Thursday, October 20, 2011

On The Road

on the road for ten hours, finally in Apex, NC........tomorrow I start my long awaited Yoga Warrrior PTSD
seminar......very excited, always a little nervous.  I have been to teacher trainings that were the equivalent
 of  time with a holy man, and those that were sadly time with the devil......I believe this will be a good one.

I slept only a couple of hours last night......same old story.....the steroids. Will be off them again by Sunday, hopefully sleep will come tonight, but if not......the artificial energy will come back in full force tomorrow and with the help of caffeine  this too shall pass.  UGH!!!!!!!

So tomorrow morning I have a few hours free before class starts......Rick drove up with me, so we'll drive around and explore.  I know there is a Lake Jordan near here, so maybe we can just go out to the lake and hike for a couple of hours.  The fresh air will do me good.  And as always, the steroids make food really important, hope we find a great place to eat!

Oh yes, don't forget to vote for Phil Campbell High School on the Glee site, we are coming on strong ,
thanks to all your hard work!

I wish you all a good night's sleep, and the sweetest of dreams.


  1. A good night rest will help you a lot:)

  2. Yoga Warrrior PTSD = sounds amazing!! :-)

    Take care

  3. The seminar does sound great. I look forward to hearing what you have to share when you have completed it.

  4. Sleep is so essential - I sure hope you can get some. Yoga Warrior - sounds almost scary.

  5. Please share all about the seminar. It's on my ytt wish list too!