Monday, October 31, 2011

Sand and Gravel

My classes were overflowing today, as I looked around the room during the last fifteen minutes of each class
every face was peaceful, each body relaxed, every breath slow and easy.......that is shavasana, that is rest, that is relaxation.  It was quite a sight to see,  and to know that as each came into the room earlier, there was stress, worry, anger, pain and fear.  When I see that transition, that transformation  I always wonder why more people don't do yoga........and I also wonder how many continue their practice when I am no longer their teacher.

People who experience the incredible benefits of yoga can't say enough good things about it.......BUT, life has its way of changing our path, no matter how good something is.  We get busy, there's the job, the family....and something so good for us, drops to the bottom of the's a big rock, but it gets covered by sand and gravel.  In case you don't know about the "big rock"......several years ago I took a seminar, "What Matters Most", it was about time management.  During the presentation, there was a video......the big rocks represented what mattered most to us.......there was  a cylinder in front of the spokesman, the big rocks were to his side, as he talked about our days and all the little things that took our time, (gravel and sand) he filled up the cylinder, with the little stuff and before you knew space for the big rocks, the important things.....
the secret, put the big rocks in first!  Do the stuff that is important first!!!!

I know, I am guilty too, of allowing the little stuff to rob me of my time, and what matters most.....but I can tell you this......I have learned that when I practice yoga, when I do my breath work, when I experience shavasana( deep rest)  my life goes much health is better, my ability to focus is better, I feel better, everything seems better.  Stress robs us of joy, of energy, of our health, stress kills us.......we deserve to feel peaceful, to feel relaxed, to release stress.  Even if you can't make it to a yoga class, sit for a few minutes every morning, no tv, just sit quietly and  breathe slowly.....if your thoughts run through the brain like a train,
just observe them, and breathe......your body, your mind, your spirit will all benefit.....and you'll be putting some big rocks in the cylinder.....not just sand and gravel.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Sunday's Pleasures

I have a rather guilty pleasure......I love to read the comics on Sunday mornings!  I have done it since I was a child.  My dad would get the Sunday paper, I got the comics, my brother got the sports, daddy got the news.....

Rick snapped this photo of me this morning, me in my jammies,  drinking coffee, reading the comics.
Honestly, if I don't get my comic's just not Sunday!  Sometimes I laugh so hard  I cry, Rick just shakes his head.  The Sundays that we are busy, and I don't get to read them, well I am just out of sorts.....and no, I cannot read them on Monday! It's just not the same.

So which ones do I read???...... I read Pickles, and Garfield, The Buckets, Zits, Drabble, Wizard of Id, Hagar the Horrible, Dilbert, Peanuts, Mother Goose &Grimm, LuAnn, Sally Forth.......I told you, it is a guilty pleasure!  And yes, I LOVED comic books as a kid!  My brother Ricky and I had older cousins who gave us
boxes of comics every time we saw them, it was wonderful!

This morning it was chilly enough for the fireplace, first time this fall!  So, it was all nice and cozy in front of the fireplace, coffee and comics. We are almost at peak foliage, I plan to take photos in the morning.....will share with you tomorrow night.

I hope this weekend has been a good one for all of you,  and I hope the coming week is filled with beauty,
love and laughter for you all.  Enjoy your guilty pleasures, I have more, I assure you! Ha,Ha!

Saturday, October 29, 2011


"Always be a beginner." -  Zen Mind, Beginner's Mind  
I am re-reading this book, I read it many years ago and then Rick listened to the audio version a couple of weeks ago.....and well, I couldn't stand Rick being more Zen than me......ha,ha!
I love that phrase, "always be a beginner."  Think about it,  remember what it is like to be a beginner, to just be starting something........if you are a beginner, and you are learning something for the first time, think about the excitement, the energy, the exhilaration of trying something new......the nervousness.

You could be beginning a new career,  a new hobby, a new friendship, a new love affair.......but remember how it all feels at the a beginner, everything is fresh, nothing is taken for granted, everything is new.
As a beginner, we learn and everything seems boundless.  As a beginner, our mind is open, there are possibilities, we try harder, we want to grasp it all!  As a beginner, we want to share......

As a beginner, the world around us seems different,  we see things in a different light, a different way.
As a beginner, we question, we are curious, we want to a beginner, we do not judge, we are learning......there is nothing to judge.

As a beginner, you leave nothing to chance, all bases are covered, every t is crossed and every i is dotted.
There is no boredom, no bias, no ego.......all is new.   "Always be a beginner"

Good night, Sweet dreams

Friday, October 28, 2011

Warm and Soft

Happiness is a warm blanket.......that's what my yoga classes thought today.  Our temps never got out of the forties today, rain had fallen most of the morning, and the leaves here in Alabama are truly ablaze.  I made sure that the yoga blankets were washed and dried today and ready for class.  As each class got ready for savasana,
I asked if anyone wanted a cozy blanket.....almost everyone raised their hand.....and as I wrapped each one in their blanket, there were plenty of smiles.  It was a great start to their weekend.

Happiness for me tonight......purple flannel sheets, that are thick and soft and warm.  If you have never slept on flannel sheets when it is cold, treat yourself, to the thickest softest ones you can afford.  When you run them through the rinse cycle, add a little lavender oil......the sandman will find you with no problem.

I love the tactile experience, when I was a little girl my mom dressed me in organza ruffled dresses that were so stiff and scratchy,  for me as an adult, clothing had to feel good.....I became a fabric snob......touch was everything.  Even now, when I shop, I touch first, then look at the style.  My first major was merchandise and of my favorite classes,  textiles and fabric.

