Friday, October 7, 2011

Yoga Class

My classes were full today, several  folks brand new to yoga......always interesting, they walk in the room rather
timidly, really not sure about being there.  Sometimes, like today if they do have that deer in the headlights look, I ask them have they been warned about me.......I tell them how mean and grumpy I am, and that at any time I may bring out whips and chains! Ha,ha!  Except today the guys told me they would love it!

I started the first class with meditation, and then we had what I call fun Friday yoga!  The guys were into it, so we did a Warrior series that included quite a few balance poses, they really did have fun.  During savasana, I did temple massages with lavender the end of the class, all those skeptics told me they would see me Monday.  They left class with smiles on their faces and much more peaceful than when they entered the room.

The transformation that takes place is amazing......every day my students come in stressed, overwrought,  depressed.  They tell me they can't rest, can't sleep.  It is miraculous the changes that take place during their time with me......I see the stress leave their bodies, and their faces.  I love it when I see someone smile a true joy filled smile for the first time in days.  And often, the very ones who tell me they can't sleep.......fall asleep during savasana(rest).   Yoga is such an incredible mind/body science!

I love teaching yoga to these students, for the most part,  they are as low in their lives as they can get......but
through this practice of yoga, and breath work and meditation.......I see dramatic their spirits as well as their bodies.  I see the same things take place in the community class that I teach on Monday nights.
People come in stressed and fatigued, stiff and weak.....but in a few weeks you see the changes take place.
They stand a little more erect,  they sit straighter, they move more fluid and smile more often.  They too look forward to class.

I have talked alot about gratitude the past few nights, teaching yoga has taught me much about gratitude.
It is very humbling to see the changes that take place, to see the rest and the peacefulness that comes from teaching.  I am a lucky woman.......I am a grateful woman.


  1. It is wonderful you have a job that helps people and gives you happiness and satisfaction. I think yoga is terrific!

  2. I have often thought about taking a yoga class but I never quite talked myself in to it. After reading this post, I may have to see what I can find when we get to AZ. I don't have much stress in my life anymore except old age, and worrying about Jim dying, and having an accident with the RV and etc, etc, etc. I am a worrier and I think a little meditation would be good for me.

  3. I don't know why I didn't think of this before, but I think yoga would be perfect for me. I'll have to see about it once it becomes possible.

  4. You almost bring me to Yoga classes.I have heard good experiences and benefits from couple of friends will give it a think about;)

  5. I wish you were my yoga teacher all those years ago when I walked into my first beginners' yoga class and walked out again after 20 minutes of being ignored! LOL! Phew - that was a long sentence! Take care

  6. That's so lovely Jilda. I'd kind of like to take yoga, but I can't balance. I suspect that's an impediment.


  7. Seeing results like that are truly amazing. I used to use aromatherapy when giving facials or pedicures and it's can see the stress leaving them! It made me so grateful to be able to help someone that way. You are truly good people Jilda! I got Rick's book too. Thanks a millions!