Monday, October 31, 2011

Sand and Gravel

My classes were overflowing today, as I looked around the room during the last fifteen minutes of each class
every face was peaceful, each body relaxed, every breath slow and easy.......that is shavasana, that is rest, that is relaxation.  It was quite a sight to see,  and to know that as each came into the room earlier, there was stress, worry, anger, pain and fear.  When I see that transition, that transformation  I always wonder why more people don't do yoga........and I also wonder how many continue their practice when I am no longer their teacher.

People who experience the incredible benefits of yoga can't say enough good things about it.......BUT, life has its way of changing our path, no matter how good something is.  We get busy, there's the job, the family....and something so good for us, drops to the bottom of the's a big rock, but it gets covered by sand and gravel.  In case you don't know about the "big rock"......several years ago I took a seminar, "What Matters Most", it was about time management.  During the presentation, there was a video......the big rocks represented what mattered most to us.......there was  a cylinder in front of the spokesman, the big rocks were to his side, as he talked about our days and all the little things that took our time, (gravel and sand) he filled up the cylinder, with the little stuff and before you knew space for the big rocks, the important things.....
the secret, put the big rocks in first!  Do the stuff that is important first!!!!

I know, I am guilty too, of allowing the little stuff to rob me of my time, and what matters most.....but I can tell you this......I have learned that when I practice yoga, when I do my breath work, when I experience shavasana( deep rest)  my life goes much health is better, my ability to focus is better, I feel better, everything seems better.  Stress robs us of joy, of energy, of our health, stress kills us.......we deserve to feel peaceful, to feel relaxed, to release stress.  Even if you can't make it to a yoga class, sit for a few minutes every morning, no tv, just sit quietly and  breathe slowly.....if your thoughts run through the brain like a train,
just observe them, and breathe......your body, your mind, your spirit will all benefit.....and you'll be putting some big rocks in the cylinder.....not just sand and gravel.


  1. Deep rest...I have to try that. I go to bed and my brain goes like a squirrel in a cage.

  2. I used to do Yoga and just loved it! Then many habits changed when my mother had cancer and caring for 3 other aging parents came to the forefront. Putting exercise at the bottom of the list came easy. I miss it and all the benefits you describe. Hope I can find motivation and time to do it again. Thanks for a push in the right direction!!

  3. Yoga is on my list to do;) Thank to you.
    When I go to bed ,the moment I hit the pillow I am asleep;)

  4. Oh to be able to reach this state of mind!! Sounds utterly blissful!! Yay! Take care

  5. Good suggestion. I will sit quietly in the mornings as you suggest. I don't watch tv, we don't have tv hooked up, we only use it to occasionally watch DVDs. I will have a special time in the mornings to sit quietly and breath slowly from now on.

  6. I really should take a few minutes each day just to be.