If you are feeling the first taste of fall, if there is a crispness in the air......I bet there is a favorite sweater  or jacket that you reach makes you feel warm, and cozy and safe and a hug from a long lost friend.  Enjoy your weekend, be sure to wear something warm and soft, and think of me!
Good night, Sweet dreams

Thursday, October 27, 2011


A gig tonight, a gig tomorrow, and also is either feast or famine.  But that is ok, I had rather have back to back gigs, than no gigs at all!  We used our new sound system tonight, and it worked great!  Now, I can add roadie/sound crew to my resume!  Ingrid was so loaded with guitars and equipment, we looked like the Beverly Hillbillies!

The dogs are all snoring, Ingrid  is unloaded, and rain is moving in.....thank goodness for the Friday gig, we don't have to carry the sound equipment.....just guitars.  I am making good that statement "I am curiously strong". I can lift those speakers like a pro!

Very tired, lots to do and so ready for bed!
Good night, Sweet dreams.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Duck and Run For Cover

It has been one of those days, you know the kind........I have started all sorts of projects, only to have to shift attention to something else.  I broke my mom's crystal tea pitcher, during rehearsal tonight I could not remember words or chords,( we have a great gig tomorrow night, and now I'm sweating bullets about it) I could not find my way out of a cardboard box tonight!

All I can do at this point is laugh, at myself and the absurdities of the day.......I lost my ear buds, ( my sound monitors when we play) and trust me, I keep up with those, they are my best friends on stage.  Thankfully, Rick found those and after truly murdering several songs tonight, he tactfully suggested I might need a bath and some rest. Ha, ha.......if I don't laugh, someone will have to bail me out of jail.

But, there is something about tapping this keyboard........the touch, the appearance of the letters and words, and the connection to all of you that is stabilizing, reassuring, and strangely comforting.  There are major weather changes coming, and I know that I am very sensitive to atmospheric pressure changes......maybe that
has triggered  this topsy turvy day...or maybe it has just been one hell of a screwy day.  A duck and run for cover kind of day!  Ha, ha!  Sorry, I have to laugh........or, well you one wants to bail anyone out of jail.

So, before I break anything else, or lose anything else, this is it..........
Good night, Sweet dreams

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Memories and Lessons

Tomorrow would have been my dad's birthday......he died twenty years ago, but it seems like yesterday.
I still remember the smell of his skin, I have his blue eyes and ruddy complexion.  I think the most important lesson he ever taught me was service.  He was always helping someone, he looked for people to help.
He had very little formal education but he was one of the smartest people I ever knew.  He tried to see the good in everyone he met and he truly believed in the Golden Rule.

He gave me the best advice about religion, "work out your own salvation".   He taught me to always keep a jacket in the back of my car, to keep my oil checked and changed, how to change a tire, check the fluids and he taught me to drive....and being a plumber, he also taught me how to fix a leaky toilet or sink.  He taught me to fry chicken( mine will never be as good as his) and he taught me to play pool (his nick name was Sharky, need I say more).  He fed me oysters on the half shell when I was three or four years old, (yes, I love them) and I think my ice cream addiction is his fault.

He loved to take us on Sunday drives, and vacations to the beach.  He played guitar and sang in a sad bluesy wail, and he whistled all the time.  And he loved to laugh!  The last Christmas gift he ever gave me was a small
plastic commode, when you opened it, it squirted water in your face.   I still have it.

Sometimes I dream about him,  he'll be giving me advice or giving his approval about someone or something
in my life.  I have a photo of the two of us at the beach, we both have big smiles on our faces ( he had probably just beaten me at pool) or shared some oysters.  The last time I ever spoke to him, I had made oyster stew and had called him to see if he wanted some.......he told me it was too cold and dark for me to get out, to bring it the next day......he was dead by morning.  I don't think I have ever made oyster stew again.

I miss him......he was there for me, no matter what......I always knew I was loved.   My heart hurts tonight,
and there are some tears falling down my cheek......Happy Birthday Poppa!  I miss you.

Monday, October 24, 2011

I Might Be Wrong

Since day one I have looked at Face Book as friend and enemy......I see that it can be an extraordinary social media tool.......I use it to announce my yoga classes, to let friends and fans know when/where we are playing,
to send birthday wishes, and short notes, and share photos and information.

Since day one, I have seen FB show it's dark side too......the heated taunts between fans, the rantings
of political and religious beliefs,  the mean spirited conversations when people  forget that what they post goes public.......I spend very little time on FB.  I find myself getting sad and depressed, seeing the comments that are left, realizing that more and more of us are letting FB create an even greater divide between us, well maybe FB is just showing the divide.

Ken Burns did a great show on PBS about Prohibition a few weeks ago......I read an interview with him before the show was aired and he said something so profound that it rattled the very foundations of my soul.
He talked about how during Prohibition, politicians manipulated the masses by creating an atmosphere of
"no doubt".......that people were either dead set against alcohol or totally for it, there was "no doubt" no in between.......that the same thing was done during the civil war and in various other times in history when darkness overcame civilization.......much the way it is happening now.

We seem to all be so sure, so positive of our thoughts and beliefs, that there is no room for doubt.  When there is no doubt, there are no open honest discussions, no questions, no acknowledgement that maybe you might be just might be wrong.  Paul Thorn has written a killer song by that same title.....You
Might Be Wrong.  Where did this absurd arrogance come from?  This thinking that our way, our path, our thoughts, our beliefs, were the only ones. If it wasn't so sad and scary, it would be comical.

When did we get here, how did we get here........nobody thinks they're  wrong.....everyone thinks their way is the only way, the only path.........honestly, think about how ridiculous that sounds.  We are not all right, we are all not all wrong and we have to get to back to the center, to the middle save our selves,
to save humanity, to save civility.

