Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Fickle Mother Nature

Thank you all for the insightful comments that you made on last night's post.  It was an emotional day, but some days are like that.  I have also been battling my ever present lung infection, so last night was both physically and emotionally draining.  I went to bed early, only to be awakened around
5:00 am by the weather.

We knew going to bed last night the weather could be iffy.......this morning it reared its ugly side and our community was under a tornado warning early.  Buddy, is the best weather alert system on the planet, and around 5:00 am he started his little noise/grunt  warning.  A little while later, the weather service alarms which are on our smart phones called to tell us we were under a tornado warning.
The National Weather Service needs Buddy.  We were lucky, but a community northwest  of us was hit, so were communities in Tn and Ga.   Welcome to the south.

It is rare to have tornadoes in January, but it was 73 degrees yesterday and will only be in the 40's tomorrow.  Mother Nature in the south, is a fickle woman.  The winds are still howling tonight.
It is going to be an early night, my cup of hot tea and warm bed are calling to me as I type.
Goodnight, Sweet dreams


  1. Hi Jilda, I hope that you are all OK this morning and that there's no damage to your property or to yourselves.

    One moment we are in a deep freeze and now we're in a melt down. It's rainy and windy today but warm.

    I'm hoping you're safe and sound.

  2. I think we caught some of your tornado all the way over here.

  3. I read about all that crazy weather and immediately thought of you and Rick. Glad you missed the worst of it but I feel for those that didn't. We get our fair share of tornadoes but not usually this time of year! We had warmer the 60's but today was 20 and snow. Yep, fickle is the word today!