Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Tonight I sit in front of this laptop, staring at the lace curtain that covers the window, longing to be some place else.  In the past few days I have looked at my photos from Ireland, from Telluride and San Francisco.....I feel the call of distant places.  I thought that as the years went by travel would be a routine part of my life, but sadly that has not been the case.....can you hear me sigh?

I love to travel, to be in a place where I have never been before......new foods, new people.  I have the weather app on my I-phone, it includes besides the weather here in Empire......the weather in some of the places I have visited before.....just a small reminder of how the world is in other places.  My niece Samantha has the chance to visit London next spring, we talked about it today, and I encouraged her to go, for she and Jordan to travel as much as they can.  Life changes,  and those opportunities won't always be there.

I get this travel bug from time to time, I think I have had it my whole life......but I know it is like any other itch, given enough time, it will pass.  I think of all the exotic places I have read about, seen in movies, saw photographs of, and I wonder how many of them I will ever get to see.  I know that the thought of reincarnation is appalling to some, ridiculous to others, but for me it holds great appeal, because it would be a way to see all those places you dream about......coming back life, after life.

Actually the itch is so great tonight, it doesn't even have to be that exotic.....Oregon, Arizona, California, Maine.......just some place different,  for a few days.  I know what you are thinking, I need a vacation......and you are right.  I have found that for me personally, a change of scene does wonders for spirit, for creative energy, for a new attitude.  It inspires, and energizers, it challenges and renews.  Wow.....no wonder, I sit here tonight feeling stagnant.

I think it is time for a hot cup of tea.....
Good night, Sweet dreams


  1. I have never had much desire to travel yes I do feel the need to get away on a holiday but can't see it happening any time soon. I guess I am just so connected to my family that the thought of being away from them for any lenght of time does not appeal to me........

  2. I hope you do get to 'get away' somewhere else for awhile. Dreaming.
    - Joy

  3. I am sur eyou can amnage couple of days away..so that itch can heal:P))
    I have no time to travel..which is sometimes realy sad as I would love to visit relatives to celebrate their achievemnets,births or grieve with rest of the family ..who is 20000 km away.
    I do travel a lot and always when I have time around New Zealand (what a beuatiful place to travel) I do go every year with 5 other girls to wait for New Year on the island of Vanuatu.I look forward to this one as I love to scuba dive..and as I became mum very young to be a 22 year old for couple of days meaning..(sur eyou remmber:)
    Good night sweet dreams;)

  4. I used to ease my wanderlust by moving home. When the girls started school I had to settle down. I'm so ready to move again :-)

  5. I hope you get to travel - even if it's within america - it's a big place!! I'd love to travel too - the bug to do so never leaves!! Take care

  6. Linda & I are feeling the same itch and we need to find a cure for it soon. Have a wonderful rest of the week.