Daily now I try to practice doubt......if I find myself saying something,  or reading something,  I do my best to remind myself, to question, to look at my self in the mirror and doubt......and to say at least once a day......
You might be wrong.  It has been freeing, and might be wrong........I  might be wrong.


Ten hours on the road.......hard and fast......and home.  The dogs are beside themselves, licks and hugs all around.  A gentle rain is falling, it is Monday morning and our great nephew Jordan will be here in just a few hours to spend the day.......time for sleep, rest, and gratitude.
Good night, Sweet dreams

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Listen to Your Heart

from the heart.....that is how I have always lived my music, and my yoga.  During the past six years that I have taught at a drug/alcohol rehab center......many times, I have been in yoga classes teaching in unchartered territory.....flying by the seat of my pants, teaching straight from the heart.

This Yoga Warriors weekend training has reaffirmed what I knew in my heart.......that I was doing a lot
of things "right" as far as PTSD , but that I also had some things to learn.  A long day, but that is to be expected......I am tired, but excited to go home tomorrow night and teach next week.   Dharma, our instructor is wise and kind...... spiritual and loving, but strong.  I think if we lived near each other, we would be great friends.......she is a wonderful addition to this Yoga Warrior program,  an asset and leader.

I have thought so often about my path, the fork that I chose that led me where I am today in yoga.  Who knew my life would carry me here, I can assure you that all of this was not in any "five" year plan!  I love what I do, you all probably get tired of me saying life is not perfect, it is not without its pain and challenges, but I do know this......following my heart has softened the blows and lightened the valleys of darkness in my life.

So listen to your heart,  I will always believe to follow your heart will give you the life that you were born to live.  I see the worst ravages of choice, of not following your heart, I see the muck and darkness
of lives based on fear, bad choices, and poor judgement and circumstance where there is no control.
But I have seen eyes light up with joy and a smile break across someone's face for the first in months, I have seen bodies rigid with fear, relax and soften and I have seen hope........and hope when there is no a true  miracle.

It is time for rest, more classes tomorrow, then a ten hour drive home tomorrow night.  Yes, it is worth it....more than you will ever know.
I hope you have had a wonderful sunny weekend and that you have been surrounded by love, by family and friends and good times.
Blessings to you and yours tonight, my the love in your heart shine like the sun,
peace and happiness

Friday, October 21, 2011

Yoga Warriors

Apex NC, just got in from Yoga Warriors first night of head is buzzing and my heart is full.

So you ask, what the heck is Yoga Warriors?  It is  an evidence
based yoga teacher training program for PTSD and the mind body connection.......healing the wounds of war, breath by breath.

No this is not an easy class/seminar......already tonight within the first hour, there were tears Sunday, we will probably fill the ocean.   We are truly a unique group, not all are yoga teachers, some are therapists, social workers,  health care workers.....with a common goal......give anyone, but especially soldiers/vets and their family members the tool that has been proven in a study that will be published in Jan. 2012
of helping PTSD.   What is being taught to us, can be used by anyone who has PTSD to help with the disorder...... trauma is
trauma, whether  it is caused by war, violence, accident, nature.
I  cannot believe I am so lucky to be here.....blessed to be here with this group, with this instructor.  This is where my heart lies in yoga, and I know without a shadow of a doubt, that what I have been doing the past few years and will continue to do can help.

Apex is a beautiful sleepy southern town, but is  vibrant and alive.  Someone had the vision a few years ago, to renovate and restore its historical downtown district.  All day folks have walked its streets, filled its shops and eateries and smiled at me a stranger from Alabama.  I feel at home, welcomed and relaxed.
If any of you ever get the chance to visit, drop by.......the food is good, the town is full of charm and the local yoga studio, Yoga Garden is truly a delight.

I have homework, so this is a short post tonight.....but I am ever so grateful for my path, for those I have met today and the guidance that I am getting.......
more to come tomorrow night.
Good night Sweet dreams

Thursday, October 20, 2011

On The Road

on the road for ten hours, finally in Apex, NC........tomorrow I start my long awaited Yoga Warrrior PTSD
seminar......very excited, always a little nervous.  I have been to teacher trainings that were the equivalent
 of  time with a holy man, and those that were sadly time with the devil......I believe this will be a good one.

I slept only a couple of hours last night......same old story.....the steroids. Will be off them again by Sunday, hopefully sleep will come tonight, but if not......the artificial energy will come back in full force tomorrow and with the help of caffeine  this too shall pass.  UGH!!!!!!!

So tomorrow morning I have a few hours free before class starts......Rick drove up with me, so we'll drive around and explore.  I know there is a Lake Jordan near here, so maybe we can just go out to the lake and hike for a couple of hours.  The fresh air will do me good.  And as always, the steroids make food really important, hope we find a great place to eat!

Oh yes, don't forget to vote for Phil Campbell High School on the Glee site, we are coming on strong ,
thanks to all your hard work!

I wish you all a good night's sleep, and the sweetest of dreams.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Peace to You and Yours

Another day with friends, with connecting and with saying goodbye to classes were so beautiful today......filled with amazing love and energy.  Once again today, I connected with seems as though the universe has bathed me in love, joy and peace this past week.  I am not sure what I have done to deserve all this, but I am ever so grateful to receive it.

There are days, weeks like this past week when it seems the energy that flows through me is endless......I feel so connected, nurtured, so cared for......I am awestruck by the kindness and goodness of life some times.
So, I send all this to you all tonight.......I pray that this goodness  continues to all of you, that your night is blessed with sweet dreams and restful sleep,  and that your lives are filled with kindness tomorrow.

