Monday, January 7, 2013

Love and a Best Friend

"If you have been looking for love in all the wrong places try the animal shelter, as the best friend you could ever have is waiting there just for you."

My friend Sara, sent me this quote on FB this morning......and of course I shared it.  I know what a friend an animal can can tell them anything and everything and they will never can have the worst day of your life, and they will still love can be gone five minutes or five days and they are always glad to see you( talking dogs here, because the cats I have had in the past never knew I was gone).......a pet will love you when you are at your worst.....they don't care what you look like......they remind you that it really is all about love, food, and shelter.

I have been lucky to have been chosen by really charismatic loving dogs, as I type this....Calliou
the wacky collie just stuck his nose in my face.....and honestly, if I ever won the lottery......I'd probably go to the local shelter, get all the critters and bring them home.

I am thankful for all those best friends that I have had through the years,  yes my heart has been broken by their passing, but the love they gave was worth the pain.  It is so quiet around our house these days, only two dogs now.......but I am certain that there is another one out there somewhere just waiting to find our house.


  1. When my youngest was 3 we went to the pound together and picked out a puppy...Ferris was a part of our family for 15yrs. When he passed away it was the saddest day. I think my son felt like his childhood had also left. A quick story..sorry for this long comment...When one of my son's good friends died in a car accident, he had a dream. Ferris was there but wouldn't come to him, even though he kept calling him. His friend who had just passed away came and told Jordan that Ferris would be with him and he'd take good care of him. Then they just walked away together. It was a vivid real he said. I know that dogs go to heaven and we'll see them again. I do hope you find another pound puppy to join your group!

  2. What a beautiful post, Jilda! I love the idea. I have been playing with the idea of volunteering at the animal shelter...

  3. I 100 percent agree... I can't imagine my home without the unconditional love of my little buddy. I got him from a dachshund rescue org.