Sunday, October 9, 2011

Sunday's Musings

Since Rick let the cat out of the bag on his blog last night, I suppose I should give you all an update.
Yes, I do have ANOTHER bacterial infection.........but hopefully, I caught this one in time.
I had not posted anything because I did not want to sound like a broken record.....but thanks for your concerns and kind thoughts.  This too shall pass.

Great news today, my friend Jerry Henry, the music guru is going to do a music video of Rick and I in a couple of excited!  Will let you know all about it, and keep you updated!

Also, thanks to all of your posts about yoga, TechnoBabe, you made my morning today!  Wow, I inspired you to buy mats, dvds, and actually do some yoga! Thanks for sharing that with me.  The Rodney Yee/Patricia Walden
yoga dvd AM/PM beginner's yoga is excellent by the way.....and also any yoga for Seniors or chair yoga
is usually gentle.

A great meditation book/cd is by Wayne Dyer, Getting in the Gap, I recommend it daily.  Check your local libraries for books, tapes, cds, and dvds!

The moon is almost full tonight, it was shinning so brightly as we drove home from Birmingham.  A few clouds were hanging around, but the moon didn't seem to mind.  As always it is so comforting to me, to look up and see the moon.  I hope it is shinning on all of you tonight, and may you find its glow as comforting as I do.

There is a hot cup of tea waiting for me, and a nice comfy bed, I need a little extra rest tonight.
Good night, Sweet dreams.


  1. Hi, Jilda
    Hope you feel better soon.

    Blessings to you - Marsha

  2. Oh, dear. Take care of yourself. Any chance we'll be able to see the video???

  3. You take care Jilda! Hooorah for the full moon!! x

  4. Sure hope you're feeling much better today and that you got a good night's sleep. Thanks for the cd/book info. Those I'll be looking for.

  5. I hope you had sweet dreams and are already feeling at least a bit better today.


  6. Glad you're ok. Just get 100% quick! Hugs!