I am very tired, and I too need a restful sleep tonight.....a long day tomorrow, a busy weekend ahead.....but it is all good.

Don't forget to go to the Glee site and vote for Phil Campbell High School, our numbers are climbing!

Peace to you and yours

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Ready for Change

The weather guy says chilly weather on its way to Alabama......high today 82, tomorrow.......52 degrees for a high.......pretty big change.  I am ready......for the leaves to turn, for the chill to hit, smell the burning leaves,
drink the hot cider, see my breathe as a mist in the air.

It has been a few really good days, I have seen so many old friends and heard from quite a few......I love the reconnecting.  I have been thinking of reconnecting a lot the past few know when someone dies
all their friends and families gather together to mourn   their passing, to beat themselves up for not spending more time together, for not calling more.......why do we do that?  Why can't we get together while we're living?
Why can't we, share a meal, spend a few days together, feel the warmth of our hugs?  Relive old memories,
make some new ones, hear each other's laughter, taste the salt of each other's tears?

Sorry, the steroids tend to increase the emotional side of well as make me very aware of my mortal
side......this too shall pass.

We were hoping for rain tonight, but it looks as though the east will get the moisture, we will get wind and the cold.....and  October is traditionally one of our driest months.  Wait, I HEAR......rain on our tin roof!  Yeah,
a shower is giving us a kiss!  YES!!!!!!!

Ready for the change.......I know that often we all balk at change, it is fearful, sad quite often, hard.......but tonight......I am ready for the change of the season.......there is something about that change that makes me feel so alive and vibrant......soon I will be taking photos to share with you of autumn on the is special.  I miss our apples this fall,  the April 27 tornadoes blew them away.....the trees was loaded, so were the peach it goes.  Maybe next year.

My wish for you all tonight, if there is a friend you are thinking about, call them.......and if sadly they are no longer with us.......write them a letter, reliving some great memories, set it on fire.....and let the universe carry its love to them from you.
PS.  don't forget to vote for Phil Campbell High School on the Glee site!
Good night
Sweet dreams

Monday, October 17, 2011

Heart Opening

I taught a heart opening class today for a couple of my yoga groups today. Heart opening......what is that?  Well the physical part definitely opens the chest, working the shoulders, the upper back, but just like everything else in yoga there is so much more.

For one thing, there is emphasis on the heart chakra,   the energy meridian that deals with compassion......your ability to love as well as to receive love.  The asanas bring much movement, blood flow, and oxygen to the chest, creating a feeling of warmth and well being........there are lots of smiles in a heart opening class.  As I taught the class, I talked about the importance of self-love as well as the love we give to others.  Often our self love is more like self-loath, so I try to teach these classes pretty often.  How can we be loved, if we don't love ourselves......and I am  not talking ego here.  I am talking about the realization that we are all deserving of love, no matter our past, no matter what we have done, if we are to believe that we are all of one spirit, that we are part of this incredible creation of life, then we all deserve love.  I know, there are many who seem unlovable......but if you stop to think about it, those are the very ones we should send our love to.

I once read that if someone hurts you, no matter how bad........pray a blessing for them instead of hate.....and then  move on with your life.  Not easy, not easy at all......but think about when someone makes you angry, or hurts you or you feel hate for someone,   think about how bad it makes you feel, almost physically ill.
This opening the heart is difficult, hard stuff.....not for sissies.  My most favorite teaching from the Bible.....
do unto others as you would have them do unto you.......the Golden Rule.  If we could live by those simple words...........

Tonight, after teaching those classes, I feel very much at peace, very loved......and very willing to love.
After each class today, there were so many smiles........I think the vibration level in North Central Alabama was raised quite a bit this afternoon........I hope you all felt the love.

Don't forget to go to the Glee site and vote for Phil Campbell High School tonight.  Thanks so much! The numbers are climbing because of all of you.  That's just part of that heart opening stuff!  Ha, ha!

Good night, Sweet dreams

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Simple Happiness

I know that we are all complex creatures, but  honestly I am pretty simple about happiness.......friends, music,
a little yoga, good health  and I can't complain.......tonight I am so happy.  It has been a weekend filled with music, Rick, Skip Cochran, Connie Jean and I, played a songwriter in the round at The Heritage Festival
yesterday (friends and music).   Today, Paul Thorn played the Kentuck Arts Festival and we drove down to see Paul, and our friend Kim.......turns out my good friend Randy Palmer was there doing some mc work, my yoga buddy and sound guy extraordinaire Dan did Paul's sound, Steve and Judy were there, met some new friends from Memphis( music, friends, yoga) .......can you see me smiling through these words?????

I am not well yet, but so much better.  Yes, there are those who are going to tisk, tisk me and tell me I should have been home resting........but I needed this weekend, way more than rest.  Sometimes the spirit needs more than the body.....and the great thing about the steroids they keep the energy coming.

So are you out there shaking your head asking who in the heck is Paul Thorn?  As a songwriter, he is one of my greatest heroes.......his voice is blue and sometimes tough and sometimes sweet.......his songs are clever,
beautiful, sad, funny, he can rock, but he can caress too.......and he is a nice guy......and one of the highlights as a singer, I got to sing on stage with him and his band a couple of years was a good day.  Go to his website, give his songs a listen,
and if he is coming to a town near you, get thee tickets!!!!!!   Every time I see him, I am inspired to be a better writer, musician, and singer.....and you will always find his cds in my car, Ingrid.  That's me and Paul
in the photo today!

