Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Weather Report

The rain just keeps on coming.........we live in the footprints of the  foothills of the Appalachians, rarely do we ever have to worry about flooding (plus it rains a great deal in Alabama) but we have been under a flood advisory for the past two days.  Rain, fog, and cold......an interesting combination and a hint that there might be snow by tomorrow night.

Almost everyone we know who has a basement is dealing with water issues, the ground( which around here is mostly red clay) is squishy, the creeks look like young rivers racing to the sea.
There are many jokes circulating  about building arks.....and the rain keeps on coming.
I keep telling my friends that English women have beautiful complexions because of their rainfall, we should be so lucky!  The rain just keeps on coming.

We bought great rain gear from LLBean a few years ago.......hiking in the rain with the dogs has had its moments.  This morning as I looked out our back yard and saw a lake where there is none, I thought of Blackie Bear (our lab/chow mix who died this summer) he would have been swimming in that newly formed lake.  The picture above was taken of him in his younger days during a rainy spell.
He LOVED the rain, he LOVED to swim, he LOVED the snow......this is his kind of weather.
I have missed him so much today......the rain just keeps on coming.

I can hear the rain tonight on the tin roof, and the air is getting cold enough that the drops are hanging on the pine needles, with the fog moving in, we could have frozen fog which is very strange.
I personally am hoping for snow......keep your fingers crossed!


  1. I feel your pain in missing your pup. We lost our Holden in 2012 and it's so bittersweet how things in everyday life stir memories and leave an ache of sadness.

    Hope Rick is working on the ark...

  2. Memories are precious. I call our lovely Peaches by the name of two beloved dogs who have been gone for a long time, so we hear Sparkles, Dee, Peaches and Peaches comes running. Love dogs, they love back without fail. Thank your for writing every day, I read every post and learn.

  3. Precious memories! They sustain us.

    It has been cold here with a warm up for a few days and then down to zero on Monday.

    I hope you are feeling well today!

  4. We live just a skip and a throw from the mighty St John River and some springs it floods it bank and sometimes it really floods our area so i understand the concern about flooding. I hope that the rain stop soon.

    Pets are like family, they may be gone from our sight but not from our hearts.

    Stay warm and dry,

  5. Hi Jilda, I'm getting back into blogging again. I do hope it stops raining soon where you are. We have had a lot of snow in our city for the first time in years. The kids could finally get the sleds out this Christmas.

    After seeing all the flooding over the last few years, I told my daughter we needed to have an inflatable boat in the shed. Just in case.