Friday, October 14, 2011

The Curative Powers Of A Bath

I thought tonight I would give you my take or my transformation information on baths.  I am like most of you, my days are busy and long and usually my daily cleanse is a shower, quick and easy.  But sometimes at night, when my body aches from too much yoga, when the respiratory system has turned into a clunker, when the day has been long and hard......a bath is my respite.

Tonight was one of those nights.....usually if it is fatigue or stress, I toss in a couple of cups of Epsom salts and lavender was not stress or fatigue tonight, it was the respiratory bath of choice......
Epsom salts and eucalyptus oil.......PERFECTION!  Why lavender or eucalyptus or the Epsom salts?
Lavender can relax so well, it will calm a cranky child,  eucalyptus opens the respiratory system, and Epsom salts are natural muscle relaxers.  Any or all of the above is a guarantee of a better night's sleep.

Baths are therapeutic, after all, we are  mostly water, about 70% as a matter of fact.  You can lie back in a tub of warm water, close your eyes and let the world disappear for a little while.  If you really want to spoil yourself, light a couple of candles, turn on your favorite music,  a little vino or a cup of hot is good.
Some nice slow breaths, and soon even the most difficult of days can soften to bearable.  And if there is someone around to scrub your back.......well even better.

There was once a thriving community near us in the early twentieth century, a place called Blount Springs.
People came from all over the country to take the "cure" soak in the curative waters, to drink it.
For many it is a quaint story of a time long ago, but for me it signifies the importance of water, the healing properties, the curative effects.  In our hurry and go world, we seem to leave behind some very important simple pleasures.  Showers do the job, we get clean........but there is so much more than cleansing the body.
A bath is all about you, time for you, pleasure for you, the opportunity for peace, to be in the now, the present and let go of the day, clear the mind, and allow ourselves a good night's rest.......something we all deserve.
Enjoy your bath.
Good night, Sweet dreams


  1. Hold on - I have to go start my water. Rest well tonight!

  2. A bath in the evening is so relaxing. I never thought of eucalyptus in the tub. Good idea.

  3. Oh yes, bubbles and a good book and that's the bathroom occupied for an hour :-)

  4. Oh Jilda I would love to take a long soak in lavendar and epsom salts. Unfortunately, I cannot get down in the tub or up out of it because of my knees. Someday I'll find a rich prince and I'll get one of those big high tubs for the elderly with the bench seat inside of it. Ahhhhh! Sounds so good.

  5. I have epsom salt and lavender baths just about every other night. The magnesium in the epsom salts help relax muscles and my muscles often go into spasms because of my degenerative discs. Candles, soft music and an occasional bottle of wine have been known to make their way to my 'salon'!

  6. You describe it in a way that one wishes to fill up the nice smelling bath and dive in:)