I hope your weekend was as good as mine.  And don't forget to go to Glee Give A Note and vote for Phil Campbell High friend Kim, who was helping Paul today, her son is the good looking young man in the video, he plays in the Phil Campbell High School Band.
It is time for rest now, and a cup of hot tea.
Blessings and Peace to you all tonight.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Asking For Help

When the April 27 tornadoes ravaged our state, many of you asked how you could help, well tonight there is a way that you can.  The tiny community of Phil Campbell, with a population of just over 1000( 26 of their citizens died in the storm) has a shot at winning $50,000 from Glee Give A Note project.  Just go to the Glee Give A Note site and watch the Phil Campbell Alabama High School Video and vote, the video is about 3 minutes
( a friend of mine's son is in it, by the way) .  The tornado that hit Phil Campbell was an F5 with winds of 200 miles per hour, the tornado that came within 300 yards of our house was F4.  Phil Campbell High School needs your help.....our state was hit so hard and the devastation so vast that many of the small communities may never get back to what they were once were. You can make a difference......please take the time to watch the video, and then every day take sixty seconds to vote!
Help us rebuild not only a high school band, but rebuild lives, and spirits.
Thanks so very much! from all of us, who were so lucky that day to make it through with our homes and lives, the ones who were not so lucky still need your help, you can change lives through this simple vote!

Friday, October 14, 2011

The Curative Powers Of A Bath

I thought tonight I would give you my take or my transformation information on baths.  I am like most of you, my days are busy and long and usually my daily cleanse is a shower, quick and easy.  But sometimes at night, when my body aches from too much yoga, when the respiratory system has turned into a clunker, when the day has been long and hard......a bath is my respite.

Tonight was one of those nights.....usually if it is fatigue or stress, I toss in a couple of cups of Epsom salts and lavender was not stress or fatigue tonight, it was the respiratory bath of choice......
Epsom salts and eucalyptus oil.......PERFECTION!  Why lavender or eucalyptus or the Epsom salts?
Lavender can relax so well, it will calm a cranky child,  eucalyptus opens the respiratory system, and Epsom salts are natural muscle relaxers.  Any or all of the above is a guarantee of a better night's sleep.

Baths are therapeutic, after all, we are  mostly water, about 70% as a matter of fact.  You can lie back in a tub of warm water, close your eyes and let the world disappear for a little while.  If you really want to spoil yourself, light a couple of candles, turn on your favorite music,  a little vino or a cup of hot is good.
Some nice slow breaths, and soon even the most difficult of days can soften to bearable.  And if there is someone around to scrub your back.......well even better.

There was once a thriving community near us in the early twentieth century, a place called Blount Springs.
People came from all over the country to take the "cure" soak in the curative waters, to drink it.
For many it is a quaint story of a time long ago, but for me it signifies the importance of water, the healing properties, the curative effects.  In our hurry and go world, we seem to leave behind some very important simple pleasures.  Showers do the job, we get clean........but there is so much more than cleansing the body.
A bath is all about you, time for you, pleasure for you, the opportunity for peace, to be in the now, the present and let go of the day, clear the mind, and allow ourselves a good night's rest.......something we all deserve.
Enjoy your bath.
Good night, Sweet dreams

Thursday, October 13, 2011


A little sad, well a little disappointed tonight.  There is an incredible songwriter's festival that takes place in November every year on the Alabama Gulf is the Frank Brown International Songwriter's Festival.
Rick and I have been fortunate to play it twice, in 2001 and 2010.....we had submitted an application for this year, but we received our  "so sorry, but no" note today.  It is quite a feather in your cap to be asked to play, to play twice was beyond our wildest dreams, but selfishly I was hoping for number three.

I should be use to rejections, we have enough to wallpaper a room!  As a songwriter I have submitted song after song after song, for movies, tv shows, cuts by major and not so major artists, for commercials, corporate films, documentaries, ........this business is not for the faint of heart, neither is it for the thin of skin.  I have had "music gods" listen to ten seconds of a song and then slide it back across the desk to you,  we have had songs put on
"hold" (like a great big carrot dangling in front of your nose) and then never  hear another word.  Publishers have told us a song was so "great" that they didn't know what to do with it,  and I personally have been  told that I am good writer (to be a woman).  I could go on for days.

So why do it, why put myself out there, why all the work, effort, expense, wear and tear on the body and spirit..........why do painters paint?  It is who I much a part of me as yoga, actually more.  I have been doing this since I was a child, and I love it.  I love the process of writing a song, seeing lyrics and hearing melody come together in a glorious love affair.....I love the performance, of singing an original song in front of a crowd and they all become so taken in by the song....there is total silence, you take their breath away, you create a memory for them, you stir is truly a way to be in the now....mesmerized by a song and singer.

This too shall pass.......we will probably go on down to the beach sometime during the festival and cheer the others on, but there will be that little ache, that little longing of wishing I were up there on that stage,singing my song.  So once again, it is time to put my big girl panties on, suck it up, and keep on writing, keep on singing.
It is time to practice, we have a gig Saturday.

Thanks for letting me wallow, some days you just have too.  Something else is out there waiting.....and I know how to wait.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Some nights it would be so easy not to  sit in front of this computer.......nights like tonight, it is no friend, but a taunting enemy  with no mercy.   It is important to me to not waste your precious time, to not blather, and not be frivolous with words........and there are nights like tonight.  Everything that comes to mind seems like fluff.

