Thursday, January 24, 2013


As I left work today I looked to the east and saw the moon rising above the tree tops......I pulled over on the roadside, and snapped this picture with my phone.  Heavy grey clouds were starting to move in from the west, blanketing the sunset with darkness, but the moon was shinning its silvery best rising above those bare trees.

It was that moment between daylight and dark, the one that is filled with anticipation......the air hangs heavy with magic, and you're not quite sure about the shadows or any figures that you see, what is real and what is fading into darkness.

Looking at the moon rise, I felt a positive affirmation from the universe, it seemed an energy of positive and loving beauty sent down to anyone who saw its beauty. I glowed all the way home.


  1. I've been looking at the same moon and I was wondering how many people were looking at the moon at the same time I was looking at it. It was lighting my way home from the barn this evening. The sky was clear and I also could see the bright stars. Truly magic.