Saturday, January 26, 2013


We have a new rooster, his name is Zeus.  I think he looks very god-like in rooster likeness.
He has a double comb on his head, his feathers around his neck are gold, like a gold necklace.
His body is white, like a robe and his tail feathers are black and green.  Our hens love him.
Zeus knows he is the god of the hen house.

Our old rooster, Speckles was beautiful......but he became rather aggressive.  He decided that only one male could walk around the hen house and that would be Speckles......bad mistake. Rick walked in the hen house, Speckles flogged Rick......Speckles went to live with our friend Donnie, who has a way with chickens and all small animals and fowl.

I had  missed Speckles crowing, it is nice to sit and have morning coffee and listen to Zeus tell the world that the hens are his.  I am hoping that come spring Zeus and his hens will provide us with several baby chicks.  Keep your fingers crossed.  By the way, we eat our eggs, but not our chickens. :)

Goodnight, Sweet dreams.


  1. I love your description of Zeus!

  2. I am sure Zeus will have many progeny long as they aren't male, things will go well! lol