It is hard for creative energy and inspiration to flow, when the brain is not getting its fair share of oxygen.
This respiratory stuff is choking me physically and mentally.  It dawned on me today that for most of this year
I have spent a great deal of energy and money battling infections.  It has just been of those years, when I have magically attracted all bacteria and virus that comes into my space.  How can this be?  I exercise, I breathe,
I eat, in my head I think that I do everything right, but apparently not.  I am lucky, it is not cancer, or some horrible disease, and honestly there is a reason that the respiratory stuff attaches itself to me so readily.
Pardon me while I have a small private pity party.......and then I have to remind myself or as my doc once so brilliantly phrased it, "if you didn't do all the right stuff, you wouldn't be around".

There are times when I do look rather Camille-esque (you know, like death eating a cracker) but with this one,  I just feel like hell but look fine.....according to hubby Rick.....though my cough at this point sounds like the barking of a really tired big dog.  Ha,ha!

So, I started down this path to make a point tonight.......I know that there are many of you who deal with chronic pain, illness and difficulties in your lives that are just unimaginable.......You face obstacles  everyday
that many of us could not comprehend.  I appreciate your efforts, the blogs that you write, the posts that you leave for me, the simple fact that you "follow" me.   I never take you for granted, I am grateful for each of you,
for the wisdom and kindness that you share with me.  I know how precious time is, and I appreciate the fact that you spend a little of yours each night reading my thoughts.

My wish for all of us tonight.......we get a good night's sleep, we wake up to a beautiful morning, no stress, no pain and a day that is  happy and peaceful.
Good night, Sweet dreams

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Live It Now

All week the universe has reminded me of how quickly time goes by, of how things change in the blink of an eye, and life is full of ups and downs.  One of my best friend's mom passed away unexpectedly last week, a cousin's husband died suddenly over the weekend, my niece Samantha got the job of her dreams this week, and her son Jordan starts daycare tomorrow........Rick and I will doing a music video in a couple of weeks, it is October,
and where does the time go?

Most days I think that I am doing most stuff "right" know, eating healthy, exercising, doing things I love,
spending time with friends and family......and then weeks like this past one make me think......but what must it be like, if you're not doing the "right" stuff ?   What if you are just daily going through the motions of living, thinking that you'll do things differently tomorrow or next year?  What if you spend your days, reliving your past?
What if you spend your nights wondering what if?  What if you think about getting healthy when you're older or doing something you love when you retire?

All that is well and good, I suppose, but honestly life just does not happen like that.  Life is to be lived now.
Let me repeat that.......LIFE IS TO BE LIVED NOW.   Some of us won't make it to be old, life will throw us curves and some of those we love, will pass early, opportunities come and go, and time goes by fast.

Life is to be lived now.......enjoy your friends, take care of your body, do what you those you care about,  spend your time wisely, make the moments count........
Good health can be gone in the blink of an eye, so can a friend or a loved one......and a baby is twenty one before you can take a deep breath.

Life is to be lived now......all those cliches about time......they're true.  So this week like every other week, there has been happiness, sadness and everything in between.  I try to look at every experience now to see what I can learn from hold on to the appreciate the good and the bad.

Life is to be lived now.......I am trying to savor the moments, grasp every grain of sand that is slipping through my fingers,  and remind it now.

Monday, October 10, 2011

What Are These Berries?

Every day when we hike I see these  beautiful bushes covered in these incredible purple berries!  I love the color of the berries, they are my favorite color and the color of our front door.  They almost shimmer in the morning sunlight, and all around them the fall colors just make the purple more distinct.  Every fall I tell myself I want a sweater this exact color of purple!

On the way home tonight a gentle rain began to was so good to smell the earthy scent of fresh rain on dry soil.  I hope it rains all night!  It was worth not seeing the full moon, to have the rain falling down.

I said goodbye to a couple of students today.  I should be use to this by now, but I am not, and never will be.
I am great with hellos, but lousy with good byes.  I tell them goodbye with a hug and a prayer, and the urging to live their lives like  they were born to live find their purpose and keep peace in their hearts.

My great nephew Jordan comes to spend the day tomorrow, so I need my rest!
Good night, Sweet dreams.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Sunday's Musings

Since Rick let the cat out of the bag on his blog last night, I suppose I should give you all an update.
Yes, I do have ANOTHER bacterial infection.........but hopefully, I caught this one in time.
I had not posted anything because I did not want to sound like a broken record.....but thanks for your concerns and kind thoughts.  This too shall pass.

Great news today, my friend Jerry Henry, the music guru is going to do a music video of Rick and I in a couple of excited!  Will let you know all about it, and keep you updated!

Also, thanks to all of your posts about yoga, TechnoBabe, you made my morning today!  Wow, I inspired you to buy mats, dvds, and actually do some yoga! Thanks for sharing that with me.  The Rodney Yee/Patricia Walden
yoga dvd AM/PM beginner's yoga is excellent by the way.....and also any yoga for Seniors or chair yoga
is usually gentle.

A great meditation book/cd is by Wayne Dyer, Getting in the Gap, I recommend it daily.  Check your local libraries for books, tapes, cds, and dvds!

The moon is almost full tonight, it was shinning so brightly as we drove home from Birmingham.  A few clouds were hanging around, but the moon didn't seem to mind.  As always it is so comforting to me, to look up and see the moon.  I hope it is shinning on all of you tonight, and may you find its glow as comforting as I do.

There is a hot cup of tea waiting for me, and a nice comfy bed, I need a little extra rest tonight.
Good night, Sweet dreams.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Yoga Follow Up

I am doing a follow up to last night's blog.  So many of you expressed interest in yoga, so let me share some yoga info with you all.  If you want  a physical active yoga class, look for hot, flow, power......I teach mostly restorative, therapeutic, with lots of breath work and meditation and emphasis on alignment.  Visit a class, if it is not what you are looking for, go to another.   ALWAYS let the teacher know about your personal health issues and injuries!  Yoga is a personal journey, with no competition, awareness of your body, and can be quite spiritual ( no matter your religion).   All yoga teachers are different, just like any other teacher.....some teach yoga strictly as a way of fitness, others include spiritual, healing, meditation, components to the class.

