Saturday, October 15, 2011

Asking For Help

When the April 27 tornadoes ravaged our state, many of you asked how you could help, well tonight there is a way that you can.  The tiny community of Phil Campbell, with a population of just over 1000( 26 of their citizens died in the storm) has a shot at winning $50,000 from Glee Give A Note project.  Just go to the Glee Give A Note site and watch the Phil Campbell Alabama High School Video and vote, the video is about 3 minutes
( a friend of mine's son is in it, by the way) .  The tornado that hit Phil Campbell was an F5 with winds of 200 miles per hour, the tornado that came within 300 yards of our house was F4.  Phil Campbell High School needs your help.....our state was hit so hard and the devastation so vast that many of the small communities may never get back to what they were once were. You can make a difference......please take the time to watch the video, and then every day take sixty seconds to vote!
Help us rebuild not only a high school band, but rebuild lives, and spirits.
Thanks so very much! from all of us, who were so lucky that day to make it through with our homes and lives, the ones who were not so lucky still need your help, you can change lives through this simple vote!


  1. Already clicking and saved link to do it every day till closing:)

  2. Good luck and all the bestest wishes to everyone in the community of Phil Campbell! Take care

  3. I voted via Belle's website.

  4. I voted, Jilda. Thank you guys for letting everyone know about their problem.