thoughts

Some days are difficult......life has happened, it has been a difficult day.  I said goodbye to a student today, and one of my best friends said goodbye to her dad today.  My student is going to live a sober life, my friend's dad died this week.  Watching my friend at her father's wake tonight brought back vivid memories for me, this weekend will be the twenty-second anniversary of my own father's death.   Twenty-two years......an eternity, a moment......I still miss my dad so very much.
My friend has a rough road to travel, send her good thoughts.

My student, has some health issues that he will continue to deal with.  Hugging him today, I said a silent prayer for his body and spirit to heal. Keep him in your thoughts also.

I am drained, today my emotions have been in overdrive, and my body feels very taxed.
Maybe you can send me some good thoughts too.
Blessings of peace and joy to all of you
Goodnight, Sweet dreams


  1. Indeed, very warm, good thoughts for you, your friend who lost her dad and your student who is leaving today. Take the best care of you Jilda, you are loved.

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  3. I will pray for you, your student and your friend. God bless.

  4. Never a day goes by I don't miss my Mother and Father. I pray for your friend and student and for you that healing and love wraps you all in an uplifting embrace.

  5. Sending prayers for your friend, your student and especially for you.
    Blessings to you all.

  6. Life is tough but beautiful all at the same time. If we only understood why life is so difficult at time we would feel more hope.

    I hope that your friend and student both can come to a place of peace in their heart.

    You take on others pain and you have plenty of your own, that's how you are. Caring and compassionate...

    I'm sending you some healing thoughts of peace, hope and healing love.

  7. Hi Jilda. I am new here and it is good to meet you. I 'found you' through 'Life 101'.
    I am sending positive energy and warm thoughts to you, your friend and your student. All the best.