You have to remember that each of us is unique, with strengths and weaknesses.  Some are very flexible, some are strong, but even the bedridden can  do yoga. ( I know, I have taught them)  If you are flexible, you should probably work on strength and if you are strong, work on the flexibility.  It doesn't matter how stiff, how weak or out of shape you are.......honor your body, do what you can and ask the teacher to help you modify poses that work with where your body is today.  Never force your body into a pose, modify the pose and practice!  Even those with disabilities can do yoga.  I have taught five year olds, I have taught seniors in their 80's.

A yoga practice can help you deal with every day stress and worry.  It can help you with pain management, and anxiety and depression.  There is a world of positive things that yoga does for the body and spirit.
There is a reason it has existed for  thousands of years.
Start with the knowledge that you can go to a class, and if nothing else......BREATHE and learn to meditate.
Don't be afraid to ask questions, and don't let anyone intimidate you.  It is your practice, and no one else's.
Any questions?  just send me a note!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Yoga Class

My classes were full today, several  folks brand new to yoga......always interesting, they walk in the room rather
timidly, really not sure about being there.  Sometimes, like today if they do have that deer in the headlights look, I ask them have they been warned about me.......I tell them how mean and grumpy I am, and that at any time I may bring out whips and chains! Ha,ha!  Except today the guys told me they would love it!

I started the first class with meditation, and then we had what I call fun Friday yoga!  The guys were into it, so we did a Warrior series that included quite a few balance poses, they really did have fun.  During savasana, I did temple massages with lavender the end of the class, all those skeptics told me they would see me Monday.  They left class with smiles on their faces and much more peaceful than when they entered the room.

The transformation that takes place is amazing......every day my students come in stressed, overwrought,  depressed.  They tell me they can't rest, can't sleep.  It is miraculous the changes that take place during their time with me......I see the stress leave their bodies, and their faces.  I love it when I see someone smile a true joy filled smile for the first time in days.  And often, the very ones who tell me they can't sleep.......fall asleep during savasana(rest).   Yoga is such an incredible mind/body science!

I love teaching yoga to these students, for the most part,  they are as low in their lives as they can get......but
through this practice of yoga, and breath work and meditation.......I see dramatic their spirits as well as their bodies.  I see the same things take place in the community class that I teach on Monday nights.
People come in stressed and fatigued, stiff and weak.....but in a few weeks you see the changes take place.
They stand a little more erect,  they sit straighter, they move more fluid and smile more often.  They too look forward to class.

I have talked alot about gratitude the past few nights, teaching yoga has taught me much about gratitude.
It is very humbling to see the changes that take place, to see the rest and the peacefulness that comes from teaching.  I am a lucky woman.......I am a grateful woman.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Gratitude in Grief

I talk about gratitude often, and I truly do a prayer of gratitude every day.....but honestly, there are times when it is hard to be grateful.....when I have to dig deep and truly think about what I have to be grateful for. But,.....more honesty here, those times are when I wallow in self-pity or have allowed my ego to grow to epic proportions.  The truth is, there is always something to be grateful for, even in the darkest of moments.

One of my best friends' mom passed away today, quite suddenly and unexpectedly.  My friend was out of town, so she is driving the longest drive of her life come home and comfort her father and her children and her brother and bury her mother. I have talked with her, and text her often this evening....hoping in some way to give her comfort.  But, sadly I have been in that grief stricken shock myself, and comfort takes its time. Tonight, all those things she said/and didn't say, all those things she did/and didn't do are running through her head and no matter how much I encouraged her to let it all be right now, she won't.

My prayer tonight is that she finds some sort of gratitude to hang on to.......and I know it may seem strange to pray that.  But I have found that especially when grieving, if you can begin to think and find gratitude there is a comfort and ease.  Gratitude in times of grief lets you know there is still hope, that no matter how bad the pain is, how empty the heart feels, if you can just find one thing to be grateful for, you can hang on......even if it is only by a thread.

Gratitude, tonight I am grateful that my friend spent several hours with her mom yesterday, that they laughed
and each one knew that they were loved.  I am grateful she has her children, her dad, her brother and husband and friends who love her.

When I lay my head on my pillow tonight, my gratitude list will be prayed with much love and thankfulness.....
I have much to be grateful for......

Wednesday, October 5, 2011


My rituals.......every morning before my feet touch the floor, I go through a list of things that I am grateful for.
Each day as I make the turn into the drive at work, I ask for my portion of grace, I ask that I teach with love and wisdom.  When I am stressed, I wiggle my toes and touch my thumbs to my finger tips.  My brother touches his finger tips and so does my great nephew Jordan.
At night, before I go to sleep, I go through my gratitude list once again.
No matter how tired or how sick I might be, I never go to bed without washing my face.
I talk to my brother Ricky every day.
I tell Blackie Bear that he is my favorite dog every day.
I read my horoscope daily.
I try to do a gratitude ceremony once a month.
There are always fresh flowers in the house.
There is a glass of water on my nightstand every night.....most nights I drink it all.

I think that our rituals tell a lot about  who we are..........I think I have shared a great deal with you all tonight about myself.  So what are some of your rituals?  care to share them?

Good night, Sweet dreams

Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Tonight I sit in front of this laptop, staring at the lace curtain that covers the window, longing to be some place else.  In the past few days I have looked at my photos from Ireland, from Telluride and San Francisco.....I feel the call of distant places.  I thought that as the years went by travel would be a routine part of my life, but sadly that has not been the case.....can you hear me sigh?

