Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Magic Happens

Thank you for the incredible energy you sent to me,  I am sure my friends felt it too.  So, Monday and Tuesday were tough days, emotional drains.  Today ( as always) the universe knew exactly what I needed......Jordan, our four year old great nephew spent the day with us and he was delightful.

I had brought the yoga mats home to clean them, he helped.  We finally planted our Christmas tree,
he helped.  We baked cookies and ate his favorite pizza.  You could hear his giggles all day long.
We watched Cat in the Hat and Curious George.  At least three times, he looked at me and said "I have to look at my Vision Board."  See, even a child knows they work.

Tonight is the good kind of exhaustion.......the fatigue you have when you have experienced too much fun.  If you have not had one of those days should.  Find yourself a small child, go out
doors and giggle....blow bubbles, watch silly pizza......have cookies and milk......pick up leaves, sticks and goodness knows what else and marvel at it.  Anytime you have doubts, or sadness, or feel the need to see the dark side.......spend some time with a child outdoors.
Magic happens, you'll see.


  1. So very true, and just the right medicine for you today. I cherish my dear grandson (now 9) every day I look after him. I love his views and interpretations.

  2. Great advice Jilda! I'll have to settle for our dog to 'exhaust' me in a good way.....actually she does so frequently.
    I was reading something last evening by Thich Khat Hanh who when we are having those 'bad' days try our best to acknowledge what he called our 'habit energy', say hello to it and let it go by breathing practice.
    And I can see a child being the perfect 'practice' to keep one present....or a dog!
    Have a great day.

  3. You are so right. Children are magical!

  4. That's what I found out too., especially at Christmas time. It's just not the same without them.

    Sending you strength, peace and love.