I love to travel, to be in a place where I have never been foods, new people.  I have the weather app on my I-phone, it includes besides the weather here in Empire......the weather in some of the places I have visited before.....just a small reminder of how the world is in other places.  My niece Samantha has the chance to visit London next spring, we talked about it today, and I encouraged her to go, for she and Jordan to travel as much as they can.  Life changes,  and those opportunities won't always be there.

I get this travel bug from time to time, I think I have had it my whole life......but I know it is like any other itch, given enough time, it will pass.  I think of all the exotic places I have read about, seen in movies, saw photographs of, and I wonder how many of them I will ever get to see.  I know that the thought of reincarnation is appalling to some, ridiculous to others, but for me it holds great appeal, because it would be a way to see all those places you dream about......coming back life, after life.

Actually the itch is so great tonight, it doesn't even have to be that exotic.....Oregon, Arizona, California, Maine.......just some place different,  for a few days.  I know what you are thinking, I need a vacation......and you are right.  I have found that for me personally, a change of scene does wonders for spirit, for creative energy, for a new attitude.  It inspires, and energizers, it challenges and renews. wonder, I sit here tonight feeling stagnant.

I think it is time for a hot cup of tea.....
Good night, Sweet dreams

Monday, October 3, 2011

Still Blooming

A friend called me first thing this morning......I knew something was up, I could hear the excitement in her voice.
We have been friends a long time, we worked together in Dallas for years. She has been climbing the corporate ladder a long time, and this morning she told me all that she has ever wished for is coming true.
She got the promotion of a lifetime, and I can't think of anyone who deserves it  more.  She was laughing as we talked about being careful what you wish, you might just get it and then she made a remark about being such a late bloomer.  I totally lost it then, and told her about the blog I had written last night, she had been on the road and not had a chance to read it.  Then we laughed some more.

She will be living in NYC soon, and I will surely visit she and my other friends living there.  I know how hard she has worked to make her dreams come true, it really has been a long time coming.  We had great times working together.....and some great after hours too!  I think she had almost given up on her dream, because she and her husband had already begun to make plans to move out west.......and then all of a sudden.......her wish came true!

I have to admit I am a little envious, but another friend pointed out to me today that I am still blooming......
so maybe all our dreams will come true!  So tonight, here's to all those late bloomers, (including myself) whose wishes might not have all come true, but we're still blooming.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Late Bloomer

I rarely think much about my past, but the last few days I have thought a lot about high school......not sure why.
Well maybe what triggered it, was being at a local high school this week as part of self-esteem program.
High school was not  the experience for me that it was for many that I know.......I was not a geek, not a cheerleader, not a beauty queen.....I often felt invisible.  I was stick thin, and often the brunt of skinny jokes, you know....turn side ways, stick out your tongue, you're a zipper. My high school counselor told me I would be a good housewife or maybe a secretary.  My family was very religious.....I never went to a movie, a ball game, I never wore make-up( that list could go on  for days).  The night of my graduation as those around cried and were sad, I was ecstatic because I knew my life was about to undergo major change.

Being at that local high school last week, I could tell that nothing much had changed.  Well the clothing, for sure....but the groups were all there.  The jocks, the geeks, the beauties, and the kids who were invisible.  One of the invisible girls talked with me for awhile, I told her she would graduate in a few short months, 
to walk out the door, never look back and live the life she was born to live.  It's hard to understand when you are a teenager about the concept of being a late bloomer.

I knew, even as a young teen that my life would get better and better as the years went by......I had never heard that phrase, late bloomer, but the first time I did hear it.......I totally understood it, because that was me.
I am glad that I was  a late bloomer, I am glad that my life did not peak in high school, I am glad that my "good old days" are the ones I am living now. 

Being a late bloomer gave me the confidence to choose paths I would never have tried.  I wished that I had had more than a few  minutes with that young girl, but she probably would not have believed much of what I told her.  I could see in her eyes, she had bought the goods that she had been sold by those around her.
Her eyes widened in shock when I told her , come graduation to walk out the door and not look back.  She was full of fear and sadness and resignation.

Being considered average, was good fuel for pushed me to "bloom".  I don't know where it came from or how it was planted, but there was something always in my heart that told me I was different, and that it was ok to be different.  Blossoming later in life was the greatest thing that ever happened to me.  I learned to work on my talents,  to "package'" myself as well as I could,  to read, to listen, and never stop learning.
My "roots" were deep and well developed, I learned interesting and confident were great ways to be described.....and as the years went by, compassionate and kind were even better ways to be described.
I am glad I bloomed late, life has been magical because of it.

Saturday, October 1, 2011


It's one of those nights, when the head is empty.  It's not like it is always overflowing, but most of the time
there is something there.....not tonight.   What my brain really wants to do is sleep, not think, not participate in this activity of blogging.   Sometimes you just have to show the head who's boss! Ha,ha!

It has been a glorious fall day, we played at the Frog Festival this morning, spent most of the day there.  There were several thousand folks there today, most were smiling and having a great time.  How can you not have fun at a festival?  There's food....corn on the cob, fudge, pies, fried Oreos, snow cones, lemon aid, BBQ, and much much more.  All sorts of booths, I bought a bottle tree today to go in my old fashioned flower garden . And you see people you have not seen in a dozen forevers.  Then there is music, all kinds, from gospel to rock.   If you are interested in seeing photos from the Frog Festival, go to  

So, I am about to take a nice hot bath, have a cup of tea and call it a day.....I am all frogged out.
Good night, Sweet dreams